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Future Content: Over To You

Regular readers of our website will know the types of content we write about. We love to chat gaming, anime, writing and lots more. We dabble into all sorts of territory when it comes to geeky passions. But the one thing that’s eluded us all of this time is you; the reader. We often get comments of “It’d be good if you would write this” or “could you cover that”, but rarely do we hear from our readers. We want that to change.

We’ve been running for just shy of 6 years now. As writers and as a website, I think we’ve grown quite a bit. We’ve had to learn about some interesting things, including writers pen names, working with sponsors and even copyright laws (It’s better to learn about it than to do something wrong). I think Joel and I have become well-rounded content creators in our own rights. However, growth is only one part of the problem…

… Another part is really trying to understand what sort of content you’d like out of GeekOut UK. This website’s only going to get better in the coming months. We’re also working on our own individual projects, which we’ll share here in our own spare time. However, we’d love to know – What are your main interests? What would you like to see more of on this website? Is it something we already cover, or something we’ve never covered at all?

If you’re a regular reader, or a casual observer, let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Or, alternatively, put your vote on the above nifty poll. It’ll be interesting to see how much response we get and how much we can implement. We write because we believe people out there enjoy our works; so let’s see what direction we can head in. Thanks for reading – I hope today goes by quickly for those of you in work!

Oh and if you want more content like podcasts, videos etc, then let us know in the comments, okay?

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