Journey Quest Season 4 – Kickstarter

This is a campaign is trouble, so this is a short article to reach out to anyone who wants to hear it.

I’ve talked Journey Quest before, it’s a series set in a D&D world without going so thoroughly referential as Order of the Stick or Goblins, more that the internal logic of things like character roles and systems like magic and the relations between races, the nearness of the divine powers, and the presence of undead, orcs and ogres and that kind of ilk.

Our main characters fall into the classic pigeonholes, fighter, wizard, ranger, cleric, and in turn following some player classes as well, the fighter is the kill ’em all comedy psycho, the wizard is the guy whose rolls are so bad it’s like he can only attempt success by planning to fail, the ranger is a sullen chosen-one type, and the cleric is the guy who’s played for a while and has had it with the rest of them.

It’s also made by the same people, Zombie Orpheus Entertainment and Dead Gentlemen Production, who made the Gamers trilogy, which are far better D&D films than anything formally authorised by Hasbro. The film takes place with parallel narratives in and out of the game-world, and comedy ensues.

They have been successful enough that they have launched their own streaming service (The Fantasy Network), had series appear on Hulu and Amazon Prime, and still upload to YouTube, all while maintaining a business model that keeps them free of big studio networks that would cancel them based on a business decision, rather than actually taking into account what the audience wants and how much they want it. Everything is crowd funded, and for the limited budget they produce visual wonders and beautiful writing.

Season 3 ended on a cliff hanger, and gods help me I actually care where this story is going, because so much is going wrong, the bad guys are winning, storylines are converging and this would be the worst moment for it all to fall apart. We got a little taster recently with 3.5 (which I think was intended as a D&D joke as well) which was a mini-series that fills in a few pieces for the B-list characters, like the Barbarian Warlord bringing public schools and heathen health care to the civilised nations in defiance of the Wicked Kings, or the oddly politically motivated Bard College.

And Season 4 is in danger of never being made. Kickstarter is an all-or-nothing platform, and with 4 days to go and nearly £140K ($170) to raise at the time of writing, I am genuinely concerned.

A lot of the updates from the team have said that they have had a lot of messages saying that they had no idea the series was being funded, and that despite their best efforts the word is simply not getting out there. Well, here’s me, telling you, for all the good we may do, to share the ever-rutting hells out of Journey Quest Season 4, and if you haven’t already, watch the series. I’m not going to insist that you give and give generously, I’ll let JQ sell itself.

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  1. Saw your comment on the Kickstarter page! This could well end up getting my biggest ever Kickstarter pledge; I’d prefer not to go any higher, but tomorrow IS my birthday… I’ll see how it goes.

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