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Spend Your New Years With Us: GeekOut Bristol Meet – New Years Eve 2019!

It’s now close enough to Christmas to where we should be able to talk more about our New Year’s Eve 2019 event. We held one of these New Year’s Eve events in 2017 going into 2018. We were going to come back to for the 2018 New Year’s Eve, but circumstances dictated otherwise. Now, we’re back for another New Year’s Eve event filled with geeky fun. Want to know more? Good, read on and we’ll give you a summary of what’s happening, how you can join us and more!

On New Years Eve, join us for a night of fun and games. We’ll be bringing a limited selection, but with it, we’ll have full run of the venue. Therefore, all the games we’re bringing will be rather social focused, but there’ll be a few of our regular games. Expect the likes of Exploding Kittens to be making a usual appearance, but there will be a few different games, including a new one just for the event itself.

Our New Years Eve event will take place at the Old Market Tavern like our usual meetups, but the main difference is that we’ll have run of most of the pub. There’ll be a few of the Old Market Tavern’s staff personal friends, but everyone who’ll be there will be there to celebrate in the new year and will know we’ll be there. Therefore, we’ll be bringing the games indoors, away from the conservatory area and we’ll host everything inside the venue.

This will be a ticketed event, meaning you must RSVP. The “tickets” are free, but it’s just a case of RSVP and turn up on the day. If you do not sign up to the event prior to turning up, then you will be turned away unless you let me know in some way (Be it Discord, Facebook or wherever else you crazy folk may have added me). This will probably be like the last New Years Eve event we held in 2017, meaning that the start time will likely be 5pm onwards, but once we have further details, we’ll make them known.

Anyway, we only have a few more things to run with the pub, such as confirming the details of when we’ll be over there… But if you’re looking for a good excuse to spend some time with your favourite geeks of Bristol, then this is the perfect excuse to join us! Hopefully we’ll have further information very soon, so keep your eyes peeled for more. We’ll run a further article once we have confirmed all of the details.

We’ll be putting the event details up on Meetup and Facebook very soon, so go check us out! It’ll be a great way to celebrate the new year and perhaps there’ll be a special New Years Eve competition? If so, trust me, the prize will be a little bit different this time around. As ever though, if what we do is exciting to you, let your voices be heard in the comments below, or on Facebook and Twitter.

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