The Shropshire Dungeon Master XI – UKGE and Comics Salopia

Hey Joel, you’ve published your articles a little late this week.

Why yes, yes I have thank you for asking. Last week was a long and glorious week, and GeekOut Shrewsbury was only the start of it.


I wasn’t going to go to UKGE this year for reasons that shall become clearer further down but I got the offer of a lift for the Friday, not a lot of time to cram in the whole NEC’s worth of board games and RPGs but sure, let’s give it a shot. Across the day I managed to see pretty much everyone who I’d usually run into at expo, including Chris whose own highlights you can read about here. I also spent about £110 on new RPGs, so Shropshire DM customers can expect some new experiences in the near future, including:

Pugmire, or Dungeons & Doggos for those so inclined. I picked up an adventure that gives new players a taste of life in the Pugmire universe, in which valiant dogs take up arms against the forces of darkness and bathtime.

Era: The Consortium which… ok, not new for me, but now I have an actual book instead of a collection of pdfs which will make referencing much easier, and it’s the 5th anniversary edition, chunkier, and updated to reflect errata changes.

And Spire, a dark fantasy conspiracy game from the creators of Honey Heist, and far bigger than the one-page RPGs. In Spire you play revolutionaries working to bring down a corrupt system and presumably replace it with your own. I was immediately taken by the notion that failure can also reduce your ability to move unseen or impact your finances, rather than just bleeding you dry in the regular sense.

Expect to see these added to the roster of gaming options soon.

Comics Salopia

Saturday and Sunday there was a comic book festival and celebration that ran right through Shrewsbury. Our prison-turned-tourist-attraction was filled with artists, famous faces were positioned around town, in the square and major shopping centres for meeting, greeting, and signing, there was a zombie walk and a cosplay parade, and for myself in the castle grounds there were trade stands for artists, cosplay creators, authors, and me!

I had a table set up for people to come and get a taste of the kind of services I offer with a stripped down RPG system that shamelessly cribbed off the core rules for Amazing Tales which is a fantastic RPG for kids but also made for a great system to explain and run a half hour game. Saturday, while the weather was on our side, my table was busy from morning to evening with people curious to see what I was doing, and curious as to why groups of people kept coming over to me. Sunday, with the weather working against us, not quite so busy, but GeekOut Shrewsbury regular Dan came along to get some video footage of a game in action, with help from Mike, my Tuesday-night regular and former co-owner of Quotes from the Tabletop. Which means some time in the near future, expect a painfully awkward advert for The Shropshire Dungeon Master.

However, the weekend was an amazing experience, and not just for me. Among the highlights I have to include the beaming father who gave his kids their first taste of tabletop role-play at my table, a parade of familiar faces who came over to talk and squeeze in a quick session, and a host of new people who are now intrigued by what else the hobby may hold in store for them.

Coming Up

The monthly games at Oswestry Library are seeing places booked all the way into December, and conversations are on the table for future private sessions, public events, and more games in Meadsbridge, the ever-growing sandbox game that recently claimed it’s first victim.

This announcement will be repeated on the Shropshire DM Facebook page, but bookings may become harder to make for a week or two, possibly longer, possibly shorter, as I will be having my first experience of Jury Duty!! Exciting times indeed.