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GeekOut Bristol Meet – July 12th: Best of British Geeks Summary

Every month I like to do these roundups, as a way to show people that hey, there are people out there who like to game. This month was a quieter affair for us, but it’s just as well as it was also the day before Bristol Pride, meaning the bar was pretty damn busy at points. Nevertheless, we had a great night out with plenty of games. Lots of people interacted with us, discussing games and getting involved in the quiz which had 14 entries – All in all, a successful night. Here’s how the day went and a few quick bits of information about next month’s event.

Let’s get the usual stats out of the way with – We had 33 people turn up to play games with us. There were a lot of early leavers, as people were going to get themselves home for an early sleep before Bristol Pride the following day. That meant that actually packing up the event was really easy, so, yay, there are bonuses even to having a quieter day for us. Thanks to everyone who turned up, it was still a great turnout; a little more than I projected from the figures. Right, now that’s the boring stat side of things out of the way with, let’s talk about how the day went.

We started by heading to the Old Market Cafe – Look, I’m just saying, two full meals and two drinks for under twenty quid is a bit of a bargain. Great food, great staff and it meant we didn’t get there until 1pm – So we got a lie in. Excellent. If you’ve never been there and don’t know where it is, if you know where Old Market Tavern is, keep walking further up Old Market Street (away from the centre). Cross the road where The Palace is and then it’ll be on your left at some point. Go give it some love if you’re in that area.

Toffee Apple Pie – Delicious and only £3.

The night itself was filled with really refreshing drinks! I reached out to the Old Market Tavern earlier in the week and I asked for some British flavours for a drink. We ended up with a concoction by Rich, which was called Toffee Apple Pie. £3 for toffee vodka with apple juice and optional squirty cream. It was very fruity and had a good kick to it. An excellent summery drink, so go and whip yourself up a batch. As well as that, the bar had Pimms available. Just as well, the sun was swealteringly hot.

The games were flowing throughout the day; I got to play a few games I hadn’t before, including cracking open Codenames Pictures. Great game, really quick and easy to play and it was a lot of fun. I’m sure I’ll write a review of it at some point in the not-too-distant future, so keep your eyes peeled. Other than games, we also had our quiz, in which we had 14 entries and with varying scores. A maximum of 27 points, the highest score was from Jenny who scored 17, second being Bryn with 15 and Jon with 14. Not bad going guys! The quiz was about all things British geek, mostly contained within three categories; Film & TV, Gaming and Literature. Oh and a bunch of us got Armoured Mewtwo on Pokemon Go. The joy of being literally 2 doors up from a Poke Gym on the day!

Wanna try the quiz? Here’re the questions and here’re the answers.

Armoured Mewtwo popped by to say hi – and we got him!

Another event has now come and gone. Our next event will be on August 10th, a saturday, so come along to that if you’re in the area. The theme is “All The Anime”, which is my way of saying let’s celebrate being fans of anime – After all, it’s around the time Jake, Joel and I would head to conventions, so it’s only fitting that we get at least one anime theme in this year. But, now it’s over to you – If you were there, let us know your thoughts, or if you’d like to comment about these events, drop us a line below, or over on Facebook and Twitter.


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