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GeekOut Bristol Meet – September 13th: Knights Gathering

With a “Ni”, our knights gathered around for an evening of fun and games, a hugely crafty competition and a lot of games across the board. From our typically large selection of games, through to a special drink presented to our noble warriors, we had a blast. September’s a strange time of year; a lot of folk are back to the grind after the summer holidays, the weather doesn’t quite know what to do with itself, it’s all a bit muddled. Thankfully though, we were there for another month, hopefully allowing people to get some much needed geeky familiarity within the Old Market Tavern.

Let’s start with the usual statistics; we went to Casa Brasil to start with, one of the more popular picks for a Friday. It’ll likely not be on a vote until early 2020, so I’m glad we went – It was damn tasty too. Thanks to everyone who turned up for the pre-meetup, which then led to a number of people coming along to the meetup from the moment it started. We had 5 people at the pre-meetup, with one being unable to join us, but more people arrived fairly quickly as well. The actual event itself was one of our quietest events, with just 30 people… That being said, a quieter event isn’t really the end of the world, as it meant there was more space for our geeks throughout the night.

One game I got to try for the first time was called Selfish, more specifically the space edition. Yeah, good game this one – Really quick and easy to play, a great little ice breaker at that. It’s a game where you have to try to get back to your space shuttle, but only one may get back. It’s a race between 2-5 players, where you move through space using up two oxygen cards, or you can stay put for one oxygen card. Moving means you reveal a “Space Card”, in which the rules of the revealed card must be followed (including switching place, or being blinded by a solar flare). Great title, worth checking out, it’s only £15 and we played three games of it in less than an hour. Great stuff.

Group photo! We loved every entry, honestly, everyone’s so good at crafts!

Back to the event itself now then, we had six entrants for the competition. I took along various coloured card, sellotape, glue and scissors, as well as various pens and pencils, rubbers, rulers, you name it. People seem to take these crafty competitions so seriously, as the conservatory literally became a craft-shop. The helmets were too good, so I think one or two were taken home and I think some people at the end of the night had to have the helmets for themselves, so there’s something. It was a great night filled with some amazing entries, so a huge thanks to our trio of winners – Whom you can see in the images below!

As ever, thanks to everyone who joined us. Next month we will be enjoying the spookiest month, where our competition will be a halloween-inspired fancy dress. Cosplayers, time to dig out those costumes, let’s get spooky! If you were with us at this month’s event though, or if you just want to say “hey there”, then feel free to drop us a comment below, or perhaps leave us a message on our Facebook or Twitter pages.

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