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GeekOut Bristol Meet – June 8th: Newbie’s Guide to Board Gaming

With a night of festivity behind us, we managed to cram in a night of serious board gaming. There were games all over and I managed to get involved with a serious amount of gaming myself. The atmosphere was fantastic on the evening and once again, Bristol geeks proved they knew how to have a good time. Huge thanks to the Old Market Tavern for having us once more and providing us with another smashing special drink, including Refresher bars for anyone who had one. As ever, read on to find out what happened, some of the stats of the night and more info.

Delicious food at Wagamamas’

Starting with the usual, we had our pre-meet which ended up with a whopping 11 people. Usually we only have between 6-7 people, so that was a pleasant surprise to have so many people join us. Of course, it was Wagamama’s, which always goes down a treat with our audience – And why wouldn’t it? The food is always fantastic there. Delicious food and some amazing company made for an excellent pre-meetup. I do sometimes wonder if pre-meetups are worth continuing due to lower attendance, however this was one of those outliers where it completely worked to have a food session beforehand. Thanks all!

The GeekOut Exclusive Drink for the month – It was sweet and refreshing! (Get it?)

Right, let’s move to the main event itself. Board games, lots of them and a competition that saw a record low entry – But that was okay. This competition was not for the faint hearted. We had four entries, which was enough for us to come up with a first, secon and third place. The prizes up for grabs were as ever cash prizes and a whole bag of dice, a book on board game design and the card game, Coup. The entries were all of excellent quality, with one entry getting put in super last minute, which was still a good idea for a game. However, Jenny took first place, for having designed a full game and is going on to make it. Good luck on that, Jenny! It looked like it’d work well. Also, thanks to Christina for sharing her excellent idea for a Magical Girl board game. It worked really well!

We ended up with 55 people interacting with us – A nice tidy sum, I might say. We had a hell of a night, as it was described that we were “all over the pub”. A fantastic turnout for a really fun night and I hope some people came away from the event with more confidence to pick up a board game. Right, I only have a small gallery, so here are the images I took:

As ever, thanks to all who got involved and came along. Also, huge thanks to Oliver, who came along and shared an exciting experience of Nyctophobia with us. This was a board game designed to be played blind, so that was a really cool experience. As ever though, thanks to each and every one of you who turned up. Next month’s event will be announced this week. As ever, share your thoughts in the comments below, or over on Facebook and Twitter.


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