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UK Geek Events Spreadsheet

I’ve been trying to think of a way to get our UK Geek Events page to be, you know, better. It was fine for a little while, but constantly updating it has become tedious and if I’m being honest, clunky. So I got thinking about how to make this better, how we can do something as a community and how we can catalogue all of the great events that take place across the UK. I figured we might as well turn it into a Google Spreadsheet, as at least everyone will get access to the data this way.

Google Sheets are one of my preferred ways of working. At home, I never use Microsoft Excel (I don’t even have Microsoft Office, I opt for LibreOffice). I use Google Sheets store data in a meaningful way; be it for a quick video game calculator, or be it to store lots of information conveniently. I love a good spreadsheet, so I figured now’s probably a good time to look to update the UK Geek Events page at the top – and turn it into a spreadsheet going forward.

The reason for this change is fairly simple: I want a community of moderators who can help with keeping this spreadsheet updated. We’re going to need a group of folk up and down the country and we’ll need people of all walks of life – So long as you’re geeky, of course! There’s a lot of initial work to be done, which I’ll get through easily enough, but overall I really want to make a workable solution to a UK Geek Events database or spreadsheet – Whatever you want to call it.

In the six years I’ve been running GeekOut Bristol Meet, I’ve seen so many events come along and disappear. Some events have gone from being purely free, to asking for money, through to asking for Patreon support to pay for their events. GeekOut Bristol Meet and indeed GeekOut Shrewsbury Meet remains free, although we will be looking into some form of sponsorship in hopes to make it easier on Joel and myself. Basically, I want to ensure our group can continue – And I think part of that is to be willing to promote other events. We’re not the only geek events in the UK after all.

With this said, I hope some of you will share my vision and will be interested in getting involved in this project once it’s up and running. If this sounds interesting to you, then get in touch with me via the Contact Us page. I’ll be keeping my eye out for anyone who wants to help, because trust me, I really want to see how much knowledge we can share about and across the UK – The events are out there, but where oh where are they all? Let’s catalogue as many as we can.

Interested? Want to know more? Share your thoughts and questions in the comments below, or on Facebook and Twitter.

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