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Camdrome, the greatest ARG?

In the spirit of the Halloween season, I guess it’s only fair to talk about a few potential horror stories. This may be one of them, as the greatest horror here is that the game has gone silent on us. Nevertheless, I wonder how many of you know about Camdrome, the mysterious computer that appeared at PAX13 in 2013? Is it still going, or has it finally gone to sleep and most importantly… Is it watching us? Here’s the story of Camdrome so far.

What Are ARGs?

Doki Doki Literature Club has a hidden ARG within its files

Let’s start with the easiest question – What is an ARG exactly? The acronym stands for Alternate Reality Game, which is a fancy way of saying a game that employs the real world in its usage. There’ll be elements usually of an interface, or something to keep the narrative of the game going. There are many examples of ARGs, but all you really need to remember is that it’s a game that requires interaction/investigation in the real world. A lot of the time, this involves cyphers and the likes that get cracked.

An example of an ARG is some of the hidden subtext behind Doki Doki Literature Club. There are secret images which hide codes which are designed to be cracked, which then leads the players to another website, or another file. People first noticed these files when they found out that the characters of the game have their own individual files, which can be looked into deeply… And they reveal some interesting content.

Back to the subject matter…

What Is Camdrome?

In PAX 2013, an old CRT monitor was part of a booth. This monitor was covered in blood and it would launch the application called Camdrome. The application didn’t have much to say for itself and the person running the booth knew next to nothing, except he was just there to look after it. The application ran over and over, showing videos with some relatively sinister looking images alongside it. Basically, it was a real life creepypasta… But it was better than that.

On Twitter, Camdrome was reaching out to people. It wanted people to call its name and eventually, someone did. They Tweeted out “Camdrome?” and the Twitter page responded in kind. A short conversation was had, but they found out that speaking to Camdrome wasn’t so simple. It always spoke in weird riddles. It wanted to be called for, it wanted to be focused on and it was, apparently, watching anyone who called for it.

The Camdrome backstory seems to have involved a New Order, which was made up of 11 people. This seems to be the basis for Camdrome but, since 2017, the Twitter page has mostly gone silent. In 2015, Camdrome was rather active, then again in 2017. During the most recent spat of messages, Camdrome was taken over by someone else who spoke in YouTube videos only.

A lot of people have recently started talking about Camdrome again and if this kind of spooky content interests you, I’d highly recommend checking out Night Mind’s channel which goes into greater detail. The Camdrome Twitter page is currently inactive, but who knows? Perhaps it’ll be back up soon, as there are some more recent eyes on the game. Keep your eyes peeled and keep it spooky!

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