Dungeon Situational – Powerful Spell Components

I’m not much of a “Spell Component” guy, at least not material components, but the visual effect of one fusing chemicals in one’s bear hands to create fire or toxin, or vial of consecrated soil that shatters and causes the undead to flee before you, it’s all very stunning, I just find it a nuisance to track.

But to stumble across a rare material or strange artifact that might imbue a spell with power beyond its typical capabilities, even as a singular use consumable treasure, makes for an interesting treasure with unique appeal that might capture the imagination of your favourite spellslinger.

Distillate of Anguish

The glass bottle bound in rotted string is stoppered with tightly wound reel of cloth, sealed with wax, and engraved heavily with arcane inscriptions and – there for those fluent in druidic text – an epitaph, all etched on the inside of the glass. Something else dwells there, something that glows balefully, malevolently.

Anyone capable of casting the Find Familiar spell can use the bottle as part of the ritual form of the spell. If they do the bottle’s contents are consumed, the cost of other material components increases to 50 GP and will require a religious symbol to a god without strict policies regarding the undead. The familiar summoned is a Will O’ Wisp (Monster Manual), and remains in this form until slain or permanently dismissed. It speaks druidic, and your choice of abyssal, celestial, or sylvan. Additionally, when you take the Attack action, you can forgo one of your own attacks to allow your familiar to make one attack of its own.

You can extend the casting of the spell to one hour, and expend a spell slot of 3rd level or higher to add Will O’ Wisp to the list of possible familiars you can conjure with any future casting of the spell.

Adornments of Mage Armour

Each of these curiosities is consumed by the process of casting Mage Armour and lend to the spectral plating an opalescent sheen of colour, and grant resistance to a particular type of damage. They are worth 60 GP each.

Bone Salt – Acid A sphere of off-white crystal distilled from digested bones. The armour gains a yellow, jagged nova, upon which acid bubbles and hisses angrily.
Eye of Bel’Taln – Cold The dried eyeball, milky with cataract, is unpleasant to the touch. Armour created this way bristles with course fur.
Witchclay – Fire A hardened orb of ash-flecked clay. Armour cast with wtichclay looks cracked like dried mud, and deadens the heat of flames.
Crimson Pearl – Force The deep red jewel is recovered from a most obscure breed of clam. Your armour mimics the texture of the pearl, causing arcane force to redirect and dissipate.
Lodestone – Lightning A rare form of naturally occurring iron-ore that pulls heavily to earth. Lightning courses through the rusty red armour and into the ground.
Sunlight Bead – Necrotic Golden and shining like the armour is conjures, the bead is as warm as summer sunlight, and rebukes the powers of death.
Whitescab – Poison Unpleasantly flaky to the touch, a ball of hardened blood that produces an armour resistant to toxins and infection.
Hollow Nest – Psychic A small, round lattice of unknown purple material, it should be fragile. The armour is seemingly made of the same material, and forms a crown.
Obsidian Marble – Radiant The cool ball of precious stone seems to absorb light. Shadow clings to your mage armour, in defiance of even holy light.
Amber Wax – Thunder The less considered about the source of this ball of wax the better. The armour forms a helmet that causes sound to muffle, just a little.

Mordenkainen’s Warding Watchdog

A small model of a dogs kennel made of pure platinum, a fine adamantium chain, and a small morsel of food, all totalling about 500 GP in value, replace the material components used in Mordenkainen’s Faithful Hound. The spell consumes the objects, and requires twelve hours without interruption to cast, but once cast the spell becomes permanent in duration, and is not dispelled by you moving away from it. You may choose to dispell it, and if the point of casting is within an antimagic field the spell ends.

In addition, the hound gains a movement speed of 30ft, but cannot move further than 60ft from the point on which it was cast. If a small or larger creature enters the 60ft patrol radius of the hound without speaking the password, the hound will bark loudly as normal and also notifies you telepathically so long as you are on the same plane as it.

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