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AmeChibi 2020

On Saturday at around 8:30pm BST, it was announced that AmeChibi would be making its return next year. Fans of Kitacon and AmeCon didn’t get an event this year, but for good reason. Kitacon is currently undergoing major changes, with a lot of the committee changing and AmeCon did an event last year. The usual venue of Warwick University is also undergoing changes, as the venue is currently in the middle of a lot of construction work. Therefore, the only logical conclusion was that 2019 would have no convention from either event. Nevertheless, AmeChibi have announce that they are back. Here’s the information we currently know about the upcoming event.

What is AmeChibi 2020?

A New AmeCon Approaches

Regulars of residentual conventions will know of AmeCon and Kitacon, especially if you’re a regular reader of ours. Joel and I have attended many of these events, simply because of how good they are. Kitacon promotes itself more of a party convention (but that doesn’t mean the content isn’t as good), whereas Amecon focuses much more heavily on anime fandom (but that doesn’t mean the parties aren’t as good). Indeed, whilst they focus slightly more heavily in favour two different aspects, they are equally as good as one another. We’ve always had a good time at them both; so what is AmeChibi exactly?

Because of the venue of both of these events being inaccessible, AmeCon have come up with a smaller event. They call this event AmeChibi and this isn’t the first AmeChibi they have run. The last AmeChibi went really well, so I’m hopeful next year’s event will be equally as great. Effectively, there will be less spaces and in a much smaller venue, but that’s not really a problem. It should be a great event regardless. We don’t really know exactly how many tickets will be available, but they mentioned during the stream that there may have been a venue capacity of 650 floating around, so definitely expect this next event to be below the usual size; with possibly both AmeCon and Kitacon being affected until Warwick University is back up and running.

The Livestream

On Saturday, Scott (Amecon Chairman) and Jason (Amecon Webmaster) held a livestream, which I thought was really well done. The two of them held the fort nicely and managed to deliver an excellent Q&A session. It was great fun, with some funny questions posted, as well as some more serious questions (Nothing bad, but some interesting points, such as a conversation about GDPR and banlists, etc. Very insightful commentary here).

I’d implore this to be done more, as it really felt like you were connected with the happenings of the event and what they’ve been up to since the last one. So, let’s get to business and let’s talk about the next event.

When & Where

If AmeChibi interests you, here’s all of the information you need to know:

It’s taking place in Northampton Park Inn Hotel on the 7th-9th August 2020. Registrations open on 1st October 2019. You can find the registration details on their official website, closer to the event (Currently it is a landing page, due to works being done to the website).

So if you’re looking for a great event next year, seriously think about going for AmeChibi. I know I’m likely going to be pushing to get myself a ticket to the event, as they’re always great fun, filled with exciting panels and lots of great things to do and see. If you’re big on anime, or just want to experience a convention like this, I’d highly recommend AmeChibi, as it’ll be a close and easy to access event. Roll on 2020!

… Now I wonder what costumes I’ll wear? Big shout out to the guys at AmeCon, as I got in touch with them yesterday to ensure we could run this article. We’ll post more details once we know more. If you’re now planning to attend the event, why not share your excitement with us in the comments below, or on Facebook and Twitter?

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