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GeekOut Bristol Meet – October 12th: GhoulOut

They came, they saw, they spooked the regulars at the Old Market Tavern. On Saturday, the geeks of Bristol were back for another day and night of shenanigans and fun, combining board games, lots of drink and chats and of course, costumes. You can never celebrate Halloween too early in October, right? … Right? Well, we think so anyway, as we got our geeks together to celebrate the spooky month. The Old Market Tavern came to the rescue, bringing us excellent decorations to the conservatory and plenty of warmth and spirits in the main bar. So how did the event go?

Starting with the usual, numbers, we ended up booking a table for 7 for the pre-meetup, where we had a delicious meal at Gourmet Burger Kitchen. Now, what’s becoming a bit of a tradition is that we’re finishing our meal way before the scheduled time… And so at 1pm, we were finished eating, so we had time to kill. Naturally, this meant we headed over to Excelsior. I’ve realised that I’ve mentioned this place in the past, but what is it exactly? Board games, card games, comics and more, Excelsior is a bit of a geek haven right in the centre of Bristol. The staff are really nice, too.

2pm hit nad we headed over to the Old Market Tavern, where throughout the event, we had 30 people come along and interact with us. I thoroughly enjoy seeing the people who come to our events, from new folk to regulars. Thanks to everyone who stuck around as long as they could – It was certainly a very wet and cold day outside! You can tell we’re in autumn right now, eh? Anyway, the terrible weather aside, the competition was also a much trickier one for many people, as it was a cosplay competition – and yes, it went down pretty damn well I’d say.

First place went to Jon Dowling who took home two Halloween worthy DVDs (The Corpse Bride and Hocus Pocus). Second place went to Che who took home a Kamui Cosplay book. Third place went to Jenny, taking home a Halloween mask and who also managed to take home some tickets to Level Up! Bristol, a cosplay nightclub event taking place this Saturday. Now, that’s enough talking, it’s time to show the images of the event.

Thanks to everyone who came along, we’ll put up next month’s event some time later this week! As ever, share your thoughts with us in the comments below, or over on Facebook and Twitter.

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