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Pink is a bold colour, don’t you think? It’s often depicted as a colour of love, or a colour of everything soft and kind. However pink is so much more than that – For some characters, pink is just who they are. Today we’re on a mission to find the best pink characters in all forms of media. Whether it’s video games, anime, cartoons or even the colourful world of pro wrestling, here are our Top 10 Pink Characters.

Pink is a bold colour, don’t you think? It’s often depicted as a colour of love, or a colour of everything soft and kind. However pink is so much more than that – For some characters, pink is just who they are. Today we’re on a mission to find the best pink characters in all forms of media. Whether it’s video games, anime, cartoons or even the colourful world of pro wrestling, here are our Top 10 Pink Characters.

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10) Courage the Cowardly Dog

Living with his owners, Eustace and Muriel Banks, Courage is a bit of a cowardly dog… Apparently. For such a coward, he really does end up doing some of the bravest things imaginable. When you consider that Courage faces what might as well be demons, as well as psychopathic villains and even probable murderers, Courage manages to stand up for his owners, especially Muriel, more often than not.

He was abandoned as a puppy when he was found by Muriel. They live out in the middle of nowhere and are visited by often strange visitors. Some of the best episodes include “The Slab”, “Freaky Fred” and any episode involving Katz.

9) Patrick Star – Spongebob Squarepants

Well I guess now we need a list for the rest of the Squarepants cast. Patrick, Spongebob’s slightly dim best friend, is a starfish who lives beneath a rock. The joke here I think is that he is not the brightest star, but he tries his best to be the best darn friend anyone could ever had, filled with boundless courage and lots of ideas – some of them good – and he’s always ready with a laugh and a smile.

In a show that has nothing but comedic characters, Patrick tends to get the punchlines more often than not, and has walked away with a lot of the best memes nine times out of ten. Remember kids, nothing is dangerous if it’s covered in free cheese, mayonnaise is not an instrument, and never judge a dimwitted starfish by it’s cover, the inner machinations of his mind are an enigma.

8) Birdo – Mario

True, true, Princess Peach may wear pink in a prettier fashion, but Birdo doesn’t get the love they truly deserve. Many refer to Birdo as a he, due to an early manual which states “he thinks he is a girl”. I’ve mentioned in the past how for a gay male, it was hard to find characters to represent me – So then to find truly transgender characters who are portrayed in a positive light, that’s even harder.

Nevertheless, we’ll now steer clear of gender discussions, as Birdo is a fantastic character in their own right. Having been around since Super Mario Bros. 2, or Doki Doki Panic, Birdo has been an enemy and a friend. True, Birdo is another Yoshi of sorts, but they’re such a unique character to the series, which is already filled with iconic characters.

7) Majin Buu – DragonBall Z

I was going to include Vegeta wearing the “BADMAN” t-shirt, because the Prince of all Sayians needs to occasionally be humbled. However, when push came to shove, there is only one pink character suitable to make this list. One pink DragonBall Z character who absolutely encompasses all that is pink, being recognisable not just for what he does in the series, but for being easily identifiable.

Majin Buu starts life as a rotund pink alien-like guy, who zaps people and turns them into candy. He eats them, that’s how he sustains his life. He’s taught the error of his ways by the champion of Earth, Hercule himself (sort of). Hercule and Buu form a great friendship, which causes the catalyst for Buu’s transformation from fairly simple, crazy powerful hungry alien, to an even hungrier alien hellbent on the destruction of Earth.

Buu mad now.

6) Macho Man Randy Savage

HOO YEAH! Snap into a Slimjim, brother!

Macho Man Randy Savage is an icon of professional wrestling. He’s one of those immortal figures who you have definitely heard of, even if you’re unfamiliar with wrestling as a whole. It’s strange therefore we’d pick a pro wrestler for a list of “pink characters”, but in all honesty, he was one of the most outlandish (and more colourfully dressed) characters in all of wrestling history.

To call him charismatic is an understatement, he was a man who exuded charisma and confidence. One design of his famous trunks were pink with white stars over them. This is one of the more memorable images of Macho Man, who would have worn every colour on him – and he’d have never looked out of place wearing anything. He just carried himself in such a manner that he was the Macho Man.

5) Princess Bubblegum – Adventure Time

Tyrant of the Candy Kingdom, creator of life and confectionary demigod, Bonnibel Bubblegum forged her kingdom of sugary homunculi straight out of the apocalyptic Ooo landscape, almost as old as the vampire queen herself. A pair of titanic gumball golems guard her, and her fortress where she once held the Lich imprisoned. The world is scattered with her failed experiments, and her growing paranoia has led her to surveil the candyfolk against their will.

Oh yeah, Bubs is dark. This is the woman who created a telepathic sphinx from her own juice, and that sphinx became a nightmarish megalomaniac. She created a family for herself, and then declared war upon them when they grew too big a threat to her rulership. As an elemental she is also one of the four most powerful creatures in the world. Thank Glob he’s a least trying to be benevolent.

4) Pinkie Pie – My Little Pony

Hyperactive, excitable, exuberant and quirky – These are just four words used to describe Pinkamena Diane Pie, the full name of Pinkie Pie. Yes, you would probably have a chuckle at how highly placed we put the pink pony on the list, but honestly we couldn’t ignore just how popular the series is. Couple this with the exceptional backstory behind each of the characters of the series, it’s worth ranking Pinkie Pie as highly as she is.

As an Earth Pony, she is one of the original cast from the original toy line. Her positive and endearing outlook on life is fairly infectious to the other ponies, making her sort of as a figurehead character. She’s always bubbly and full of energy, so if you’re ever feeling low, there’s no doubt that this pony will lend you a hoof.

3) The Big Pink Pokemon Pink-Off (& Jessie)


So we started talking about pink pokemon… and then we realised how stupidly long that conversation was going to get. Starting with your Jigglypuffs, your Clefairies, your Dittos and Mews, and that’s not even the total from gen 1. Get further along the generations and the number gets bigger and bigger, and pretty much every pink Pokemon is an icon in it’s own right.

Here’s the other thing, if we were to put a poll in here for you guys to pick your favourites it’d be the length of the rest of the list. Here we’re encouraging you guys to argue amongst yourselves in the comment section, here, on our Facebook and Twitter. If your favourite Eeveelution is Sylveon or Espeon, if you’re a fiend for putting Blissey’s on gyms, or you just like to keep things Slow, bro, have your say. Who knows, might end up as a list one day.

Oh, and shoutout to Team Rocket’s “elite” agent Jessie for the sickest sweep of pink hair in possibly any anime ever. Debate me.

2) Kirby

The cannibal king of Smash Bros. the devourer of all things, this joyful little pink balloon of pixels inhales everything in his path and converts them into powerful energy projectiles. He can transform himself into a weighty brick, a set of iron jaws, or his last meal, taking on the attributes of the last thing he devoured.

I mean are we sure Dedede isn’t the good guy here? Surprise, turns out he is…

As one of Nintendo’s biggest properties, Kirby has had dozens of games, from his unique platforming style to a vast array of minigames, and he’s a legend of the Smash circuit, an anime and a manga. He’s one of those faces eponymous with gaming, alongside the rest of Nintendo’s giants, like Mario and Pikachu.

1) Pink Panther

It’s nice to bring the panther into our lists in such style. Name a slicker cat, still stylish despite undergoing classic 60’s cartoon slapstick hijinks, and that theme tune simply cannot be topped. Every episode was some variation on the theme of pink, with the panther pulling off a wide variety of sneaky feats to get his own way. Easily forgotten however, is that the Panther was only ever supposed to be a mascot.

The Pink Panther, the original from whence comes our debonair feline, was a diamond, the subject of many heists to be solved by detective Clouseau, bumbling fool and investigator extraordinaire, a film so well received it spawned nine sequels and a haphazard 2006 reboot. The panther was little more than an opening-credit curiosity that became an animation history titan.

Honourable Mentions

The pinkest of all pink offs has now concluded and we’re pleased to announce we have some more pink personage for your perusal. If you’re a fan of all of these pink characters, then here are two more choices we just had to mention, perhaps for the play on the title of this list, or perhaps because of some genuinely fun facts about them. Either way, we had to mention these next two pink-pals.

Pinky – Animaniacs


Pinky had to get an honourable mention here, because for crying out loud, it’s in his name! Pinky is one of those all-time great cartoon characters that we all love for his zany catchphrases, kooky ideas and awesome companionship. As a peon for The Brain, Pinky is lovable and doesn’t quite see taking over the world as an evil thing. At least, he doesn’t see it in the same way The Brain does.

To him, everything he and The Brain does together is one epic adventure. You’ll notice however that I put him down as part of the Animaniacs. Whilst it’s true that Pinky and The Brain had their own show, they started life in the Warner Brothers classic. Considering the Animaniacs reboot is due to come out on Hulu next year, what better time than now to remember the infamous duo? Oh – and it’s not like Pinky is without his own shades of pink!

Sinestro – Green Lantern (DC)

Green Lantern, Yellow Lantern, he is still pretty damn pink. The treacherous Sinestro was formerly one of the Corps finest warriors until he succumbed to the beguiling power of fear manifested as yellow energy. But no matter what he wears he still looks like an elven Vincent Price with carbon monoxide poisoning.

As a side note, there is a Pink Lantern corp, or rather violet, the Star Sapphires who – naturally – are fuelled by love, the good and the bad side. They occasionally pop up as villains and allies, they’ll either come to your planet and spread some love around, or incase you in crystal to keep you “perfect” forever.

Another week has passed, leaving us with another week until our next list. Nevertheless, we’ve got so much for you to take part in this week – What about that Pokemon pink off, eh? Which is the pinkest Pokemon to you? As ever, share your thoughts with us in the comments – What Pokemon takes the number 3 slot and help us choose what next week’s Top 10 list is going to be.

With all this said and done, we can now stop all of the bright colours and go back to feeling a little blue. Yeah, I know, kinda sad, we’re done for another week, but as ever we would really love to hear what you have to say. Did you like our list, or did we forget some important pink characters? As ever, share your thoughts and opinions with us in the comments below, or over on Facebook and Twitter.

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