Cosplay Project: ‘The Fiend’

It’s been a while since I crafted my last cosplay, so today, I’m going to let you in on a little secret. He’s called The Fiend. He’s coming to a GeekOut Bristol Meet and a GeekOut Shrewsbury Meet near you in October… So let him in!

It’s been a while since I wrote a cosplay post; Indeed, I think the last time I did was in January. I was originally going to be doing a year of small cosplay parts, but time quickly told me that I was going to be hunkered down with work. So, instead, I’m now vowing to complete one costume for the year. The character was only formed a few months ago and it’s quickly become a visual favourite of mine. Are you prepared to follow the leader and let me in?

Who Is ‘The Fiend’?

Joel, you better be reading this, as I’m constructing this costume just for you, buddy. No, no, it’s not a character you know per se, but I shared the video to you before… And now for everyone else, the above video was our introduction to The Fiend. There’s a long story behind here, so I’ll give you a quick rundown on how we got to that character and the significance of the imagery. Oh and this is how I intend to turn up to both Halloween themed GeekOut Meets.

The Fiend is a new character introduced to WWE programming, by way of a series of vignettes involving Bray Wyatt. The character has been exceptionally well received, with a lot of people considering his Firefly Fun House segments to be a breath of fresh air. These short video packages involves Bray who has been reincarnated as a children’s TV Show host, which slowly has been transforming into something more sinister.

The Fiend is a feared entity that Bray transforms into, a being who is there to “protect us”. However, the puppets featured on the Firefly Fun House are scared of The Fiend. They follow him, their leader, knowing that the consequences of speaking out against the Fun House would be dire. No one has felt the wrath more than poor old Ramblin’ Rabbit, who has been shredded to pieces by Mercy the Buzzard and splattered by Bray Wyatt who made jam out of his blood.

Right, with that introduction to the character out of the way, let’s look at what needs to be done.

The Costume

The Fiend is quite a fun challenge, which lies entirely around the face and hair. Naturally, I do not have a head full of beautiful dreadlocks, nor do I think my hair could grow to that length in that time (Though honestly, with how quick my hair grows, it’d give it a damn good try). So, the dreadlocks will have to be a wig. The first challenge is either finding a dreadlock wig (which is pretty tricky to find), or to make a dreadlock wig (much easier to find individual dreadlocks, which I can then turn into a wig).

The next challenge is of course the mask. Look at that thing, it’s a work of art! Not a surprise as it was designed by horror legend Tom Savini. But the question is how am I going to make it? My first thought was to make a mask similar to my old Oskar mask, but with extra parts, followed by some papier mache or perhaps a latex finish. The trick here is to not make the mask too shiny, but it definitely needs to have the protruding parts well defined.

That mask is the main challenge as the rest are just normal clothes. Finding a coat that’ll look the part is tricky (especially at a reasonable price), but I’m sure it exists. I’ve found one that’s pretty close (a tailcoat), but it’s whether or not I’m willing to pay the £65 price point for such a niche costume. Having said that, this costume can be reworn plenty of times, as most of it is standard clothing. I may make the jacket, if I can’t find one for a better price.

Bray’s character change and split-persona is honestly amazing to watch. If you’ve never seen these segments before, I’d recommend checking them out – It’s excellent storytelling which is genuinely exciting in a time of uncertainty in wrestling. What do you think of my choice of costume? Do you have any suggestions for making the mask? Share your thoughts in the comments below, or on Facebook and Twitter.

Yeowie Wowie!

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