Blogversation – Music in horror

With Christmas on the way, I thought now was the perfect time to talk about music in horror. However, I’ve been told it’s much more apt to talk about music in horror because Halloween is slowly approaching us. Go figure.

Blogversation – Music in Games

Music is important. I’ll not launch into a long spiel here, I’m just going to offer you an example: If I were to ask you to put together music for a faction of necromancers, what themes would you think of? Really think about it. Death, magic, the interred dead resurrected to fight, vampires, so forth, … Continue reading “Blogversation – Music in Games”

Blogversation – The pros and cons of conventions

Last week, Joel discussed conventions briefly with us all and so I thought I’d carry this conversation on but actually discuss the pros and cons of the conventions. Now Joel did a nice job of summarising some of the negatives to going to a convention early on in his post on the subject, but this … Continue reading “Blogversation – The pros and cons of conventions”

Blogversation – Conventions

We travel for miles across the country to wait in queues longer than the trip to stay in rooms with hard beds only to be kept awake by the party outside and rudely awoken by the fire alarm. We get lost, we get rinsed of all our cash, and we get bombarded with more smells … Continue reading “Blogversation – Conventions”

Blogversation – Chatty protagonists

A protagonist can go one of two ways really in terms of extremes. Last week, Joel spoke about the silent protagonist which is common place in Role Playing Game’s and First Person Shooters. Today I want to talk about the exact opposite to the silent protagonist: The chatty protagonist. Done correctly, a chatty protagonist can … Continue reading “Blogversation – Chatty protagonists”

Blogversation – The Silent Protagonist

Is it better to put yourself in the place of the hero, or would you rather play through the adventure of another? A fully fledged person with a personality of their own vs. a place-holder in whose eyes you see through, and whose life you live. The name “Mary Sue” applies to any character who … Continue reading “Blogversation – The Silent Protagonist”

Blogversation – Atmosphere 4

Games as art is a rising fascination in the platform, and many of the greatest artistic games have become so because they focussed so strongly on the atmosphere. As I’ve mentioned before, strongly atmospheric gameplay and worlds can be highly emotionally evocative, which is an essential element for medium wanting to be considered as an art form. Limbo … Continue reading “Blogversation – Atmosphere 4”

Blogversation – Atmosphere 2

As with any artform, for a game to be truly immersive it must evoke an emotion. A game can be good without being immersive, but when you walk away from a game having assimilated its’ ways and habits as your own, you know that game had you hooked. Games can fill us with wonder, dread, … Continue reading “Blogversation – Atmosphere 2”