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Achievement Unlocked Award

Thanks to our friends over at LaterLevels, we were nominated for a blog award. Huzzah! I try not to do too many of these, as ultimately, an air of mystery is always a good thing, right? No? Okay, well then, I thought I’d take part in this blog award anyway. It’s nice to sometimes step back and appreciate the blogging community. There are so many of us, that many blogs never even bump into one another. Still, today I’ll take this award post by answering some custom questions given to me by Kim. Thanks for the mention!


The Achievement Unlocked award is a blog award that specifically targets geek niches. Unlike many blog awards, such as the ‘Sunshine Blogger’, ‘One Lovely Blogger’ and more, this one is specifically targetting our core demographic. As such, we got nominated by Kim, so a huge thanks for that again. During these awards, there are five standard questions to be answered by the nominee, along with five custom questions, set out by the nominators.

Let’s jump straight into it!

The Standard Questions

  1. Why did you start your blog?

    This is just a small group of folk who came to join me recently for a GeekOut Bristol Meet… And I love seeing every single one of them.

    GeekOut South-West started because I wanted to grow a real-life community. I put on monthly events, which allows me to connect to fans and geeks alike. It’s nice to be able to run the blog in conjunction with running these events, as it allows me to sort of have two ways to get seen. I want us to be viewed as a go-to for geeks who want to share their interests and passions across the UK – Who knows, perhaps further afield too?

    Either way, when I started, I knew we’d start small. Indeed, the first few months were very quiet, with my first meetup being me and 1 other person. My next meetup was 5 of us, then 8… and now we sometimes get events with as many as 72 people… And we’re still growing. This all happened because I started blogging and putting together the meetup group as well.

  2. What are your favourite topics to write about?

    Really I’m quite broad in my interests. One day I’ll write about a GeekOut Bristol Meet, the next an anime, then a video game. I’ll write about development, tech trends and much more. Basically, I can and like to write about a lot of things, because a lot of things interest me. It’s nice to be able to give back to all the things that interest me. I’m a jack-of-all-trades, blogs-about-them-too.

  3. What have you learned since you started your blog?

    I’m not alone. Thanks Zidane Tribal!

  4. What do you love about being a geeky blog?

    The communities you get to build. It’s amazing to see how positive the geek community can be. We stand together in the face of adversity and we all have cross-over interests. That was why I made this group, to allow people to cross-over between interests by meeting like-minded positive folk.

  5. Where would you like to see your blog go in the future?

    I was working on making the blog more professional, with fully fledged forums and everything. The effects of Article 13 may be a bit tricky for me to do this, at least whilst Article 13 is in it’s infancy. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean that’s stopped…

    I started writing more professionally recently, which I want to keep up. As such, the next thing that I’m going to start doing is putting out eBooks. I’ve said it for a while, but for a few reasons (mostly time and having to liaise with other folk), I’ve not been able to release any eBooks. I’m going to be announcing an eBook soon, so fingers crossed this one finishes up.

    If we talk about the social group however, I’d like to get more locations in the United Kingdom hosting their own GeekOut Meets!

Kim’s Custom Questions

  1. How would you describe yourself if you could only use gaming terms?

    From a First-Person perspective, you could say I’m a completionist. I’m definitely quite indie with my views, often enjoying things away from the AAA’s of the world. You could say I’m a support kind of guy, who truly wants to back up the team.

    Was that gamer enough? No? iNoob.

  2. Who would be the worst video game character to be stuck in a lift with?

    Think about it.
    What is the one thing Wario does most?
    Farts. Nuclear farts.

  3. If a game based on your life was made, what would be the genre and title?

    Title: Event Organiser Simulator
    Genre: Simulation MMORPG
    Year of Release: 2022 (I’ll get working on it, aight?)

  4. Which three video game items would you take into the zombie apocalypse?

    Sandvich from Team Fortress 2 – Everyone needs a tasty sandwich.
    Stack of Obsidian from Minecraft – In case everything goes wrong, I can build an incredibly safe bunker.
    Final Phoenix from Final Fantasy X – One shot all undead and bring all my friends and allies back to life at 100% health. What? I never said I was fair!

  5. Which gaming character should we elect as our next prime minister and why?

    I’m thinking we need someone smart. I’m thinking we need someone diplomatic. I’m thinking we finally get the prime minister we’ve always needed…



I’m not the sort to throw lots of people under the bus… So I’m nominating just two bloggers to get involved:

100 Word Anime – Karandi is an amazing anime blogger who always displays enthusiasm. She’s a regular reader of our Top 10’s and in all honesty, her taste in anime is on point.

Backlog Crusader – I only discovered Angie recently, so what better way to get to know someone than through nominating them for how geeky they are?

The five custom questions, should you want to take part are:

  1. If your main interest/hobby wasn’t your main interest/hobby, what hobby would you be most into?
  2. What was your worst experience as a blogger?
  3. What was your best experience in a social scenario involving something geeky?
  4. If you had to lose physical books or the internet, which is it?
  5. Who is a character you love and a character you loathe?

That’s it – Hopefully you enjoyed my question and answer session. If you’ve got something to add, leave a comment below, or over on Facebook and Twitter.


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