Let’s Talk About Mobile Game Adverts…

Mobile game adverts have been really hacking me off recently. Why? Because they don’t represent what they’re actually selling. There has been an exceptional rise in untruthful ads in a bid to make their games look better than what they are. I drew the line on this matter a few days ago, when I came across an ad for a game I reviewed not too long ago. Suddenly, these weren’t just lies about the aesthetics of the game, but also the gameplay itself.

The problem is that there seems to be a lack of regulation for these video game adverts. Products are not allowed to lie in adverts, although they can make things look “better” than what they are. Take the usual adverts for a fast food burger. They come out as these massive meals which will satisfy anyone’s hunger. What you get is quite different to the product and usually there’s a note at the bottom to say that your burger may look different.

That’s all well and good, but these same rules apparently don’t appear to apply to video games recently. I mentioned at the start of the article, a game I reviewed recently got in on this – Homescapes. Well, okay, Gardenscapes, but still part of the same franchise. See, that right there was me stretching the truth, but it’s a stretch that doesn’t impact anything. The game is effectively identical, with a few differences such as the levels. I also then found the above advert, for Homescapes, which was even worse!

In Gardenscapes you are presented with a match-puzzle game, with some ability to choose the way your progression visually appears. So why, pray tell, is there an advert for the game showing the characters in an entirely cartoon format? The game itself isn’t a 2D Cartoon. Furthermore, why am I throwing food at them to help them survive in an extreme blizzard by themselves? Who decided this was a good way to represent the game? In what way does this relate to Gardenscapes?

I can’t say much more than this, but it royally ticks me off. I know I’m not the only person who feels this way, but I wonder what all of your thoughts and opinions are. Do these outright lies annoy you, or do you just let it be? Do you think regulations need to be more heavily enforced, or is this a good way to push people away from mobile as a gaming platform? Share your experiences with these adverts, or your thoughts and opinions below, or over on Facebook and Twitter.

Author: Timlah

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5 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Mobile Game Adverts…”

  1. Almost nothing bothers me more than this right now. I’ll see a game I think I’d like, download it, and realize it’s a complete waste of my time! I don’t understand how they’re allowed to advertise something that isn’t anything like what they show?! I also don’t understand why there seems to be no regulation of the market. Maybe it just hasn’t caught up with them yet? But it has put me in a place where I don’t download mobile games anymore. What’s the point if they’re just going to be disappointing?

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    1. Exactly this!!

      The above image from the Homescapes advert really bugs me. The game is fine as is, so why on earth do they pretend it’s a dynamic “fix it” game, when it’s a match-puzzle game.

      I download games still, but they have to sell themselves to me in the Play Store 😁

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      1. I love puzzle games and I really hate that they seem so hard, then you download them and it’s a piece of cake. It’s very frustrating.

        I also hate the new trend of free-to-play games having ads that last 30 seconds every other level. I’d rather pay .99 than see that! But they never have a “get rid of ads” option!

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      2. I think mobile games are so far down the rabbit hole of a quick cash ‘n grab, that it’s rare to find genuine quality on mobile platforms.

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      3. Which makes me want to play them less than more. I’ve opted out of anything I can’t purchase outright. If there’s ads, I just delete it almost immediately. I’d rather scroll through Instagram for the thousandth time rather than sit through ads on a mobile game

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