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Riot Games Go All Out For 10 Year Anniversary – New Games!

Riot Games have gone all out for their 10 year anniversary, which is a pretty exciting thing to be able to say. Riot Games made the Free-To-Play giant, League of Legends, which is a major title in the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) genre. For years, they’ve run just the one game but this year, they’ve decided to throw caution to the wind and show how much progress they’ve made in their world.

Legends of Runeterra

The world of Runeterra is one of vibrancy and colour, so the first offering they brought to us was Legends of Runeterra. This is a card game that you can call directly comparable to Hearthstone. The game has a very simplistic gameplay feel to it, similar to Hearthstone and will be available on both PC and mobile (iOS and Android). With a huge world behind it already, I’m sure they won’t have much trouble coming up with relevant content for the new card game.

They’ve started strong with this one, as you can already pre-register on their website. There have been a host of celebrity endorsements, such as pro-wrestler Cesaro having done a stream of the game. He’s not the only one, as Riot went all out to ensure they got enough eyes on the game as early as possible. Here’s hoping Legends of Runeterra turns into a true contender to Hearthstone’s grip on the casual virtual card game market.

Oh and if you’re still not convinced, it looks like they’re steering clear of booster packs, in favour of mechanics where you earn more through playing more, as well as progression paths.

League of Legends: Wild Rift

I don’t have an awful lot to say on this one, but if you’re a League of Legends fan and want to experience it in different mediums, then this is it. Wild Rift is the title for the Mobile and Console versions of League of Legends that are set to come out late 2020. It’s interesting to note a lot of mobile MOBAs seem to have 3 skills, whereas the characters of League of Legends have 4 skills, so there’ll no doubt be some skill ceiling involved with that… As for console, I can’t say much, as the only MOBA I’ve played on console is Smite which was great!

Project A: A First-Person Shooter

You remember how I mentioned that Legends of Runeterra was akin to Hearthstone? Well, Project A, which is just a codename for now, is very much like Overwatch (more akin to Overwatch than say Team Fortress 2). This is because the game focuses on characters who have skills, as well as their weapons. An interesting comparison a lot of people have been making is that the game is also akin to Counter Strike: Global Offensive, so if you’re a fan of either title, this may be one to look out for!

It’s interesting that in their video, breaking down what Project A is, one of the biggest selling points they had was regarding gamers problems. From latency/ping issues, to cheaters, the company appears to be taking a firm stance on the idea that they want to address these problems. I’ll be very interested to see how effective their anti-cheat methods are.

Project L: A Fighting Game

As a fighting game fan, this one’s both exciting and kind of tricky. Watching the videos over and over, it looks like it’s a 2.5D fighting game (I.E the graphics are all 3D but it’s fighting on a 2D plane). This means it’s in the same genre as Street Fighter, DragonBall Fighter Z (kind of), Mortal Kombat and many others. In fighting game terms, this is where most of the biggest games are.

I hope they can smash this, with a simplified gameplay approach. But again, I mentioned DragonBall Fighter Z which has an incredibly simple system. They’re going to have to lean hard on the popularity of League of Legends to make this one work, as DragonBall may have already cornered this. However, DragonBall Fighter Z is slowly aging, so perhaps a shiny new fighter will go down well?

Project F: An ARPG/Hack n Slash Title

Yep, there’s this one too. We have little to no information on it, except it’s a thing and it exists. Sorry for there being nothing else here. There’s just nothing else to go off!

Animated Series

I told you they went all out – They’re also going to release an animated series under the name “Arcane”. Graphically it looks gorgeous, so here’s hoping the story is interesting. I think I’ll watch out for this one when it hits, so once it’s out, I’m sure we’ll do an article/review on the series. Keep watching this space! The only real information we have seems to be that Jinx, Ekko and Ezreal will be making an appearance.


It’s interesting to note that whilst Riot have made all of these massive announcements, it comes at a time where one of their biggest rivals, Blizzard, is facing serious backlash. Whilst I’m sure that they didn’t wait for this exact moment, but rather just until their 10 year anniversary, you can bet that some of the former fans will likely want to jump ship… And is there any more of an exciting time to do so?

What do you make of the company throwing so much content out there on their tenth anniversary? Do you think it’s a good decision, or do you think they should have remained with just League of Legends? As always, share your thoughts and opinions with us in the comments below, or on Facebook and Twitter. I for one am excited to see how well Riot Games handle these new genres and challenges.

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