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BARPIG – The Adventure Party Game

We are preparing ourselves to attend UKGE again this year and believe it or not, I still have not had the time to review one of the games we were given last year. BARPIG is a competitive card-based party game with social group activities, and some elements where you can mess with other players.

We already know that the creators, Jonathan (Johno) Franklin and Phillip Melchers, will be releasing a new Kickstarter campaign, which will be released on Fri 31st May 2019. The date may sound significant, because it is also the first day of UKGE 2019.


  • Number of Players: 3-7
  • Approx play time: 30-60 mins
  • Age advisory: 13+
  • Cost: €20 + £5 P&P
  • BGG Link


BARPIG as a game has a bit of an interesting history. It was first launched in May 2016 and back then went under the name BaRPG. It started life as a collection of silly puns on the back of a bar napkin. It had an initial run of 200 units that were all put together by hand and sold out in six months.

Turn the clock forward to November 2016 and the team release the first prototype of BaRPiG and it was an immediate hit. They however tried to launch a Kickstarter in March 2017 that sadly did not reach it’s goal. That didn’t put the team off, they went through some re-working and relaunched in July 2017. The changes were a success, and within 32 hours they had reached the funding goal and 30 days later closed the campaign at €11,600.


BARPIG is a party game that fits in your pocket. It’s a mixture of bar-style games, with item cards to defend yourself and attack your friends. It has an interesting levelling system that keeps the game competitive and a damage system that makes it vindictive.

Each player starts with one item card. The game starts with the Challenge round, where players take turns to roll the dice and the person who scores the highest gains a level. The same player then reads out their character card and players perform the task read out on the character card. Drink and sober points are awarded as defined by the player card.

Following the challenge round is the market round. Players may buy an item by turning over the top market card and use their drink points. Players may also recharge drink points by discarding the top item card and adding the drink points value to their tab. Taking a “Time to go Home” card always applies and players take a new character card, transferring their level, drink and sober points over.

Item cards can be played at any time and overrule each other in the order they were played. The player who won the last round does not take part in the dice rolling on the next round. The first player to reach level 5 is the winner.


BARPIG is one of those games that would work well with friends or complete strangers. If you’re a fan of pig-based puns and a party-style game where you get to be super silly, then this is certainly the game for you. The quality of the cards are good and the box design is simple and small. You can actually grab a low res Print n’ Play version of the game, if you want to try before you buy.

We would like to thank Johno and Phil, who are super nice people who gave me the review copy of the game. From what I have seen, the add-on looks like it could be a great addition or indeed a great solo game. You can keep up with BARPIG via their WebsiteTwitter or Facebook.

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