Bray Wyatt’s New Character Is A Breath of Fresh Air

From a cult-leader to a children’s TV presenter, the character of Bray Wyatt gets weirder and weirder… And I love it. Here’s why:

A startling revelation that came to me, a new and unique idea is genuinely hard to come by. Okay, this is a strange topic for a geek website, but hear me out. It relates to your favourite video games, TV series, films, books and stories of all kinds. When you flick through available content, a lot of stories are similar, albeit with a different cast. This Monday, I saw something that was genuinely new – And that made me and fans exceptionally happy.

Bray Wyatt was known to fans of the WWE as “The Eater of Worlds”, or “The New Face of Fear”. He’s able to take something strange and turn it into gold. He can take what should be bad and turn it into something great. There have been some mistakes, such as his, let’s say “interesting” match with Randy Orton… But these mistakes were a vital part of the process. He has, once again, reinvented himself.

Having been revealed on this week’s RAW, Bray is sporting a new look. He has transformed from the man who wore a Hawaii shirt and spoke of gods, to a seemingly nice TV presenter for children. Accompanied by stock cheers, laughs and boos from children, Bray’s character has taken a massive change… And yet, he’s still the same guy we know and love. He’s still this freaky, scary guy – and he captured all of our imaginations.


This new gimmick has been teased for a few weeks. Bray has been needing to make his comeback for some time and many people thought he’d come back as a darker version of himself. Well, he’s sort of done that by tapping into a completely different type of character. From a cult leader, to a friendly children’s TV show host, Bray has become a new symbol of fear. You’d never have thought a Blue’s Clues-like show would be so scary.

Whilst it’s hard to say exactly how far this character will go, it’s fair to say that this should get some screen time. I’m excited to see how far he can take the FireFly Fun House idea, but knowing that we’ve got something so unique is great. It’s rare to find something unique in this day and age, whether it be in pro wrestling or in film & TV. So when you are given something different, go with it, see where it leads. It may end up being an exciting new chapter.

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Author: Timlah

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