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GeekOut Bristol Meet – May 10th: To Be A Pokémon Master

18+ Event

You wanna be the very best like no one ever was? Yeah well, you’ve got some stiff competition, as this month’s GeekOut Bristol Meet is celebrating the world of Pokémon. Will you catch ’em all?


Wanna grab some grub with us before the event? Great! We’ll be up for a feast before the event. The poll will go live on Facebook on Sunday 28th.

MAIN EVENT: 14:00-Midnight (Old Market Tavern)

Whether you’re a Pokémaster or a Bug Catcher, be sure to come along and fill your Pokédex with new entries – Friends, that is. Meet fellow Poké-fans and Poké-novices alike.


Food & drink can NOT be brought in with you to the Old Market Tavern. If you are caught with food and drink on the premises, you will be asked to leave until you’ve disposed of your food or drink.

There will be a food menu at Old Market Tavern in the evening! The food is cheap and it’s delicious – usually available from 6pm.

Final note: If you are asked for ID by the bar staff, we will not vouch for your age – You must provide ID.

BOARD GAMES (& a dash of video games)

As always, we’ll have a large selection of board games available, so please do check out what we have:

– Bears vs Babies
– Binding of Isaac: Four Souls
– Bucket of Doom
– Cards Against Humanity
– Cash n Guns
– Chess
– Exploding Kittens
– Fluxx
– Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit
– Jungle Speed
– Love Letter
– Pokémon Monopoly
– Rogues to Riches
– Three Wishes
– Unusual Suspects
– Zombies!


We won’t be bringing every game listed above with us: If there’s a specific game you want to see, please let me know in the comments below.

We will be seeking out new game/s for this month’s meet. A poll will go up on Facebook, allowing you to choose the new game.


Wanna wear that cute Pikachu Kigurumi, or perhaps you wanna cosplay as Pokémon Trainer Red? Whatever your preferred choice of Pokémon costume, you’re more than welcome here. Wear a costume, get your pics taken!

*CHANGING FACILITIES* If you want to change into a costume when here, please note there are no changing facilities. There are just standard toilet cubicles – Which are fine to change in, but consider this first.


Some of you will be excited by this, others will dread it. This is a Pokédex related worksheet, which you will need to work through by yourselves. No cheating now.

You’ll be given a bunch of questions and images, which you will need to work through. If we need to have a face off for the top 3 spots, then so be it!

The sheet will only be available on the day of GeekOut Bristol. So uh, study the Pokédex.

No, I’m not telling you which version of the Pokédex.


1st Place: £25, a GeekOut poster and first dibs on a physical prize.
2nd Place: £15, a GeekOut poster and second dibs on a physical prize.
3rd Place: £10, a GeekOut poster and whatever’s left of the physical prizes.

Physical Prizes: Pokémon Badge Set, Pikachu Teddy, Pokemon TCG Deck

As part of our commitment to being a great night out, we do not discriminate based upon age (although our min age requirement is venue policy), disability, gender, race, religion or sexuality. If at any point you feel you need to speak to someone about another’s actions, please grab the host (Timlah) and we’ll sort it out!


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