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Happy Halloween 2019 From GeekOut UK

Happy All Hallows Eve! Happy Halloween! Etc.

Anyway, let’s chat a little bit about Halloween and the significance it has on geek culture. After all, this is a night that many geeks revel in. So today, I thought I’d talk quickly about a few Halloween episodes from TV shows that I thoroughly enjoyed – And yes, there’ll be at least one Treehouse of Horror episode. With that said, let’s buckle down, get the popcorn and snuggle on the sofa with these spooky specials.

All Halliwell’s Eve – Charmed

I adored Charmed as a teen; it was one of those shows that had enough to get you absorbed into it. There was some drama, there was action, there was also some really silly moments. Charmed wasn’t the type to shy away from making a bit of fun of itself, as well as out of pop culture and even myths. Indeed, Charmed managed to take the right blend of fun and games, with great action scenes… All because The Charmed Ones were able to blow people up with a flick of their wrists. Great!

All Halliwell’s Eve was the first Charmed Halloween episode, which practically ends with a Happy Halloween message for all. Okay, it was actually Leo saying Happy Halloween to their police officer friend, Darryl Morris, but really it was for everyone. It was an episode filled with fairy tales, a lot of magical mishaps and lots of silly moments. It was a diversion away from all the demons and the likes, bringing out the humour in mythology and the Halloween season.

Treehouse of Horror VI – The Simpsons

The Treehouse of Horror is a series of Halloween-themed episodes of The Simpsons. I think just about everyone has seen an episode of this, but if you haven’t, then the format was fairly consistent through all thirty episodes. Next year is due to be another episode, but considering the fact that the series is basically over and done with, after many years of airing, it’ll be interesting to see if that does come to be.

So Treehouse of Horror VI is the one I remember the fondest. A feature of these episodes was that it’d be split into different stories and in this one, we were blessed with Homer^3. This episode managed to cram in a bit of science that even a British scientific journal, Nature, had something to say for it. The episode managed to get Cohen’s equation of “12 divisible by [1782^12 + 1841^12=1922^12]” into the episode.  If that means nothing to you, look, there’s actual topics educational papers written on the subject.

Oh and the fact that when I was a kid, this episode transitioning from the classic cartoon to the full 3D effect? It blew my damn mind.

Until the Day It Becomes a Pumpkin! – Ouran High School Host Club

Right, this one’s going to be a shorter tale, as really this episode is nothing more than an episode filled with cuteness. The episode just revolves around the protagonists being placed in teams, whose goal is to scare the opposing team. This episode involves costumes and pumpkins galore, as well as a faithful retelling of Cinderella’s Carriage turning into a pumpkin. This episode was cute, sweet and to the point, as it goes on to be fairly emotional in the process.

That’s it for today’s spooky selection, but I do wonder what Halloween specials were most fun to you? Perhaps you thought the Treehouse of Horror episodes never lived up to the hype? Or what about your favourite anime’s Halloween episodes? As always, we love to hear from our audience, so please share your favourite episodes and what they’re from in the comments below, or on Facebook and Twitter.

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