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GeekOut Website Update – The End..?

It’s been a while since I’ve updated everyone about the state of our website. As yesterday was a GeekOut Bristol Meet day, I didn’t really get much of a chance to prepare an article for today, so I figured it’d be a good time to quickly let everyone know about the state of the new website. Also, I’ll be chatting briefly about some other projects and where abouts they are. Most importantly, this is an article for me to document what we’re going to do going forward with this website. Sound good? Read on!

No More New Website



I hate having to admit it, but the changes to law means I can’t really see myself getting the new website off the ground. This is a massive blow to me, as I had worked pretty hard on it, but nevertheless, I have to be realistic now. I don’t think we can get a new website going and as such, I’ve suspended all development on the new site. Apologies to anyone who wanted to try the new sites features out – It’s just not going to happen with Article 13 looming and without me seriously reading up about what I can and cannot do.

Having said that, just because there’s no more new website doesn’t mean we’re giving up. Instead, I’ve taken the domain name and transferred it to WordPress. This means that at some point, we’ll probably get a rebrand from GeekOut South-West to GeekOut UK, which hopefully gives people a bit of an idea of what we’d like to focus on as a group going forward. We need to start thinking about how to refocus this current website and I think this is the first step to do so.


eBooks have been on our radar for quite some time. We’ve yet to deliver one. Joel and I find it hard to find times to just sit down and get on with it. As such, I’m going to make some solo eBooks, until we can get our acts together and get the Top 10 eBooks out there. I’ll give you more information when I’m closer to the goal of actually releasing an eBook, but yeah, that’s that. When I’m about to release one, I’ll post it on this website and there’ll be a way to donate.

I really don’t want to say too much more, this article may feel a tad negative, but I see it as a positive. Ultimately, I don’t want to waste time, when we can turn what we have into something even better. Thanks to everyone who’s stuck with us so far. We’re done making that new site for now, but we can make this one vastly better. Cheers!

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