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UKGE 2019 Kickstarter Roundup – Part 1

It’s that time of year again. We headed out to Birmingham to cover as much as we possibly can in the 2019 UK Games Expo. Sadly this year we were one reporter short, so we have probably not been able to cover as much as we normally would, although I did manage to bump into Joel! UKGE is a great time to launch and/or have your Kickstarter running. As I went round the show I picked up and spoke to as many creators as possible, so today I wanted to start with the projects that are currently live.

Bar Pig – After Hours

We have already mentioned this game back in the article that we did about Bar Pig. Johno and Phil had me under an NDA to not hand over any information about Bar Pig After Hours until after its launch on 31st May.

After Hours can be played on its own or it can be played as an add on to the original game. It’s as pun-tactic as the initial game but with more cards to mess things up. If you like social games that encourage outrageous behavior then you should The game is cheap at just 20 € but for just 10 € more you can own a copy of the original game and the add on. We are so happy for the guys to know that they have already reached the minimal amount of funding. Go check out the project and all the social media.

Adventure Mart

If you remember last year we recommended that you invest in the game developed by Dundee based created DigiSprite. Well, this year they are at it again with a super cute deck builder game called Adventure Mart. I sat down with Sam and the team and had a quick one round play through of the game and I must say that I really enjoyed it. So much so I put my money where my mouth is.

As a game it plays like most deck builders that I have played, but it really reminds me of Moonlighter the computer game and the card game Temp Worker Assassin

Sensor Ghosts & Assembly add on

Next on our list is a dual Kickstarter for another indie board game developer Wren Games. Wren Games specialise in player vs board style games either in solo or co-op modes. They already have a success on their hands with the original Assembly. This year the lovely people at Wren Games are putting new ruleset for Assembly as well as a brand new game that is linked directly to Assembly called Sensor Ghosts.

I had a chat with Janice from Wren Games who took the time to take me thorough both games and how they are connected. I must say I was quite taken back by the amount of optional complexity that could be put into both Assembly and Sensor Ghosts. If you are a fan of solo or co-op style games then I would advise you check these out. 

Sensor Ghosts

Leather D20 Dice Bag

And last but by no means least something that we don’t often cover on GeekOut a piece of craft work that I think is incredibly beautiful. Allow me to introduce you to Rose, a wonderful lady who really knows her leather-craft. If you have ever wanted a “Dice Bag” that is shaped like a D20 and then she is the person you should contact. However, you need to be pretty quick as her Kickstarter finishes in just a few days and having seen the final product I must say that it is a thing of beauty.

We will be back soon with more projects that we found at UKGE that have not been released yet.

Love & rockets
– Chris

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