Top 10 Cold Characters

Don’t you just love it when the temperature begins to drop? You get to stay indoors, snuggle in with a loved one, or just put your feet up by a warm fire… Or, y’know, whack on the central heating or just a radiator. The point is, feeling warm on a cold day is lovely. These characters however, they might not agree, as it turns out their coldness is their speciality. So come and check out our Top 10 Cold Character.

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Don’t you just love it when the temperature begins to drop? You get to stay indoors, snuggle in with a loved one, or just put your feet up by a warm fire… Or, y’know, whack on the central heating or just a radiator. The point is, feeling warm on a cold day is lovely. These characters however, they might not agree, as it turns out their coldness is their speciality. So come and check out our Top 10 Cold Characters.

Top 10

10) Articuno – Pokémon

Whilst Articuno is one of the three legendary birds, the original legendary trio of the Pokémon franchise, we had to think fairly and drop this to the bottom of the list. Sure, Articuno is a fantastic looking Pokémon with nearly unique typings (hey there, Delibird). Articuno’s stats potentially leave a lot to be desired, but with a range of moves that could legitimately One Hit KO a Dragonite? It was worth considering, at least!

Lowest on the list not because of the stats, it’s because Articuno, the “character”, is tricky to discuss. A lot of Pokémon in general are hard to call “characters”, although they technically are. They all have personalities, it’s hard to really get much out of them, other than their cawing.

Nevertheless, Articuno is a very pretty, but cold bird. I was so happy to catch this as a kid.

9) Arthas Menethil – Warcraft

Busted low in the list for being better known for his manipulation of the dead, but let’s not forget that the Lich King’s powers also extend into the cold. After taking up the sword Frostmourne and starting down the path to becoming the Lich King, Arthas begins to take on a colder aspect, frost forms across his armour, fog pours from his skin, and then the long march to Icecrown begins to take his throne, and release the frozen hordes of the dead beneath Northrend.

It’s more that cold is an after effect of undeath, makes sense that decomposing bodies would feel most comfortable on ice after all. Though Arthas cannot command the cold and ice, there’s no denying that it follows him wherever he goes.

And we never said this list had to have people ice powers!

8) Ice King – Adventure Time

It may be surprising to see the avatar of ice so low in the list, but now – post Adventure Time – it’s easier to look back on Simon as a tragic figure and to forget the whole princess-abducting ice ninja. Still he does have a glut of ice powers that he can use offensively or creatively, crafting weapons or blasts of ice, bolts of cold lightning as well as creating fine-detail items like the furniture in his castle.

Oh, and he can give his castle arms and legs make it fight, turn himself invisible and fly! Those last two might not be ice-based, he is a wizard on top of all the powers granted to him by the crown of Evergreen, the crown that drives him mad, robs him of his memories, and gives him an army of snowmen to command.

7) Katara – Avatar: The Last Airbender

Katara is a waterbender, perhaps the most powerful waterbender in history, even outdoing Aang in purely water based manipulation, and she may be more powerful than Avatar Korra. She mastered bloodbending in a short space of time, learned to manipulate the minutest of water sources to her advantage, but among the strongest powers that a waterbender can learn is manipulating ice.

Katara is quick to master new techniques, and can master ice and snow incredibly finely, being able to freeze a tank in place and pop its wheels off, can freeze a pillar of water in place in an instant, hurl razors of ice effortlessly, halt the rain, and topple ships with vast waves. Her progress through the series shows her rising strength over time, both as a character, and her ever mounting power.

6) Sailor Mercury – Sailor Moon

Amongst this Sailor’s powers are Cold Manipulation, along with her genius-level intellect. She sounds like a perfect pick for this list and she really is. Once she shouts “Mercury Power, Make-up!”, Sailor Mercury’s powers are activated. Her first power was a skill called Shine Aqua Illusion, which is effectively a projectile attack of ice, which on contact creates solid ice. This makes her abilities useful both offensively and defensively.

Sailor Mercury, or Ami Mizuno, has been around since Sailor Moon Chapter #2, all the way back in 1992. She ended up with her own spin-off show, Ami’s First Love. She’s one of the more recognisable Sailor Soldiers thanks to this, which just goes to show that even though you can be cold, you can be the warmth to those who know you. N’aww.

5) Jack Frost – Rise of the Guardians

An under appreciated beauty of a film, Rise of the Guardians brings together all the best loved children’s myths, the Toothfairy, Easter Bunny, Santa, Sandman, and the equally under appreciated Jack Frost. The avatar of fun, the bringer of snow, an immortal being chosen by fate after he sacrificed himself, and saved his sister by making a game out of mortal peril.

Jack brings the cold wherever he goes, covering the world in snow and frost, and while it may not be fun and games for everyone, his power grants kids a day off school and fills the world with material for sculpting, building, projectiles, and a low friction track for sledding. His real strength is not the winter that follows on his heels, but the joy that he leaves in his wake.

4) Iceman – X-Men

How could we not include Iceman? I mean the clue is in the name isn’t it? First made his appearance in 1963, written by Stan Lee and art done by Jack Kirby, Iceman is a classic and one of the founding members of the X-Men. Therefore he’s a mutant, a subspecies of human who was born with supernatural abilities. With the power to manipulate ice and cold, specifically by manipulating the temperature of water vapour.

Iceman, or his real name “Bobby” Drake, is a versatile and useful member of Xavier’s School. Without spending going over his accomplishments, it’s important to know that Bobby was the second member of the X-Men team after Cyclops. As a nice aside, in All-New X-Men #40, Iceman was officially recognised as a gay character. I’ve spoken before about the lack of representation in the media growing up, so I had to add this little tidbit in.

3) Elsa – Frozen

Big Hero 6 was better! But… fine, we’ll get them into a list one day.

The ice queen, blessed/cursed with powers of ice and snow that she had been forced to hide for decades behind walls, under heavy gloves, and buried under a heavy slab of shame following an incident in which she nearly killed her sister. The trauma of her powers being revealed caused her to lose control a second time and freeze her own harbour to a standstill.

Of course, with the restraints off we get a look at what Elsa can really do. She can raise castles of frost and ice, and create sapient snow facsimiles, creatures of nothing but cold water but still capable of intelligence and self-awareness. It takes a lot of self reflection to make her realise what her powers might be able to bring, although when you start considering the political ramifications of a world leader being a super-weapon it all gets a bit weird.

2) Sub-Zero – Mortal Kombat

The coldest of all the ninjas of Mortal Kombat, Sub-Zero is a ruthless killer who can freeze his opponents and snap them in half. Hey, that’s not even figurative, that’s literally the sort of thing he does, as he freezes his opponents in a solid block of ice and punches them apart. But, that’s not the only reason why he makes this list, especially at such a high spot. Sub-Zero is arguably one of the most iconic characters from the franchise, too.

Sub-Zero has an interesting fact, in that he was another person before this current iteration of the character. That other person ended up dying and becoming the undead Noob Saibot. Sub-Zero will be one of the initial characters in the upcoming Mortal Kombat 12, where he gets to do battle, delivering fatalities to the usual cast of Sonya and Johnny Cage, Jax, Scorpion… And now the Terminator?

1) Mr Freeze – Batman

Victor Fries hits the highest echelons of Batman’s rogue gallery, and not even Joel Schumacher can rob him of the gravitas on which he rose to power after the 90’s animated series. It wasn’t until then that we got the narrative that we know and love today, the wife almost lost to disease, held in cryostasis until a cure can be found, and Fries himself trapped to a life in a suit that keeps his temperature below zero.

The master cryotechnician possess a wide arsenal of weapons that freeze water in all states, but are particularly apt to freeze flesh. In the past Mr Freeze has commited acts of glacial terrorism, imprisoning Gotham until his demands are met, he has allied with villains of all stripes who have made bargains with him, but his desire for revenge against Batman is second only to his love for his wife.

Honourable Mentions

Some like ‘em hot, but these characters like ‘em cold. Really cold, like you wouldn’t believe how frosty their family reunions get. Nevertheless, these lot are all being lumped together because, like ‘em or hate ‘em, these ice characters are so prevalent in their franchises that they couldn’t be completely forgotten!

All The Cold/Ice Characters – League of Legends

You’ll have to forgive me for this entry, but there are a lot of them. So, rather than just saying “all of them”, I’m going to write a one-liner about each cold/icy character in League of Legends… I’m sure I’ve missed some. Volibear doesn’t get a mention as, eh, he’s a polar bear who uses lightning. Sorry, not sorry:

Anivia – the Cryophoenix, a giant ice-bird akin to that of Articuno. Anivia is a benevolent winged spirit who endures endless cycles of life, death, and rebirth to protect the Freljord.

Ashe – the Frost Archer, a powerful archer with icy arrow shots. Ashe is the iceborn war mother of the Avarosan tribe.

Nunu – the Boy and his Yeti, a cute tale of not being scared of the unknown. Other than that, don’t mess with these two, as they’re the truest heroes of all.

Sejuani – the Fury of the North, is a powerful champion with strong control abilities. A brutal warmother for the Winter’s Claw clan, who are constantly and desperately surviving the harsh weather conditions.

Trundle – the Troll King, who along with his icy command is a very tanky champion. He’s a hulking, devious troll who can bludgeon everything into submission.

Lissandra – the Ice Witch, who actively uses all of the powers of the cold to bring her foes down. A sinister witch, often thought to be a saint, she’s able to bend ice to entomb any who would cross her.

Who’s your go-to cold League Champion out of our list here?

All The Cold/Ice Robot Masters – Mega Man

Unlike the previous entry, I will not be writing about every single cold and icy Robot Master, as they are plentiful and there’s not really enough to discuss other than “they’re cold, they use a cold attack, they give Mega Man a cold attack in return”. The entries would get rather tedious and hey, we can summarise all of them in one quick and easy short paragraph.

These guys are super cold, also they’re super mean, they want to delete Mega Man and they work for Dr. Wily. There, I think that’s enough said about them all. I told you I’d keep this paragraph short!

Brr, these characters have given me the chills. Now I’m going to go and wrap up warm and drink a nice hot coffee, whilst we mull over these cold characters. But perhaps we just need to have a temperature check? Perhaps it’d be best to reach out to all of you to help us, what should our list be next week? Check out the poll below, drop your vote, leave your mark on our history because, you know, we do what you guys vote for.

Now that we’re finished being frozen by these men and women, I wonder if there’s any more cold characters we should have included? Did you agree with the list, or did we forget your favourite low-temperature character? Did we get the order right, or were we ice cold with our picks? As ever, share your thoughts in the comments below, or over on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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