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Gaming Achievements – Share Your Memories

Last night, whilst playing Elder Scrolls Online, I managed to finally do something that had taken me months to do. I cleared Veteran Maelstrom Arena with no deaths, giving me a brand new title in the process, The Flawless Conqueror. Arguably the hardest solo content in ESO, I was so chuffed to have done it at last. To make it better, I did it on a class that doesn’t often get through Veteran Maelstrom Arena, as showcased by the lack of entries on the leaderboard. Today, I’d like to step back, chat about gaming achievements and open this up to you, to share yours with us.

What is Veteran Maelstrom Arena

Often abbreviated as vMA, this is the hard mode for a solo Trial by the same name of Maelstrom Arena. On Veteran, the enemies damage and health is scaled way up and in some cases, some of the mechanics are either instant death, or close to it. When you enter the arena, you are greeted by Fa-Nuit-Hen, a daedra who looks suspiciously like a Wood Elf with some horns. Nevertheless, this powerful daedra needs your help to recover his Barons, all of whom have ridiculous names (Known collectively as the Barons-Who-Move-Like-This. They have an awesome backstory, but most people won’t necessarily read into that.)

When you enter the arena, you are presented with 9 separate arenas. Each arena has different tactics, which, in summary are like this:

  • Arena 1 – Simple enough, just kill enemies and stay out of a swirling vortex. The final boss creates minions that he can eat if you’re too slow, causing him to regain a lot of health.
  • Arena 2 – There are spinning traps that move around the arena, which you need to avoid. The final boss is three bosses, which are killed in equal times.
  • Arena 3 – Electrified water, lightning dropping on you and stranglers slowing you down; kill the stranglers, kill the mobs and watch out for the water. The final boss has a massive scream which can one-shot you. You get some warning to stay out of it. Other than that, keep alive.
  • Arena 4 – Dwarven sentries go to the middle to fire off lightning. The final boss is a huge dwarven spider; this is a DPS race, but stay underneath it for a full lap of the circle, then move out from it before it uses its fire attack underneath itself.
  • Arena 5 – The one that I really hate; 3 platforms of ice, with super cold water between that damages you. Stop the Trolls from destroying the ice platforms. The final boss needs to be damaged slowly, as at 75% and 50% she destroys a platform (and if you’re on the platform or really close to it, the move will one shot you).
  • Arena 6 – Spiders are everywhere, when a spider swarm happens, you need to go to a golden aura released by an obelisk. Kill the webspinners to stop them from re-applying webs to obelisks. The final boss shoots lightning at you and should ideally be handled by using the obelisks against her – Destroy hoarvers near the obelisks to cause the boss to be stunned for a long time.
  • Arena 7 – This one is annoying, as there are poisonous plants on the floor. Stay away, but if you get infected by one, there are 2 green areas to stand in to cleanse the poison. The final boss is a massive Argonian berserker who throws rocks, stomps on the ground and screams. When it screams, nothing survives, so kill one of its menders and stay inside the other mender’s bubble of protection.
  • Arena 8 – Fire everywhere, watch out for the guys who spin fire above them as a few hits from that will kill. The final boss is only killable after all three obelisks are destroyed. Then they’ll regenerate after a couple of seconds.
  • Arena 9 – There are 5 waves instead of the usual 4 in this one. Destroy the Crematorium Guard’s, as they are pretty tough. Watch out for normal ghosts, collect gold ghosts to stun all enemies (including final boss). The final boss is a powerful necromancer with lich-like powers. Three parts to him; first part is nuke him to 75% and watch out for his blasts. Second part is to kill a Clannfear next to a glowing portal area, then press x to go up. Upstairs is part 2, where you have to destroy three crystals, while the boss stands in the middle and nukes you. Occasionally he’ll use a blast that’ll throw you off the edge, but you can prevent this by standing behind a stone shield. Once all are destroyed, head downstairs again for phase 3, where you have to put all the mechanics of the arena to use.

So that’s the tactics – and after months, as back in March I first defeated the arena – I’ve finally beaten it with no deaths, earning the title “The Flawless Conqueror”. A pretty nifty title!

Oh and then to top off my already good day, I managed to make the unworkable bookshelves work in the GeekOut UK Guild House. Nice.

Look, you don’t understand how frustrating these bookshelves are.

Now it’s over to you – What achievement or accomplishment have you reached in a game that’s made you go “yeah, I did that”? How much do you work towards a specific goal in a game? Have you beaten Dark Souls? Share all of your achievements and accomplishments with us and perhaps we’ll revisit this topic in the future, with your comments. Share your comments below, or over on Facebook and Twitter.

2 responses

  1. Phil

    So yeah… about my password and vMA…. :P For me it was finding and killing all 200 pigeons in GTA IV :D

    Liked by 1 person

    July 9, 2019 at 11:50 am

    • Oh gee that’s awesome! Remind me of when I got all of the riddlers trophies in Arkham Asylum 😁


      July 9, 2019 at 11:52 am

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