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Mobile Game Review – RAID: Shadow Legends

One of the more common genres on phones, at least from what I’ve encountered, are these hero collection/Gacha games. You can call them an RPG if you want, but the main premise is to collect heroes, upgrade them and work through the campaign. This is another one of those games, where you are presented with a series of campaign stories, as well as dungeons and PvP content, all so you can get the best heroes and gear, upgrade them all and make the best team possible. Whilst the premise isn’t unique, the way the game presented itself looked great, so I gave it whirl.


Developer Plarium
Platforms Android, iOS
Gacha, RPG
Price (Ads?)
£Free (Little to no ads except it’s own in-game promotions)



Skipping the story, as there is a big ol’ story to play through, I figured there’s enough to talk about in the game to warrant jumping straight into the gameplay. Afterall, it’s rare these styles of games are wanted for their story, right?

The gameplay is relatively simple, however there are a lot of elements behind each section. In fact, the amount of information you’re immediately presented with can be daunting. You are first thrown into the game, watching a battle unfold and learning how to use the combat system in the game. Your legendary group of heroes go to fight a dragon and blammo, one of the characters is straight up eaten. You then get to choose your starting character and away you go.

Every day there are login bonuses, as well as time-played bonuses. These can be collected to keep your account well topped up, but in all honesty, there are so many ways to get resources it’s incredible. One plus from most people’s perspectives: There are no ads. At least, none that I’ve found. I’ve not had a need to watch an add to get more coins, or to get gems or anything. Basically, ads are either non-existent or pretty well hidden, so that gets a huge plus from me.

In battle, you command a team of up to five heroes. Each hero has it’s own skill/s, which are mostly drawn from the rarity of the hero. The rarer the hero, typically the better it is, although not always the case. There is a complex array of pro’s and con’s to each hero, which fans of the game have been documenting. Fortunately, if you just want to play through the game, all you need to do is keep opening shards at the cost of a shard and some coins. Battling gives you experience and items – And if you don’t want to battle using the skills, you can stick it on auto.

However to really progress, you’d ideally want to improve your better heroes. To do this, you need to sacrifice and equal number of heroes of an equal star value. For instance, you may have a 3-star hero, which will require you to sacrifices three separate 3-star heroes to upgrade it to a 4-star hero. The hero itself stays the same when you upgrade a champion this way, however there’s another way to merge a bunch of different heroes to get a much more powerful hero. All of these are ways to keep you grinding, which if you like Gacha games, is what you’d expect.

There’s an arena for player vs player combat. The only legendary hero I have is apparently strong in the arena, which is great for me! However, because it is random what heroes you get, it’s probably not worth relying on these heroes to appear. In PvP, you set a “defence team”. Once you’ve done this, you can then attack other players by spending an Arena Token.

As well as upgrading your heroes, you can upgrade the gear the heroes wear. Sets come with a number next to them, allowing you to see how many pieces of that set you need to equip to get the benefit. Interestingly, you can have more than 1 instance of the same set. For instance, if you go for the Offense set, you get +15% attack by equipping 2 pieces from that set. If you equip 6, you get +45% attack, so that’s a strange but welcome difference.

There are a lot of other screens I’ve not covered, but this covers the vast majority of what there is to do!


This is where the game shines – It’s visually beautiful. Don’t believe me? Here’re some screenshots:


If you’re a fan of Gacha games, then this is a great addition to the market. It doesn’t actually add a lot to the genre – Indeed, I struggle to actually pinpoint a unique point to the game. What the game does well is offering a relatively straight-forward experience, despite all of the things you need to learn about to begin with.  Furthermore, the graphics are fantastic, albeit it’s not the most graphically intensive game I’ve seen. As a slight niggle on the graphics front, I do wish they’d make more of the female characters wear something more battle worthy… But, that’s a gripe that’s present in so much media. It doesn’t detract from the overall game.

Hey, one thing I did like was the camera. You can turn the camera in combat, or when you’re examining one of your champions. If you press down with one finger and drag with the other, you can zoom in – and you can zoom all the way inside of the character models. I’ve not found any easter eggs yet, sadly, but I’m going to keep looking! You never know…

Anyway, yeah, RAID is a good addition to the Gacha genre, however it doesn’t add much. However if you want a Gacha game that moves away from an anime-esque style, then this may be the game for you. It’s a well polished game with a lot to see and do. If you play Gacha games, such as Hyper Heroes or any others, then share your thoughts on the best ones here in the comments, or over on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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