GeekOut Shrewsbury May ’19 – Who’s That Pokemon?

This was a quiet month, a not-insubstantial chunk of our regulars are currently busy, ill, and various other things, but our numbers dropped to a mere twenty-something instead of the thirtyish we were growing accustomed to. Oh no, how terrible, what shall ever become of our dwindling numbers? And what shall ever become of us if we cannot rearrange the pub to our favour?


We met in The Hole in the Wall… and I forgot to take pictures. But we sat and talked gaming, philosophy, and what makes for a satisfying conclusion to an otherwise perfectly good TV show. Yes, we’re still going on about this, GeekOut haven’t met for a month, so everyone’s asking the same question: “Have you seen Game of Thrones”? Well yes we have, and we have discussed Westerosi politics in more depth than we’d ever discuss the real thing.

Anyway, no games, we mostly sat and chilled, it was nice. Moving on.


Standard arrangement at Monty’s although we still have the “other quiz” to compete with come 20:00 onwards, and the migration from one side of the pub to the other proves awkward and tends to lock a lot of the games away in the GeekOut Granny Trolley. A decision has been made, that perhaps the best place for us is in the front window, lots of natural light, a decent space that can be kept small and allowed to expand, although lacking in a projector which always proves invaluable in a quiz…

Following his demise at the hands of a capricious DM, Alfie was forced to start a new life as a new character, although he apparently has an uncanny predilection towards wood elves, as even when he determines his  character’s race at random he is unerringly drawn towards them. Welcome back to Meadsbridge…


Who’s That Pokemon? And why does no one win a quiz who’s willing to accept Steam vouchers as prizes? Are they too good? Are you so accustomed to disappointment that the potential of a cheap game being made free is too overwhelming? And will I ever remember to properly distribute stationary to participants?

Have answers to these questions ready, they are part of the next quiz… three months from now!

Next Month, June 27th – Board Game Beginners. Do you know someone too scared to come to GeekOut, anyone who’s never gotten more adventurous than ~shudder~ Monopoly, or worse, Frustration? For those just getting into board gaming, this month’s GeekOut Shrewsbury meet will be especially for you. Look out for details on Facebook and Meetup as always.

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