GeekOut Shrewsbury February ’19 – Meme Your Own Adventure

I’ll be honest with you, I lost count of people some time around three o’clock, did anyone count much past that? We were busy, so many new people came, and left with smiles and assurances that we have not seen the last of them, and so many old hands, we are rapidly reaching that promised day when half of the pub is ours…

But for now, we can but dream.


I can’t believe I forgot to take any photos of the pre-meet at the Pour House, but that said we had a quiet start. A coffee and a  I was almost expecting a couple of quiet hours to myself but Richard joined me to wax lyrical about philosophy and the nature of life over coffees, as one does. Kim joined just in time to migrate over the bridge to the main event at Monty’s tower.

Monty’s Tower

Pictures speak louder than words, and these words are tired. So many people, so many games!

A minor hiccup with the quiz, not so much the quiz itself – which actually went better than last time, put the answers up on the screen too this month, everything went very smoothly – but with the four-way tie for the top spot, which was not a three-way tie like I thought it was and I accidentally excluded an entire team, who I now owe kinder eggs to by way of an apology.

Your Photos

Thanks Murray and Julia for providing a few extra pictures. I cannot be everywhere, sometimes I like to sit and play games or talk to people, sometimes I get locked into a game… like Hive, and can’t break out… damn I was in a mood for Hive. Plus I can’t take many pictures while running Werewolf, or any at all if I’ve got a quiz on the go… gotta talk. If any of you have photos from the event you’d like to share, feel free to send it to us, or just tag GeekOut South-West in the picture.

Next Month

28th of March, Vidya Gaming! Bust out your consoles, get ready to play some games, even the board games are going to have a bit of a taste of vidya about them. While we’re at it we will also be arranging a trip to Cineworld Shrewsbury for mid-April to go and see Avengers End Game, a dozen of you came and joined me last year to watch Infinity War, it’d be lovely to share the conclusion with you too.

Details will be on Facebook and Meetup soon. Stay proverbially tuned.