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Tech Review: Fitbit Charge 3

Wearables are everywhere; whether it’s a wearable gaming device, or the latest in health tech. Fitbit is one of those companies who really helped make wearable health devices a major part of our lives. Last year, I was given my Fitbit Charge 3 for Christmas, which I have been wearing regularly for most of the year so far. The more I use it, the more I love it. From the pedometer, to the heart rate tracker, there are some excellent built-in tools. Here are my thoughts on the tech, as well as what more you can do with it.


Fitbit was first founded in 2007 and in that time, they’ve become one of the leaders in wearable health devices. The company have undergone many changes, along with its own share of scrutiny and scandals, many are linked on their Wikipedia page. There are plenty of articles detailing the effect a fitness tracker has on people, some for the positive effects, some for the negative. Whatever your views on trackers are, they’ve been around for some time and there’s enough evidence to suggest that short-term use of the equipment is enough for people to do well and lose weight.

When I got mine, it arrived well packaged and in a relatively small package. It’s a small device that fits neatly around my wrist. I’ve got a fairly chunky wrist, but not too big. I’m able to fit the wrist strap with lots of room to spare. The strap is made out of a sturdy silicone that doesn’t crease or tear easily during intensive use. Fortunately, even if your wrist strap started to break, you wouldn’t need to buy a new Fitbit, as the fitbit itself is a small device. You can buy new straps fairly cheap, with a lot of potential for colours and styles. As a note, I did go for the large wrist strap, which isn’t the largest size.

The device has a bunch of modes, including the standard features such as a pedometer, a heart rate tracker. Apparently, there was to be an oxygen or breathing system, but this has yet to be implemented. However, ignoring features that should be there, the device can automatically track when you go for a run, or perhaps a cardio or even a strength workout. However, I much prefer to manually track this.

To manually track, you press the side button once, then tap the touchscreen a few times, until you get to the option of choice. For instance, I like to use the Workout option, which tracks everything I do. There are some discrepancies between what is actually output and what the tracker actually tracks, however the discrepancies, for someone who is casually working out, is not that bad.

One thing I really like is the app. It allows you to see how much you walked, as well as letting you link into MyFitnessPal, as I mentioned on Monday. This is a huge bonus for me, as it allows me to keep an accurate food diary up to date with my workouts. The two bits of software talk together and boom, away we go on our fitness journey.


I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time with the Fitbit Charge 3. It’s a great device, it looks fantastic and it even can let me know when someone is calling or, or has messaged me. It even can hook up with my calendar, in case I forget something important. The device is sleek, clever and all in all a great addition to my tech. But what do you think? Have you ever bought a Fitbit? Are you interested in wearable tech but don’t know how to start? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below, or over on Facebook and Twitter.


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