Returning To Games You’ve Not Played In A While

Ever find yourself going back to an old game and going “why am I here again?” Perhaps an hour in, you remember how much you loved this old game? Yeah, this happens to me too. Here are some thoughts about nostalgia and returning with a newly critical eye changing your gaming experience.

Years ago, you played a game and you loved it. It was arguably the only game you spoke about during that time. Perhaps you were massive in Overwatch when that first came out, but now have drifted away? What about Magic: the Gathering Arena? Minecraft, anybody? Ultimately, you were really into that game for a long time and you’ve sinced moved on. Something’s happened and now you find yourself booting the game back up. Video games are pretty fluid like that; one moment you can be sick to death of a game and another day, you want a rush of nostalgia to hit you again. This has happened to me recently and I have a few thoughts on the process behind it.

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