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Quick Website Update

Hey all, without lying about it, I had nothing planned for today as I’ve been out with our friends at Later Levels this weekend. Was awesome catching up with them all, so this post is literally just going to be a very short update on the website, what sort of directions we’re heading in and over to you. Basically, this is just a short catch up post, so I can also catch up with sorting other bits of the website out.


Nothing major to report with our article structure; we’re sticking to our sort of 4-2-1 approach, where I take up 4 days of the week, Joel takes up 2 and we do a joint 1 on Saturdays for our Top 10’s. Interestingly, there was a period of time we wondered if we should keep going with the Top 10’s, but they’re still getting eyes on them and we still get interaction. The Top 10 eBook has basically not moved, thanks to other ventures; Joel does his professional DMing now and I’m writing my own wiki in preparation for November’s NaNoWriMo (and yes, I will be putting something out there about that later down the line).

We’re going to stick to doing our usual gallery post from our events, as we think it’s important to show the events do happen and they are still attended. It’s quite nice for us as well, as we can actually talk candidly about what we feel the event was like. We can talk about the attendance rates, the types of games that were played, how much conversation, etc. It’s also a way for us to sort of brag about it. We put so much work into them, that no matter what, we’d want people to see that we’re doing our bits. Speaking of…

Future GeekOut Locations

It’s always a consideration of ours; who will open the next branch, etc. However, we’re very picky about who we select. The person has to step forward and say they want to run it, then they have to show their commitment to it… And trust me, I’ve met people who say one day they’d love to run one, I give them an opportunity to host a particular part of a GeekOut meet and then they back down. It’s not a problem, we’re not looking to point fingers, we just want to find the right people to help us expand.

This is a huge part for this site; we want to be recognised as a go-to event for geeks, but in all honesty, without our own events expanding, that’s pretty tricky as is. Watch this space, we’ve had people interested in running their own events so, perhaps more of the UK will get GeekOut locations? We’re particularly interested in the North, Midlands and South East/London areas. They’re not paid, they’re expensive to run, but what I can provide is a Meetup page of your own, as well as basic branding so at least you have something to start up.

Front Page Changes

A really old picture of our front page… This is from 2014.

I’m really at a loss; I want to change that front page. I love what it is, but I think it needs to be changed up. Our WordPress theme however, that wants none of it. I dunno, I’ll think about what to d there. Let me know if you have any ideas? Share any thoughts and opinions in the comments, or on Facebook and Twitter. Keep gaming folks, keep watching anime, keep crafting your cosplays and reading your literature. Just, keep being geeks. You’re all damn awesome people.

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