Dungeon Situational – The Arcadia Spell List

Some time last year I made this, the Pandemonium spell list. Well, it sparked something, and for a while now I’ve been picking away at a project that creates sixteen new wizard subclasses, one for each of the outer planes. Today I present the polar opposite of Pandemonium, Arcadia, a plane of law in the name of the greater good, the pursuit of perfection and harmony by rigid obedience and tireless work.

This will be the fifth complete wizard school, with Pandemonium, the Nine Hells, Mechanus, and Ysgard, with Hades and Limbo close behind. The completed product will be published somewhere as a downloadable pdf from The Shropshire Dungeon Master.

The following list refers to spells in Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition Spells do not deviate from their written descriptions in either the Player’s Handbook or Xanathar’s Guide to Everything (noted XGE below). Also included is an Arcane Tradition option for wizards, which has not been playtested.

Arcadia Mage

Diligent Study
Beginning when you select this plane at 2nd level, the gold and time you must spend to copy a spell from the Arcadia list into your spellbook is halved.
You gain proficiency in a set of artisan’s tools of your choosing.

Light Work
Starting at 2nd level, whenever you cast the Mage Hand cantrip it creates a second hand that can be controlled simultaneously, and independently of the other.
In addition, whenever you take the Help action on your turn to aid a creature in an ability check to use a skill or tool in which you are proficient, that creature can add your proficiency bonus to that check.

Arcane Readiness
Starting at 6th level, as a reaction to initiative being rolled you may cast a spell with a range of self or touch and a casting time of one action. The spell you choose can target you and only you.
You cannot use this ability if you are surprised. You recover use of this ability when you complete a short or long rest.

When you reach 10th level the time and cost of producing magic items using the artisan’s tools you chose at 2nd level are reduced by 50% each. For example, calligrapher’s tools aid in the creation of scrolls, alchemists tools for potions, and so on.
If you have or gain proficiency in any other artisan’s tools, the time and cost for producing magic items with those tools are each reduced by 25%.

The Greater Good
Starting at 14th level you gain some ability to galvanise those whose cause you support.
As an action you can grant up to 10 creatures that you can see a number of temporary hit points equal to twice your wizard level. For as long as those temporary hit points remain those creatures gain a bonus to AC, attack rolls, damage rolls, and saving throws, equal to half your proficiency modifier (rounded down). Alternatively, you can use this ability in place of a spell with your Arcane Readiness feature.
You can use this ability a number of times equal to your intelligence modifier, and you regain expended uses when you complete a long rest.


Booming Blade – You channel Arcadian authority through your weapon, exacting punishment for those who attempt to flee.
Create Bonfire – A weapon and a comfort, a tool for all purposes.
Mage Hand – Many hands make light work, another tool to aid your day to day tasks.
Mending – You restore order to something that has been broken.
Mould Earth – The marks of tools appear across the surface of the ground you shift, rapidly building and excavating without effort.

1st Level Spells

Chromatic Orb – The right tool for the right job, the sphere is a weapon that can circumvent resistances and seek out weaknesses in its target.
Earth Tremor (XGE) – A solid strike churns the ground like a plough, toppling the unprepared, and warding you from their reach.
Mage Armour – Plates of phantasmal steel float above your skin, deflecting blows that would have otherwise struck you down.
Tenser’s Floating Disk – The hovering platform alleviates heavy loads, resting your burden on the shoulders of spirits better equipped for the task.
Unseen Servant – A dutiful assistant aids your work, or relieves you of menial duties allowing you time to concentrate.

2nd Level Spells

Locate Object – Nothing is lost for long.
Maximilian’s Earthen Grasp (XGE) – Soil and rubble raise as an armoured gauntlet, or wicked pincers, grabbing and clutching.
Rope Trick – A sanctuary of brief respite, warded from harm by walls of stone and cosmos.
Skywrite (XGE) – You cast a hand into the sky, to ensure your words do not go unnoticed, and your message is made clear.

3rd Level Spells

Catnap (XGE) – Respite makes for refreshed efforts, you ensure your allies are always at the peak of their abilities by granting them rest when they need it most.
Glyph of Warding
 – A sign of forbiddance that prevents pursuit or protects an area from undesirables, or an object from larcenous hands.
Phantom Steed – A powerful beast of burden steps forth from Abellio’s bountiful fields, a goat of Mount Clangeddin, a servile beetle of Mandible, or a horse reared by St. Cuthbert himself.
Tiny Servant (XGE) – Animation of your tools makes your tasks and efforts that much easier.

4th Level Spells

Fabricate – A gesture at a heap of unrefined material summons minute workers that craft, forge, and sculpt to designs you designate.
Mordenkainen’s Private Sanctum – You ensure with absolute certainty that your work will go undisturbed, and unseen.
Stone Shape – Reform nature into sculpted perfection, fix what was made by lesser craftsmen.
Stoneskin – Reddish chitin coats the skin, or perhaps a divinely golden sheen.

5th Level Spells

Animate Objects – Dutiful servants, stalwart guards, an army raised to fight at your side.
Creation – Forged in great dwarven workshops, shaped by the myriad host of the formians, made by the most dedicated of craftsmen, called by your power.
Skill Empowerment (XGE) – A moment of clarity draws the training of an ally to the forefront of their mind.

6th Level Spells

Drawmij’s Instant Summons – A tool or device is always readily at hand when required when you can reach through Arcadia for it.
Move Earth – Innumerable golden ants flood from the soil, forming and reshaping the dirt, creating structures, or collapsing them to your every whim.
Tenser’s Transformation – You bind yourself in the arms and armour of a warrior, an arcane soldier bound to noble purpose.

7th Level Spells

Mordenkainen’s Magnificent Mansion – You can pull open a doorway into a part of Arcadia designed only for you, disconnected from the layers, but embracing the calm and order of the realm.
Mordenkainen’s Sword – A weapon of light to bring low those who threaten you and your allies.
Simulacrum – Diligence and effort on your part bring about a copy of an ally, a beast, or even a copy of yourself to make light work of your duties.

8th Level Spells

Antimagic Field – You enforce order across an area, ensuring no spells can be cast without your dictate.
Control Weather – You call upon the power of the Storm Kings, who ensure that the weather of Arcadia meets the demand of its populous.

9th Level Spells

Foresight – The ultimate act of preparation is to be aware of the future before it has chance to act upon you.
Invulnerability (XGE) – A force of perfect preservation passes through you, ensuring no harm can befall you.


3rd level transmutation spell (Arcadia)

Casting Time: 10 minutes
Range: Touch
Components: V, S, M (1 cubic foot of the target’s primary material)
Duration: Instantaneous

This spell repairs a damage in an object you touch, such as a crumbled wall, a corroded forge, a shattered hull, or smashed golem. As long as the break or tear is no larger than 10 feet in any dimension, you mend it, leaving no trace of the former damage.
A construct targeted by this spell that has 1 or more hit points recovers up to 3d10 hit points. A common or uncommon magic item targeted by the spell has any magical properties restored.

At higher levels: When you cast this spell using a spell slot of 4th level or higher, you can target an additional 10 foot cube of space. Constructs heal an additional 1d10 hit points.
By expending a spell slot of 5th level or higher, you can restore magical properties to a rare magic item, a very rare magical item using 7th level spell slot, and a legendary item with a 9th level spell slot. Casting Greater Mending on an item in this way may require special material components at your DMs discretion, and it cannot be used to restore artifacts, or to restore sentience to an object that has lost it.

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