E3 2019 – Actually Quite Interesting

I’ve had a couple of years of just not caring about E3. I know I’m not alone in that, a lot of hype that rarely gets fulfilled, a lot of the hype we want nowhere to be seen, and it’s usually just a chance for big publishers to let us down and make us worried about the future of the industry for one reason or another.

But can I take a moment or two to actually talk about some stuff that I like the look of here? Some of the game announcements and other news touches on a few subjects that genuinely excite me, and I won’t even rag on the more “classically bad” elements like how many games look like Borderlands these days like Outlands and rage 2 both do, nor will I even mention the words “Fallout has battle royal for some reason”… that would be highly unnecessary.

Video Games and Film

I may have harped on this subject with a bit of disdain over the years, but there’s a definite note of optimism in the latest selection that the industry is being taken seriously. While we may never see a video game properly made into a film despite repeated attempts, we are starting to see how games are starting to reach film-levels of production value, and are attracting the level of mainstream talent usually reserved for the big screen.

Ghost Recon – John Bernthall Ok, I’m no fan of the game series, but if you’re looking for a famous face to stick on a famous FPS how about the guy who immortalised Marvel’s biggest gun-nut?

Cyberpunk 2077 – Keanu Reeves We all know about this one now, John Wick has brought Keanu back to the public eye in a big way, and he’s well known to be a Hollywood nice-guy.

Death Stranding – Norman Reedus and Mads Mikkelson Resurrected from a Silent Hill project which always had Norman Reedus attached to it – oh and Guillermo Del Torro, who is still here – Death Stranding has also added Mikkelson as a maybe (probably) bad guy.

Mythic Quest – Rob McElhenney A bit different, the game doesn’t actually exist, but the It’s Always Sunny star and co-creator has picked up some familiar talent and produced a series about creating video games, a send up of auteurs and the industry as a whole BUT he’s partnered with Ubisoft to do it so that it looks good. Plus, he likes his video games, I genuinely think this could be fun, and a sincere and loving parody.

Blair Witch – Another slight tangent, still on topic, the game looks almost like the Blair Witch project could and should have been a game the whole time, shaky camera feels more appropriate when playing a first-person camera, and games have an edge when it comes to unnerving the audience.


Long dead games are rising from their graves to grace us with their presence! Skipping over Doom which, to be fair, has been back for a while now…

Psychonauts 2 – Ok, Tim Schafer is a hugely famous lunatic and genius, he’s made some of the best games in the industry… eventually. Psychonauts, the adorable 3D-Platformer, collectathon, and all around good time (that I’m currently replaying) has been crying out for a sequel for fifteen years, and we’re finally getting it!

Baldur’s Gate 3 and Bloodlines 2 – Just going to lump these two together to save repeating myself, two famous games based on tabletop role-playing games (D&D and World of Darkness respectively) that were beloved in their day, and will hopefully be beloved again on their return. We’ve seen a lot more of Bloodlines 2 in terms of gameplay, and it looks beautiful, but Baldur’s Gate has illithids… so I guess I’m sold?

Anyone else have any stand out moments from E3 this year? Let us know in the comments or over on Facebook… or tell Tim on Twitter, it’ll come back to me eventually.

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