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What Is WooCommerce?

WordPress users will likely have heard of WooCommerce, but may not be fully aware as to what it is. WooCommerce is a way to set up eCommerce on a, or a website. This is a powerful platform for anyone looking to make some sales and to have ultimate control over their content, such as how their products are displayed or even the types of methods used for getting paid for their products. If you’re a small business and wanting your own shop, this may be a great route for you to go down. Here’s a bit of info on the platform:

The History of WooCommerce

Originally, WooCommerce was first set up on September 27, 2011, where it was a plugin designed for open-source e-commerce. Over the years, the plugin became more and more popular, becoming a part of Automattic. It started life as a company called WooThemes, who was a team who specialised in themes for WordPress, but they also dabbled in plugins and other features for WordPress members. WooCommerce eventually became their flagship franchise, which meant the team was rebranded into WooCommerce and eventually joined the Automattic family in May 2015.

In that time, the company has constantly innovated and improved their product. When I was designing a new site for us, I used the software to see how a shop would look and trust me, it was great! I personally found it very easy to get to grips with.

How To Get WooCommerce For Your Website

WordPress has a lot of powerful features, one of which is the ability to add plugins. When you buy a business package, you get access to all of the plugins you’d like. One of them is, naturally, WooCommerce. All you have to do is go to your websites Dashboard, click Plugins and then you can find WooCommerce in the list of plugins and install it. Once installed, you can then get it set up on your website. If you have any problems, you can always check out WooCommerce’s website for further instructions.

If you use the button below, you can find out more information and, if you’re interested and sign up, any purchase you make, we get a cut of (which is awfully nice of you). So think of this not only as a way to benefit your own website, but to help us out too. Nice! Also, you don’t even need to purchase – Just by clicking on the link, you help us stay independent. So go on, help your friendly local geeks out by clicking. Enough pitching to you now, I do genuinely believe WooCommerce is great, so go check it out regardless of what you do with this information.


Anyway, I hope you found this article on WooCommerce useful! Whether you’re a veteran or if you’re just getting started with, there’s always something else to learn. If you’re thinking of setting up shop, definitely consider these guys and set up a site for yourself. As ever, we pass over to you now – How aware of WooCommerce are you? Can you think of any shops that definitely use WooCommerce? Share your knowledge with us in the comments below, or over on Facebook and Twitter.


The links for WooCommerce and related content are affiliate links. I signed up for the WordPress affiliate programme, as I believe that WordPress is an excellent platform.

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