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Download Now: The GeekOut AttendMe App

Have you ever wanted to attend a Meetup, but didn’t know how to get involved? Want to try a attending an event, before committing your time outside of your increasingly busy schedule? Do you want to run a meetup, but don’t want to get too far outside of your comfort zone? Then look no further. We here at GeekOut Media have been working behind the scenes to ensure a better future for meetups and events worldwide.

What Is AttendMe?

I’m Timlah, the creator of GeekOut South-West. You know, we’ve been working hard to enrich people’s lives, that we often forget to take care of our personal lives. We work tirelessly behind the scenes by running GeekOut Meets, making quick fixes to local communities and even just being friends when people needed us most. This means we’re spread quite thin, so can’t do everything we hoped to do.

You want to be able to do more, to attend more and to meet more people, but your increasingly busy lifestyle is making this an impossibility. It may be that you have wanted to start up your own events, perhaps even flying the GeekOut banner in the process, for your local communities. In which case, we have worked hard to bring to you the GeekOut AttendMe App – But what is it exactly?

Event Excellence Delivered

By using state-of-the-art hardware, along with our powerful application, you too can attend any event virtually. Unlike virtual events of the past, no longer are you bound to a website with little more than Internet Relay Chat (IRC) facilities and a static camera. You will be there, in the midst of the event yourself, from anywhere in the world. You’ve guessed it, we’re utilising incredible Augmented Reality tools and amazing robotics to put you in the middle of the event.

Feel like you’re actually there yourself, when you will be able to be part of a social meetup without needing to leave your own home. The GeekOut AttendMe App is here for you, so you can feel part of the action by standing at the bar, virtually. You can strike up political debate with a local punter at the event. If you’re a cosplayer, you can let people check out your costumes, without having to lug them across the country.

In fact, with the AttendMe app, the convention scene could be booming!

AttendMe Premium

For the low price of £4.99 a month, you too can be one of our Ultra-Friends! If you support us and all that we do, please consider paying this low cost, which is barely enough to cover the cost of a Magic: the Gathering booster pack. We may have a problem with buying booster packs. In return, we’ll give you some awesome features, such as:

  • Custom emotions – You can use custom emotions via the app, such as the “Happy” emotion, the “Sad” emotion and more. What’s more, you get to customise these exactly as you would like, by taking a picture of your face for each emotion!
  • A monthly poster – You will receive a monthly poster that looks like this. Every month, a new poster.
  • AttendMe Meet Manager – You will be able to run your own events through the virtual world of AttendMe. Now you can party like you’re MegaMan at a Lan party. Hah, that’s… That’s actually funny.
  • Memes – We’re Article 13 exempt.

Download AttendMe Today

What are you waiting for? The GeekOut AttendMe app is waiting for you today. As we’re still new, we’re currently in beta, so please bear with us as we work to make this app go worldwide… But for now, you can find even more information, as well as download details by clicking this link.

Once you download the app, just scan your face in and you’ll appear in the real world, something like this! So what are you waiting for?

Download the app today!

Do it for the memes!

Oh and April Fools :)

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