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Tabletop Gaming Live event – London

Before we get into the article, I just want to say a huge thanks to Tabletop Gaming Magazine for issuing us Press passes for the event.

Despite the drizzly London weather, I turned up to what I believe was the second year that Tabletop Live took place. The location was the beautiful Alexandra Palace in North London. I thought it might be a smaller and more intimate version of UK Games Expo, and I was not wrong.

A single-day ticket cost £16 for an adult, £11 for a young adult and a family ticket was priced at £41 (2 Adults and 2 Young adults). Two-day tickets were a pretty good deal if you wanted to attend both days at £26 for an adult, £11 for a young adult and £66 for a two-day family ticket. During the expo, there was plenty of opportunities to grab a bargain, and there were some interesting workshops and talks, including one by Ian Livingstone CBE.

I would certainly say that Tabletop Live is well worth a visit. It’s in a really lovely location in London and while your there, you can pop round to the quite brilliant Cakes and Ladders, which is a board game cafe on an old London bus!

Exhibitors of note

We always try to talk to some of the producers during these shows and to cover all them would be a very long article. So here are a few of the people we spoke to:


I’m sure there are a lot of companies out there that make MDF scenery, so I don’t really know how the products that TTCombat offer compare, but I was very impressed by the quality and price of their products. They don’t just make MDF scenery though, they also make really nice miniatures.

At the moment they are having a Kickstarter, based on the computer game Stellaris. They are making some awesome Ether Drakes to show off their new resin and 3D printing technology. Having seen the pre-production versions, even I have to say that I was impressed by the amount of detail. You still have time to get involved, so check out the Kickstarter campaign!

The Thornless Rose

We mentioned Rose in Part 1 of our 2019 UKGE Kickstarter round up and it was really nice to bump into her again. Let’s just say that she is running at full steam to try and fulfil the orders that she had. Since then she has been somewhat inundated with requests due to someone making a Tik Tok video of her product and it got a lot of attention.

Rose is not just about making awesome D20 leather dice bags. As a LARP player, she also makes amazing armour and costume pieces. She mentioned to us that the next project might be leather cases for rule books which in my opinion look amazing.

If you want to see what Rose can offer, check out her website. She did mention that there may be a bit of a wait, but it will be worth it!

Harps Corp

I was very impressed by the quality of this companies products. If you’re going to spend some money on dice storage, trays, towers etc then I would suggest that you check out these guys from Colchester.

What made me so impressed about these products are just the thoughtful touches; the dice towers double as storage and have strategically placed magnets so that your dice won’t fall out in transit. The flat pack miniatures that they include in some of their packs are great for being able to transport a large number of miniatures for a game. You might think that the products are a little pricey but believe me when I say that the quality is there.

Check out the Harps Corp website for more details and prices.

Others to explore

There are at least two more exhibitors of interest, but I want to do a much more dedicated article to them. But for now, we will just tell you to go and check out Shades of Vengence, the UK Indie RPG League and Melsonia.

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