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My Thoughts on Minecraft PE

A while back I bought Minecraft Pocket Edition (or PE for short), but my phones just could never handle it. Now that I’ve got a phone that can handle it, I decided to play about with Minecraft PE and I couldn’t believe just how far it had come along. I’ve had a few days playing around with it now and I can see some issues, as well as some areas where it truly excels. In all honesty, I love Minecraft and just about everything about it, so here’re my thoughts on Minecraft PE.

Not too long ago, my phone decided it was going to give up on me. I’m sure Joel will remember the day I messaged him about my new phone. Yes Joel, I do have a new phone would you believe? Anyway, with that I decided one of the first games I pick up on this new phone would be Minecraft PE to see if it could handle it. I really shouldn’t have questioned whether or not it could, as it handled it superbly. The game runs so smoothly, it even feels smoother than the full screen version of Minecraft I run on my desktop. So the first pro: The camera and movement is exceptionally fluid.

The next positive I have is how up-to-date the game is. I’m sure the hardcore fans of vanilla Minecraft will disagree with me, as I’m sure there’s a lot of content missing from PE. However, from my perspective, it includes a lot of the features that didn’t come around until a lot later. Andesite ore, Drowned mobs, and more – There are even travelling merchants with camels, which I thought was fantastic to see, as I haven’t experienced one in Minecraft before. However, this got me reminiscing…

The lack of being able to mod the game easily is sad to me. I’d love to be able to take my PC Minecraft mods and throw it onto my phone. I’d argue a lot of smartphones these days are powerful enough to handle them, so why aren’t they all on PE? Well it turns out there are a bunch of mods for Minecraft PE, which I won’t link to here as I do question the validity of it all, however there appears to be some apps you can download which will allow you to effectively mod your Minecraft PE. It’s limited, but it’s not a bad place to start.

Further to this, I think the fact the game runs so well can be problematic, especially regarding combat. I could be working exceptionally hard on protecting my newly captured, I mean delicately raised cows and sheep, when all of a sudden a creeper rushes in behind me. On PC, it’s fairly easy to respond, as you can hear the noise, turn around and swat away with your sword. On PE, the controls are trickier, as they’re confined to a small touchscreen d-pad. It’s not all bad though, as it’s easily countered by you using a controller with your phone, but I don’t think many of us would do that.

The truth is, Minecraft PE has come a really long way since its initial release. I genuinely believe Microsoft have done an excellent job with making sure it works perfectly with phones, although the notifications I’m getting through on my PC of whenever I get an achievement on my phone are quite funny. In any case, if you’ve not tried it out for yourself, if you have a relatively modern phone, then go try Minecraft PE. It’s cheaper than buying normal Minecraft and it’s still just as fun. Now, back to the grind. Oh and let me know if you’ve played much of the pocket edition in the comments, or on Facebook and Twitter.

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