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GeekOut Bristol Meet – August 10th: All The Anime Gallery

Another month has gone by and another gallery post! Yes, we got together, we spoke all about anime and we shared our love for the medium. There were people who travelled from far and wide, as well as a couple of costumed people to accompany. We also had a competition where we saw some incredible art drawn by the friends of GeekOut. With a good gathering of geeks, drinks were a-flowing and of course, we had plenty of games to play. So with all that said, let’s take a look at the images that makes up yesterday’s GeekOut Bristol Meet.

Let’s start with the usuals! We went to the pre-meetup, which in this case was Yo! Sushi. We always have a great meal at the Yo! Sushi in Cabot Circus. There was 11 of us who turned up for some sushi, so that was a good start to the day. Our pre-meetups range between just 6 of us up to the best turnout we’ve had of 20. Time of year seems to make a difference there, but anyway, we had a good turn out for sushi, which then led to us going to the event. We grabbed our games and headed over to the venue and… Oh my gosh, the rain came pouring down and it was ridiculous. I think everyone got drenched.

Time to talk about attendees and other bits and bobs. After a final count, we got up to 41 people throughout the night. I did think it was more to begin with, but I realised a group of four sat in the middle of us but didn’t actually take part in any capacity, so I think they must have just been there! It’s great to see so many people who come to the pub for a couple of drinks, who end up seeing what we do and pick up a game to play. Also, love the fact that people have gotten so good at bringing back all the games, as there have been times I’ve walked around clearing up the games. Speaking of games though, I just wanted to show you guys a game of Telestration, where it all went terribly wrong.

The competition allowed our attendees to show their artistic skills. They had to make an anime poster, just an anime poster that they came up with. So then we saw the quality of our entries and it was ridiculously good. So, here are all of the entries for the competition, as well as the other images of the night.

Thanks to everyone who attended the event, it was great seeing you guys there. There’ll be more great nights coming up soon, so next week, we’ll put up September’s GeekOut Bristol Meet. As ever though, it’s now over to you. Were you at the event? Did you miss it and just wanted to add your two cents? As ever, thanks to everyone who came along and until next month, this has been another GeekOut Bristol Meet. Share your thoughts below or on Facebook and Twitter.

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