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GeekOut Bristol Meet – May 10th: To Be A Pokémon Master Gallery

Another event has now come and gone, as swiftly as a Pidgeot. Whenever a GeekOut Bristol Meet comes to a close, I like to reflect upon the events of the night. The competition, the prizes, the people and the conversations. Even the weather is worth mentioning from time to time, so in this month’s gallery, here’s a quick rundown of what happened, how the night went and most importantly, some information regarding our next event. Oh, of course, we also have a bunch of pictures to share with you lovely lot. As ever, this is our gallery of this month’s GeekOut Bristol Meet.

Let’s start with the usual – The stats. We ended up with approximately 50 people interacting with us, which was pretty good going. I was expecting a much lower turnout, in honesty. This is because there weren’t a lot of people who confirmed they were turning up, so when people did turn up, it was a pleasant surprise. I was expecting about 35, but at 50, I certainly am happy with that. Anyway, our pre-meetup happened at the fantastic Casa Brasil, which is always a delight to eat at. If you’ve never tried it and you’re in Bristol, you must (unless you’re a vegetarian or vegan, as this place is basically an all-you-can-eat meat-fest). Only five of us went to the pre-meetup, hopefully we can ramp up these numbers.

Right, onto the night itself, we had three heavily Pokemon-themed prizes to give out. One was a 20th anniversary winking Pikachu plush, another was a set of Kanto gym badges and finally we had a Magearna Pokemon TCG card, tin and booster set (4x boosters) to give away. Fortunately, everyone involved seemed to enjoy the prizes, with many people citing there was at least one thing they’d have taken. The competition was excellent and we even had to have a tie-breaker at third place between one of the Old Market Tavern’s members of staff and one of our attendees. All in all, the questions were hard, but clearly some people were well versed in the world of Pokemon.

With Detective Pikachu now out, you can expect a review from us in the near future. Right, with that said, let’s now check out our gallery!

Next month’s event is now on the horizon and we’re going to be celebrating board games. We’re going to give an introductory course to board games. I’m going to write out some instructions for as many (or even for all of the games) as possible. I believe a lot of games have overly complicated instructions, so I’ll create an abridged version of events, as well as setting up specific periods of time to play specific games. Along with this then, there’ll be a board game themed competition, where the attendees must come up with their own board game, using specific pieces provided to them. A list of what pieces will be there will be available later down the line.

That’s it for another month – Thanks so much to everyone who turned up. There are times where, admittedly, I get quite drained by the stats sides of things. If I don’t see us doing too well, then it does make me wonder what I did wrong, or what services I should use or change. Thankfully, there are times like this one, where although people don’t necessarily sign up, they still want to make their way to the event and to enjoy the night with fellow Bristol geeks. Share your thoughts of our event in the comments below, or over on Facebook and Twitter.

P.S: A huge thanks to the Old Market Tavern for the beautiful drinks they made for the event. A trio of starters to be proud of.

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