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Halloween As Celebrated in Video Games

For how much I love to discuss video games, it’s weird that I’ve not gone into greater detail about this. Halloween is really such a geeky celebration these days, as we love a good chance to get in our favourite cosplays, or to watch horror films (which, in its own right, is a huge niche that sorta sits neatly with us geeks). In truth, geeks and horror go hand in hand and today, I’d like to show how video games like to collaborate in their own way to the celebration of the spookiest season.

MMORPG Festivals

A fairly obvious one to start, MMORPGs really embrace real world events. They also embrace their own events, such as anniversaries for how long the game’s been running, but they do like to throw a party for their fans. One such festival or party is for Halloween and many an MMORPG likes to do something for the spooky season. Today I’ll talk about Elder Scrolls Online, as that’s the MMORPG I’m currently most focused on, but the same principle applies elsewhere.

Currently, if you were to boot up the online world of Tamriel, you would be greeted with the Witches Festival. Once you get the Quest Item from the Crown Store (It’s a free item), you are greeted by a Witch who asks you to go on a quick quest for her. It really was quick, I think I finished it in about a minute. This unlocks a cauldron for you, which is a key component of one of the achievements obtainable during the event. The event is a bunch of objectives, earning you a few things that can be used year-round afterwards, as well as some annual achievements.

Gatcha Games

I’m going to go on a limb and include Pokémon Go in on this Gatcha Game list. If you’re unaware, a Gatcha Game is a game that sees you collecting heroes, or characters of some kind. You level them up, you sometimes have to merge them, but the point is you want to get yourself a collection of characters. From RAID: Shadow Legends, to Pokémon Go, there is a lot of variety in these games.

Currently, if you boot up Pokémon Go, you’ll have a greater chance to find ghost-type Pokémon, including Generation 5’s Yamask, which evolves into the awesome coffin Pokémon, Cofagrigus. This rolls through to other Gatcha Games, but typically mobile games that rely on daily play from gamers, will pull out something to make Halloween work for them. Be on the lookout for all the Halloween events on your mobile games!

Know of any of these sorts of games? Let us know if they’re running any Halloween events in the comments.

Rocket League

This one caught me off guard a bit – Rocket League is that game where you’re a bunch of cars playing football, whilst having little regard for gravity. You kick a ball around the place, or… Drive headfirst into the ball, that’s probably a more accurate description and away you go! You’re Rocket League-ing all around the place. But one of the fun sides of Rocket League is all of the customisation and quirky extras you can do with the cars in question. So I guess it shouldn’t really be a surprise that there’s a Halloween event.

A Plethora of Indie Horrors

Every year, a bunch of new Indie Horror games come out. They range from barely playable, to downright incredible. Some of them are terrible, some of them are excellent… But a lot of them get picked up around this time of year because of course they do. ‘Tis the season to be scared! So, why not head over to websites like, where you can pick up a bunch of indie horror titles for dirt cheap? Some of the games are even free, so go get spooked out this Halloween.

Of course, some  video games celebrate Halloween all year round. Many of them like to do quick updates for Halloween, which lasts for a set period of time. Whatever type of game you pick up, have a look to see if they’re doing a Halloween event this year… Or, if you’re more of a retro gamer, what games can you think of that celebrate the season? As ever, share your thoughts and opinions with us in the comments below, or on Facebook and Twitter. Keep it spooky, GeekOut readers.

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