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Tekken Season Pass 3 – A New Character?

Not too long ago, the Tekken world got an announcement; there will be more characters and amongst them is a brand new character. If you’re a fan of fighting games, the resurgence of the genre has been an incredible thing to watch. When Tekken 7 came out (worldwide) back in 2017, people across the world got the itch to play the long lasting franchise and it pulled in new and old fans alike. Two years on, Tekken 7 is moving into Season Pass 3, where they will be adding another couple of characters, one of which is a totally new character; although there are similarities to an old favourite.


Let’s talk about Zafina’s reappearance first: YES!

She looks incredible in Tekken 7, with the short clip we’ve been given, Zafina is looking like she’s completely back to form. She was a fairly popular choice from Tekken 6, which may have introduced some of the more underrated characters from the franchise. She stood toe to toe with characters like Bob and Leo, as well as Lars. Zafina was one of my personal favourites from Tekken 6, even replacing some of my previous favourites such as the JACKs and even Kazuya. Zafina was everything I needed from a Tekken character and now she’s back!

What makes Zafina’s appearance even more intriguing is the introduction of Azazel’s power. If you hadn’t played Tekken 6, then neither Zafina nor Azazel will mean anything to you. Azazel was a demon character who was the second non-Mishima character to be an antagonist. The final boss of Tekken 6, Azazel was a massive demon with immense power, and it looks as if Zafina has captured Azazel’s orb and will be bringing some of that to Tekken 7. Great choice, a fantastic way to fuse two characters… Good job, Namco.

Now, let’s talk about…

Leroy Smith

If you have played enough Tekken, the name Wang Jinrei probably means something to you. An all-time classic of the Tekken franchise, Wang was the master of Drunken Style. An old man, Wang was the drinking buddy of Jinpachi Mishima, aka Heihachi’s dad. Wang was a very powerful mentor, as well as a generally great human being. So when Leroy Smith was announced, he effectively takes the role that Wang played previously. The previous Kung-Fu master being Wang, now this has been passed on to the Wing Chun trained Leroy Smith.

Leroy was raised in New York City, when he lost his family and home due to large-scale gang conflict. He went missing, but has now come back after many years, having honed his skills as a seasoned master of martial arts. Now he seeks his revenge.

No matter what you think, no matter how cheesy that is (because believe me, that is cheesy, in all the right ways), Leroy is amazing. I’m excited to play as Leroy later down the line.

More Characters Coming Soon!

Yes, there will be more characters announced along the way, so seriously, this was an excellent reveal and I’m looking forward to seeing these characters. So, uh, Harada, if you’re reading this, how’s about you bring back Ganryu, yeah? Okay, cool, good job.

To everyone else, if you’re a fighting game fan or if you’re unsure what all the hype is, share your thoughts with us. Alternatively, leave us a post on Twitter or Facebook.

2 responses

  1. Bandicoot Warrior

    I Might have to put Tekken back up :P

    Liked by 1 person

    August 9, 2019 at 10:22 am

    • Zafina is a great pick, but Leroy’s a star. Looking forward to playing as him!

      Liked by 1 person

      August 9, 2019 at 10:47 am

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