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GeekOut Bristol Meet – November 8th: Boldly Going to GeekOut Summary

Another month has passed us by and another GeekOut Bristol Meet has passed. This month, we were graced by the presence of a few people who hadn’t been to GeekOut in a while, so that was nice to see. We also had a Star Trek quiz that saw me marking 19 entries, so that was pretty ridiculous. Good job to everyone involved in the competition and to everyone who wanted to share their passion for Star Trek, or simply for board games. It was a casual affair, but it was a fun night filled with geeks and games. As ever, here’s our roundup of the events of GeekOut Bristol.

Let’s start with the usual – We had the pre-meetup which saw six of us go to Wagamama in Cabot Circus. I just want to go out on a limb here and say that the company was great and the server was really good to us. Thank you Wagamama for being such a good place to go and eat! If you’re in Cabot Circus and don’t know what to get to eat, I can only recommend you go and check the Wagamama here out, as the people are really good, they’re happy to accommodate you in any way they can and the food is also excellent. All in all, a fun pre-meetup with some excellent folk with us.

This was, surprisingly, one of the tightest stacks of board games we’ve ever had. I’ve gotten very good at board game Tetris over the years of running GeekOut.

Let’s move onto the main event and the usual stats and figures. I mentioned at the start of the article we had 19 entrants for the competition which is nuts. Thank you so much to everyone who took part. However it was a fairly quiet affair, as we only just broke 30 people. There was a group of 8 who had walked into the Old Market Tavern that made me laugh, for they came to the back where I was sat and they exclaimed out “Look at all of the games! These aren’t usually here! This game’s great, oh but so is that one!” They genuinely seemed happy to see all of the games that were available and I believe they picked up Bears vs Babies, so a huge thanks to them for giving me that chuckle. I hope they had a good game.

These three prizes were up for grabs! Congratulations to Jenny with 17 points, Jon with 15 points and Howie/Kim with 14 points!

Information for the next 2 GeekOut Bristol Meets will go live as soon as possible, hopefully tonight! Keep your eyes peeled as they’ll be important meetups for us. We’ve also got an important announcement regarding 2020 for GeekOut coming tomorrow, so please check out that article. As ever though, if you had fun at our event, please let us know in the comments below, or on Facebook and Twitter.

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