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A Colossal Discovery – A Paid Pokémon Go Event?

Controversial perhaps, Niantic have been selling tickets for Pokémon Go’s latest event. Until this point, events in Pokémon Go have been fairly straightforward and open. You can either get a EX Raid Pass, which allows you to go for a much rarer Pokémon. The first was Mewtwo, where EX Raids were the only way to get the hard hitting Psychic legendary. There have also been Pokémon Go Fests, which is where inspiration for these paid events come from. Here are the facts of the event.

EX Raid, Pokémon Go Fests and Paid Events

As mentioned, this is the first Paid Event of its kind, which sees you searching for the Legendary Trio Master, Regigigas. Inspired by Pokémon Go Fests, Niantic have decided to release some Pokémon like Regigigas a bit earlier for the dedicated fans. Unfortunately, you cannot use your PokéCoins to pay for it, so you can’t earn your coins to play the event. Instead, in the shop there’s a section which talks about the ticket.

The ticket unlocks a new Special Research Quest, under the name of A Colossal Discovery. This task, much like all other Special Research Quests in Pokémon Go, is a series of tasks in which you have to meet the requirements for. These tasks vary, including using 100 berries to help catch Pokémon in the world, or perhaps it’s to catch a specific Pokémon, or even battle Team Rocket Go members.

Some people don’t like the fact the game is going down a paid-for ticket route, however it seems like Niantic have prepared for any potential backlash in a smart way. They’ve announced at the end of November, Regigigas will be available shortly after the event ends, so some time in November. As the Colossal Pokémon, the so-called ruler over the three other Regis, it’s about time we finally see this guy in action… And it’s interesting to note that he could be pretty powerful.

As a normal-type, Regigigas will only have one weakness in Fighting types, so take an army of Machamps with you. As a weird note, though I’ve not verified this, I’ve read that you will be recommended to have a raid group ready for the event. This is because you will still have to fight Regigigas, however I cannot confirm whether or not this is fact. Definitely worth considering before you rush into this one!

Regardless of your thoughts on the event, if you’re for or against Pokémon Go introducing these paid tickets, it’s just the first of its kind. If you’re interested in seeing what it’s all about (and you want to get Regigigas yourself right now), you can pay £8.99 for the quest. You’d better act soon, as the event ticket will disappear on November 2nd. So, if you’d like to check out what Niantic are up to, go check out this ticket. It’s the first of its kind, you get an avatar pose and an exclusive badge so… If you’re into cosmetics, it may be worth it for that alone?

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