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The Old Hellfire Club – Kickstarter

It’s been nearly a year since I first heard of and played The Old Hellfire Club. I am very pleased to announce that they are now live on Kickstarter. Here is why you should now go and check it out and back their campaign.


  • Players: 2-6
  • Approx Play Time: ~30-75 mins
  • Age advisory: 14+
  • Minimum Pledge Level: £1
  • Maximum Pledge Level: £150
  • Kickstarter end: 7th May 2019 @ 12pm
  • Board Game Geek link


Artist and designer Jamie Frew has created a game that is basically a storytelling card game, with some push-your-luck and memory mechanics. Unlike most story telling games, if creating a story out of the blue with your fellow players is something that scares you, then you can play the game by just using the numbers on the cards.

Players take on the roles of members of an ancient club in London set in Victorian times. In the club, you must earn pennies for your next shot of gin, which you earn by telling tales of your daring adventures.


Each turn the player refreshes their hand by optionally discarding one boast card, or refilling their hand if they played any cards in the last round. Players will then start to tell their story by playing boast cards in front of them (and optionally telling your story). The player may boast as long as they like, but the longer the tale is, then the more chance they have of another player calling their bluff.

Other players can challenge your story by playing a card of the same type, but lower value. All of the boast cards the player has played this turn are lost and placed into the discard pile. The player who challenged the boast gets to keep the card that they used. Multiple players can challenge the boast, including the player that is being challenged in order to win the hand.

If by the end of the turn the player has not been successfully challenged, then they could earn some bonus pennies depending upon the cards that were played. 

The game goes a lot deeper than this, including the use of Benefactor cards, which also offer bonus pennies if you still own them by the end of it. The actual instructions explain the game a lot better than I can and you can go and grab the free Print & Play demo before you invest.


I have been waiting nearly a year for this kickstarter with bated breath. I get the chance to own yet another great card game that has quite a bit of strategy to it, with an option to play a victorian gin swilling aristocrat. Yes, sign me up, who do I pay?

I’m so happy to see it doing pretty well at nearly 50% funded at time of writing but it would be wonderful to see them smash their goal, so go spend some of your hard earned cash on this game if you think it’s for you or tell people that you think might be into it.

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Check Out The Old Hellfire Club on Kickstarter Today

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