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Chaaaaaarge… With bestial rage, these beasts will charge at great speeds! Whether or not they’re portrayed as charging everywhere, or if they just charge when they have to, this week’s Top 10 is dedicated to those beasts who would charge everywhere. Whether they’re charging into action, or they’re just charging and tearing through their enemies, these are the beasts that just keep moving.

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Chaaaaaarge… With bestial rage, these beasts will charge at great speeds! Whether or not they’re portrayed as charging everywhere, or if they just charge when they have to, this week’s Top 10 is dedicated to those beasts who would charge everywhere. Whether they’re charging into action, or they’re just charging and tearing through their enemies, these are the beasts that just keep moving.

Top 10

10) Cavalry in all media

The swift support to your heavy infantry, able to dip in and out of combat, harassing enemy forces from outside before fleeing to safety, only to return again when least expected. They are not well suited to head-first frontal assaults.

Horses are both fragile, and valuable, two aspects that make them ill suited to extended combat engagement but being fast, smart, and durable make them very useful in short surgical strikes that could break enemy formations, upset strategies, and in later years allow sharpshooters a taller and more mobile vantage point in the field. Being mobile also makes them excellent units to deliver rapid support where most needed. Another reason why they ought not be locked in an engagement that they charged into head first.

Dear games, books, and films: stop it.

9) Doomtrain – Final Fantasy VIII

All aboard the Doomtrain!

Okay, so this one was a stretch, but we’re including it. In Final Fantasy VIII you have the ability to summon Guardian Forces, or GFs for short. These elemental creatures are powerful beings who have unique abilities. You set them to your characters, which helps raise that characters stats in the process. Then you can use their ability to run wild on the opponent, which is exactly what Doomtrain does.

Doomtrain, as the name implies, is a train, but it has some form of sentience to it. As such, we’re including it in this list of charging beasts, as its only move is to charge at full speed at the enemy. Also, the name is pretty damning – I’m sorry, but if I was going to be killed by a GF, I’d rather be frozen by Shiva, or just dealt with quickly by the Tonberry King. To be stuck on a train track for Doomtrain to run me over, that’s not a fate I’d pick.

8) Werewolf Form – Altered Beast

Rise from your grave!

Well, at least in this case you’ve already arisen and you’re wandering. You have Herculean strength, able to kick enemies to death with ease. But when you kill a few of the minions from the depths of hell, you will get these orbs. Pick an orb up and inexplicably your characters clothes rip off from how muscular you get. Then, after more orbs, you are greeted with the above image.

You now have your Werewolf form – And is it ever fun? You keep that strength, but added to it, you have a really useful charge ability. You can use this to charge back and forth across the screen, as well as to damage the enemy. Honestly, without this particular move from the first “altered beast” form, I reckon the game wouldn’t be as memorable as it is. If you’ve never played Altered Beast, go try it. It’s hard as nails, though.

7) Diablos – Monster Hunter World

I don’t have a whole lot to say about this particular entry, except for the fact that it fit the bill pretty nicely. Diablos is a big old monster in Monster Hunter World, which gets his own cutscene as he comes out and charges at the player. A pretty cool cutscene at that (see the above video). So that’s a pretty good start for this colossal beast with a penchant to charge around.

However to add to it, the whole fight seems to revolve around charging mechanics as well. I mean hey, it’s not the hardest looking fight in the world, but then again considering I was doing terribly in the demo for Monster Hunter World, I’m sure I’d lose to the cutscene, so who am I to judge?

6) El Odio – Psychonauts

The bull that torments the artist-haunted streets of Edgar Tegli’s mind keeps you from making proper use of the cities main avenue, as it barrels around mercilessly trampling everything in its path. Its remorseless passage also prevents Tegli from building the tower of cards he needs to reach his mysterious lady love.

Spoilers here, because it turns out El Odio is not the monster that needs to be fought and slain, but a tormented and enraged manifestation of Edgar’s insecurities, that needs to shrug off the twisted romances of high school and learn to find a new – less fickle – love interest. Also maybe quit drawing bull fights, your a talented artist who needs to move on.

5) Tauros vs Bouffalant – Pokémon

Everyone remembers Gen I’s reigning bull, Tauros, but what about Gen V’s Bouffalant? This is a battle of the bulls. Kind of.


This Gen I bull was exclusive to the Safari Zone, but was a great addition to any team. Tauros has some pretty decent stats, access to an excellent move pool and all in all was a fantastic beast. In the anime it was depicted as charging around the place, but in the games not so much. I mean he could learn Tackle, but so could so many others. It wasn’t until Gen VII introduce Poké Ride’s did Tauros gain the “Tauros Charge” ability.


Meanwhile Bouffalant has a fairly strong claim to being the true charging beast of Pokémon. It is the only known Pokémon to have access to the move Head Charge, which is a fairly powerful Normal-type move. Bouffalant rushes in with its giant afro, charges into its enemy and hits them pretty hard, whilst dealing ¼ damage to themselves. Trust me when I say that this buffalo packs a punch, but does have somewhat weaker stats to Tauros.

Take your pick on the best charging Pokémon:

4) Giant Troll – Castle Crashers

Nothing says “RUUUNNN” quite like a mass of black fur and psychopathy tearing through a wall to turn you into shiny red paste. As our heroic knights mount up on wild deer propelled on brown jets of abject terror, they are pursued through the old mill by a nightmare of teeth and claws, the bulk of which is mercifully off camera. Walls fail to slow it down, and as we learn later, so too do arrows in the eye. Apparently corneal trauma’s no big deal when reach a certain size.

The sudden uptake in speed and the need for fast reactions in both steering and jumping make the giant troll one of the more pulse-pounding moments of Castle Crashers, and they’d be terrifying enough elements if it weren’t for the bloodshot eyes and slavering jaws, but there’s an often overlooked supernatural aspect of that scene:

Who builds mills that long?

3) Triceratops – Crash Bandicoot: Warped

A 90’s gaming classic, Crash Bandicoot: Warped, featured one of the best charging scenes in all video game history. Technically this was first done as a boulder in a previous incarnation of the Crash franchise, the Triceratops invoked much more fear than any boulder or snowball. This massive dinosaur would chase after the titular hero as he ran for his life, through tar, grass and lava.

Okay, so the setting is strange, but what’s great is that this inspired so many future titles. This wasn’t just a fun moment, but it was also a classic gaming moment. Action Platforming had mostly been from left to right, maybe up and down. It’d never been on this 3D Plane properly before, where the action would make you run towards the camera. This meant you could easily run into danger – But you did it because you didn’t want to be squished by the massive Triceratops that’s chasing you.

2) The Last Rhino – Jumanji

While Robin Williams is a tour de force no matter the role, you know it’s a good film when he’s getting outshone by a mid-90s cgi rhinoceros. When the dice are rolled, the mystic board game, Jumanji, summons horrors from the jungle to torment the players, and what’s worse is it precludes the nightmare with rhyme.

Don’t be fooled, it isn’t thunder

Staying put would be a blunder

As the horde of assorted African wildlife tears through the idyllic suburbia, it becomes increasingly apparent that one member is struggling to keep pace, as it falls further and further behind, huffing and grunting asthmatically, the rhino becomes something of a landmark in the film, a reminder that we are not the only ones suffering the wrath of the jungle.

1) The Stampede – The Lion King (1994)

This was a sad moment. This was a striking moment. This was a very powerful moment. This invokes plenty of emotions from the audience and no matter how old you are, you feel that raw emotion from Simba immediately after this stampede scene is over. This was a terrible reminder of how powerful nature can be, either provoked or unprovoked. In this list, the stampede had to take our number one spot.

Whether or not you’re a fan of the remake doesn’t apply here, we’re focusing entirely on the 1994 cartoon version. In this version of The Lion King, the infamous phrase came from Scars mouth: “Long live the King” and he struck his own brother down into the sea of rampaging Wildebeest below. An assassination that worked out perfectly for the devious Scar who then scared away Simba, causing the young lion to banish himself.

I feel that no charging beast will ever leave such a lasting impression. I hope I can be proven wrong.

Honourable Mentions

Quit charging through these lists! Wait, we have two more entries that you were about to speed right past. Here are two examples of “beasts” that do charge through their enemies, but their status as a beast is highly subject.

The Juggernaut – Marvel

Though a recurring threat to the X-Men and brother to Charles Xavier, it’s important to remember that Cain Marko is not a mutant. The powers of strength, size, and incredible momentum are gifts of Cyttorak, one of Marvel’s more ancient and strange entities. The Juggernaut’s sheer unstoppability is what makes him most dangerous, at full running speed no force can stand in his way and endure. The only way to stop him is to ensure he never starts.

Representation in media has been hit and miss, though. Of the out of place but painfully entertaining rendition by Vinnie Jones, and Ryan Reynolds’ more understated and brutish version in Deadpool 2, the classic line gets used by the one you would have expected less. And no, we will not be repeating it here. We’re a family friendly site.

The Cleaner – Labyrinth

Disqualified for being a machine rather than a beast with sentience, the only animal components being the goblin crew on the back, the massive drills that clear blockages in the underground tunnels of the labyrinth embody charging more than beast.

The huge drills occupy the entire width of the passage, making their approach feel so much more inevitable. The mass of whirling, spinning blades makes them appear far faster and deadlier. Only when they’ve passed and you can see the vulnerable pilots on the back do you realise they’re not all that horrifying, just not something you want to be caught in front of.

Now that these beasts have charged on past, we can get back on the path. No more worrying about something coming zooming up to us, we’re able to now put all of that behind us… Or in front of us, depending on which way they charged. However now we’re going to have to get you to charge us with your vote, by picking what our next week’s Top 10 list is going to be about. See if you can spot the theme?

No more rushing around folks, it’s time to think about the chargers we’ve mentioned today. Did we happen to put in all of the best charging beasts, or was there one we completely forgot about? Was our order way off, or bang on the money? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, or why not talk to us on social media? We’re on Facebook and Twitter, you know?

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