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I’ve been an avid fan of WordPress for some time. The company, Automattic, do a lot of good. As well as running the software that runs this website, they power a huge proportion of the internet. Many of your favourite blogs, as well as a huge number of business and eCommerce websites all use the WordPress platform, which is separated by and Recently, I won’t lie to you, I’ve been taking a vested interest in the people behind WordPress. I’ve logged onto the WordPress Support Forums and I’ve been trying my hand occasionally at helping those with WordPress issues. This has been my experience so far.

Varied Questions

One of my favourite aspects of helping people is the range of questions, emotions and feelings that people have. Some people are frustrated, not comfortable with the software and want a way to vent. Other people are pretty happy overall, but they just have a nagging question at the back of their mind. Fortunately, because of the extreme variation of questions presented, it means you either pick up a lot of WordPress knowledge quickly, or you have to just chuck yourself in the deep end and read what people say, including the support staff.

A lot of people come to the forums with a range of technical knowledge. Some have bought domains, which they want to use through. Others just want to know how to start up a free website with WordPress. The one constant amongst all of these questions however are the support answers provided. If you ever run your own WordPress site and you need more help, you can either word with a small group of friends who can help you in a specific manner, or if you’d rather not get stuck in with a group of bloggers, then you can use these free support forums.

The Staff Are Polite

Automattic’s staff are polite and I’m staff for this website – So uh, I’ll be polite too!

So one answer I provided someone was detailed, but the question then devolved into something that the staff would go on to deal with. The member of staff who came to the thread noticed my response, thanked me for helping them out, then wished me a happy Monday. Yes, it was nice to read, but there was a level of professionalism you don’t see in a lot of companies. There are usually staff who try to help you, no matter what the organisation is about, however the staff at Automattic are attentive and very polite.

Admittedly, I’ve been eyeing up their Happiness Engineer role recently, which can be done remotely. The application process doesn’t open again until July, but it’s a role I’d feel comfortable doing, as my day job is that in customer service, supporting software and technical processes. Having read the responses to a lot of the questions, I have a fair bit more to learn about the platform, but considering I’m moving away from a self-hosted website to a more managed website, I have to admit, I’m looking to do even more with WordPress as a whole. They’ve made the transfer of our domains simple, meaning this website will soon get a name and brand change.

If you’ve ever used WordPress, I’d highly recommend checking out the Support Forums. As I mentioned above, staff are knowledgeable and friendly and anyone can start responding to questions. Alternatively, if you have any burning questions, you can fire them away at the staff (and members) who will gladly lend you a hand. As ever though, how have your experiences with the platform been? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below, or over on Facebook and Twitter.


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