Review – The Trousers of Time - It’s the simplistic way of explaining the multiverse theory. Whenever we make a decision we simultaneously travel down each and every path, and the universe divides like a pair of trousers with versions of us travelling down on leg each. I don’t like it… it has several huge issues. I prefer universal spaghetti. Here’s why: … Continue reading "Review – The Trousers of Time"
Top 10 – GeekOut UK Moments - So it has come, the final Top 10 of our existence as a geek social group. To those who aren’t aware, we’ll still have our Discord channel, where I hope to be able to share some geek positivity, but we’ll be no doubt more focused on video games on there. However, if you’re a geek of any description, come join us. Nevertheless, Joel and Timlah have been at work, sussing out what have been some of our Top 10 GeekOut UK Moments. We think we’ve come up with a fair list.
Merry Christmas from GeekOut UK - Yeah it's past 8am which means it's probably time to wake up! Or not, you know. You could have a lie in if you want. Whatever you're doing this year, I just wanted to say a very merry Christmas from us here at GeekOut UK. I hope you have a fantastic holiday, even if you don't celebrate Christmas. The most important thing is to have some time off, perhaps you'll spend it with your loved ones, or maybe you'll spend some time catching up with your favourite TV series. What ever you do this holiday season, have fun, be safe and enjoy some good food and drink.
Dungeon Situational – The Arcadia Spell List - Some time last year I made this, the Pandemonium spell list. Well, it sparked something, and for a while now I’ve been picking away at a project that creates sixteen new wizard subclasses, one for each of the outer planes. Today I present the polar opposite of Pandemonium, Arcadia, a plane of law in the … Continue reading "Dungeon Situational – The Arcadia Spell List"
Making A Simple Gif in GIMP - I've been using GIMP on and off for many years now, but it was always to edit and improve an image. I mean, it's called the GNU Image Manipulation Program after all. However, one thing I think we can all agree on is that gifs are far too cool in this day and age to miss out on. I truly love a good gif, so I wanted to see if I could create a gif. Considering GeekOut UK is coming to a close soon, I've been thinking on what the future brings and the one thing that'll be staying is the GeekOut Discord server. So after getting a Nitro sub because, why the hell not, I love and support Discord, I decided to animate our logo.
GeekOut Shrewsbury Meet – December: Gift Wrapped - Hey Joel, why were you late to the last ever GeekOut pre-meet? Well I’d like to blame it all on the traffic, getting into town was something of a nuisance because of all the extra people trying to get somewhere, and yes, Frankwell carpark was rather full of shoppers. But to be honest, my tardiness began … Continue reading "GeekOut Shrewsbury Meet – December: Gift Wrapped"
Top 10 Magical Rides - Sit the saddle, fasten your seatbelts, and remember the magic word, we’re about to travel by ways and means that science would keep from us. Thankfully, we have magic on our side to make the going easier, faster, and way cooler than any lame road-bound car or some stupid horse… Actually horses are ok, but this is a list of magical rides, magical horses from here only, and only if they are worthy of our rigorous Top 10 standards.
How To Top 10 (Like What We Do) - One of the greater pleasures of working for GeekOut has been the weekly Top 10s. They’re shamelessly pandering, entirely subjective, and we did them for the consistently high views they brought in, at least to start with. It turned into one of our greatest collaborative projects, not a difficult thing in terms of a writing … Continue reading "How To Top 10 (Like What We Do)"
Theros: What Is Ashiok Up To? - It’s astonishing to remember that Magic: the Gathering’s first foray into the Grecian myth inspired plane of Theros was six years ago… actually closer to seven, and for those of us who are interested in the lore and the ongoing narrative, there has been a lot crammed into that time! The formation of a new … Continue reading "Theros: What Is Ashiok Up To?"
Looking To 2020 - Let’s be honest with ourselves everyone; this year was kind of a mess. Not only are we coming to a close in the new year, but the political landscape of the UK was a mess. Regardless of your politics, regardless of your views, it was not an easy time for anyone. I’m not here to … Continue reading "Looking To 2020"
Top 10 Suspiciously Cheerful Tunes - Ah yes, the old suspiciously cheerful theme tune. You know when you’re sitting there, listening to a tune and saying “Well this is all well and good, but…” This list is dedicated to the tunes that made us feel uneasy in how pleasant they were. Oh sure, they are lovely to listen to and sure, we feel great hearing them still… But, just see what we mean, okay?
Video Game Review: Baba Is You - Picking a puzzle game in this day and age is hard; there are so many different puzzle games out there, with varying degrees of messing around with "the meta" and conventional views of what constitutes a puzzle. One such game is Baba Is You, which sees you take on the role of a little sheep-like creature called Baba. You move around and push obstacles, but your main goal of the game is to win. How do you win? Well that depends on what the rules of the level is... And rules aren't set in stone in this game. Sometimes, to beat a level, you have to change the rules a bit. Intriguing? It certainly caught my attention!
Christmas Saga - The last week or so in the UK has been pretty damn grim, and while I am hideously behind on my Christmas shopping, there is at least one part of the season I am ready for. World building is something of a passion, and over the last… let’s see… eight years? I have been building … Continue reading "Christmas Saga"
90’s Nostalgia - It’s begun a little prematurely, but it has already begun. In our last decade we saw an overwhelming flood of love for the 80’s in media, Stranger Things being one of the biggest flags waved on that particular hill, but the resurrection of Mad Max, the themes weaved into Guardians of the Galaxy, Legion, Joker, … Continue reading "90’s Nostalgia"
GeekOut Bristol Meet – December 7th: The Secretest Santa Roundup - Our final monthly GeekOut Bristol Meet has now come and gone; It was a fun night, filled with plenty of games and a spike in attendance to say farewell. I didn't get many pictures of the day, but I think I got a rather good picture anyway. A nice one to leave these events all behind from. Sure, we have our New Years Eve event still to come, but all in all, this was a good send off for what has been a fun, enjoyable part of my life. Thanks to everyone who came along; it was amazing to see so many people come from so far to join us.
Top 10 Monsters in the Snow - Well the weather outside was briefly frightful, but there’s worse waiting out in the snow than slippery roads and cold feet. Every flurry hides a horror that waits to prey upon the uncertain and the weak, every snowdrift has teeth that threaten to sink through thick coats and into nice warm flesh. So this festive season, let’s focus on the scariest part of winter, the beasts that haunt the tundra, and frozen places. Here are our Top 10 monsters that wait for you out there in the snow.
Mobile Game Review – The Elder Scrolls: Blades - Ah The Elder Scrolls, it feels like I can't go more than a couple of hours without booting up one of the franchise. I'm forever playing The Elder Scrolls Online, last year I 100% completed Skyrim and I've gone through Oblivion, Morrowind and even Arena. Yes, The Elder Scrolls is a franchise that I can't pull myself away from. So occasionally, I turn to my mobile for a spot to get away from Bethesda and their affiliated partners, such as ZeniMax Online Studios. Let's go to Google Play and install a new action game. Blades? That sounds fun... Oh no, it's another title in the huge world of The Elder Scrolls and now it's on mobile.
Legion - Seek television that breaks concepts down to dust, a story of the mind that tinkers with perception, deception, time and personality, every bit as warped and alien as a dream. All of those arguments you’ve ever had about what a superpower should be capable of are great fodder for a creative mind, but it’s so … Continue reading "Legion"
Infinity Train - A few years ago I stumbled across a pilot for a possible cartoon series to star Ashley Johnson in the lead role. That pilot became a series, that series will be getting a follow up some time next year, and there’s a handful of short episodes somewhere that I haven’t seen. The series takes place … Continue reading "Infinity Train"
The GeekOut UK Story - Yo, this is the story all about how my geek group got flip turned into a meetup, I want to take a minute just sit right there, I'll tell you all about how we became the coolest geek group in the UK:
GeekOut Shrewsbury Meet – November: Away Team - Merry November everyone! A quiet GeekOut this month, and a relaxing one at that, I even managed to play some games for a change… Premeet – The Hole in the Wall Might have forgotten to take photos in the Hole in the Wall, after a while that may have proved a conscious decision due to… … Continue reading "GeekOut Shrewsbury Meet – November: Away Team"
Top 10 – Elves - Elves are a strange category to cover, when you think about how much difference there is between the term. Some people just see the pointy ears and immediately call them an elf. Other people believe there must be some innate magical property in order for them to be elves. Whatever you believe, today we’re going … Continue reading "Top 10 – Elves"
NaNoWriMo 2019 Officially Finishes Tomorrow - Take a guess at how busy I was last month? You know, before NaNoWriMo? Not very; I was just typing up a lot of words at an alarming rate. I will probably need to invest in a new keyboard at some point; I reckon I’ve done so much typing that the membrane inside of this keyboard is weakening, but enough about the problems of my keyboard! We’re here to talk about NaNoWriMo, how the event has gone and my progress - After all, tomorrow is delivery day, so how well did I do?
Those Bad Creative Habits - While Tim brings a close to his NaNoWriMo efforts (well done man), and as the year heralds the end of GeekOut, I’m coming to realise that a few of my bad habits have reared their ugly heads. Perhaps it’s brought about by the sedentary lifestyle of a self-employed writer and entertainer, destined to only travel … Continue reading "Those Bad Creative Habits"
GeekOut Bristol Meet December 31st: The Final Countdown - 18+ Event It's the final countdown! *Insert trumpet noises here.* Our last ever event will take place on December 31st, in case you're crazy enough to spend New Years Eve in a pub with some geeks.
Review – Eberron: Rising From the Last War - Hmm… ok… Eberron is certainly the first and may be the only campaign setting to see a physical print in fifth edition. While the edition as a whole has held up Forgotten Realms for campaigns, and of course draws a great deal upon Dragonlance and Greyhawk to build a “core” of information, cosmology, gods, and … Continue reading "Review – Eberron: Rising From the Last War"
Being Unable To Start in Game Development - Last week, I went into a couple of articles talking about how next year, I'll be getting back into game development. I'm currently in the midst of NaNoWriMo, but yet I've found myself some time to start practicing my Unity skills once again. It's been a very long time since the last time I used Unity and Blender, however I hear from a lot of people that they don't have the skills to make video games. I always challenge people on that; we're in an era where we have the resources at our fingertips. So today, for anyone who says they're unable to start in game development, I'm going to share a few channels I've been watching, as well as a few quick tips to get started in game development (and how you can apply this logic elsewhere).
Top 10 – Virtual Pets - What strange beings these humans are, to designate species of their own planet – seemingly arbitrarily – as beloved companions to be invited into their homes, tended to and cared for, for no solid reason other than “they’re freakin’ adorable”. And when we can’t do that… or even if we can’t cram enough creatures into … Continue reading "Top 10 – Virtual Pets"
Getting Back Into Blender - So on Wednesday, I told you all that I was getting back into Unity as my goal for next year. Naturally, this has led to me going onto using Blender as well. If you're not aware of Blender, this is a free and open-source 3D graphics application. You can create simple models, or even fully fledged complex ones. You can create textures, animations and much more through Blender. Using Blender and Unity together makes perfect sense; Blender is in fact fairly easy to use, once you've given yourself some time. However in the time I've been away, a lot has changed.
Pyst – There Aren’t Enough Parody Games - I’m sure this can’t just be me. The games design industry is getting ever better at metacommentary and self reflection, we’ve developed a pretty wide array of habits and design fallbacks that we’re aware of our own foibles and the like, and it’s not like we don’t have parodies of games on YouTube, gods there … Continue reading "Pyst – There Aren’t Enough Parody Games"
Returning to Unity - In the new year, I decided I needed to get into a new hobby to keep myself occupied. Naturally, my mind immediately went "Well, I'll just play a lot of games". That doesn't really sit well with me. I'm always wanting to tinker, to explore and create. So I decided that I would have to go back to Unity, something I dabbled in quite a bit when I was younger. Having returned to the software, it's amazing how much was foreign to me again... But I find the unknown to be pretty exciting. Here's what my gripes have been since returning, as well as what I found still so intuitive and fun.
Gaming Until 4AM - Have you ever been on a serious gaming holiday? You and a bunch of friends in a caravan or a rented house or something that has some combination of beds and a table that gives you space to just play some games, somewhere that isn’t home. It sounds counterproductive, what’s the point of going somewhere … Continue reading "Gaming Until 4AM"
GeekOut Bristol Meet – December 7th: The Secretest Santa - 18+ Event In what will be our last monthly GeekOut Bristol Meet. Come join us for a festive fun competition, the return of Super Secret Santa and great company!
NaNoWriMo 2019 Update – I’m Over Halfway - You know, a lot of the content that you’re reading this month was prepared last month… No, really, I spent a few weeks ramming through as many words and as many interesting articles as I could. Hopefully you’ve been kept entertained, but we’re not out of the woods yet, as we’ve still got another half of NaNoWriMo to commit to. Today’s post is a quick update on how the event’s going, how my novel’s going, how many words I’m at and more.
Top 10 Reborn Characters - Rebirth, resurrection, metamorphosis, here assembled are characters who undergo transformative experiences, generally involving some period of death, or at least dormancy (at least one cocoon). While we ourselves undergo a time of great change and transformation, here is our Top 10 list of characters who have been reborn.
Spend Your New Years With Us: GeekOut Bristol Meet – New Years Eve 2019! - It’s now close enough to Christmas to where we should be able to talk more about our New Year's Eve 2019 event. We held one of these New Year’s Eve events in 2017 going into 2018. We were going to come back to for the 2018 New Year’s Eve, but circumstances dictated otherwise. Now, we’re back for another New Year’s Eve event filled with geeky fun. Want to know more? Good, read on and we’ll give you a summary of what’s happening, how you can join us and more!
Taking the Tarrasque Seriously - The highest challenge rating in D&D, dropped into every monster manual, the fantasy Godzilla, has become something of a joke. Everyone who’s been in the game long enough has a “Tarrasque plan” or a story of how they one-shot or would one-shot the Tarrasque, and every DM has thrown the word around as the monster … Continue reading "Taking the Tarrasque Seriously"
Bot Games in League of Legends - I’ve never had a huge understanding of League of Legends, but it’s a lot of fun to watch. I remember being at a gamer pub in London, where they hosted what I presume would have been the World Championship at the time. It was all new to me, so I didn’t pay it too much mind, except for the fact that people were genuinely fascinated by it… And I found there were lots of quirks that made it a lot of fun to watch. Naturally, this has led to me trying a number of games, but… I’m a big scaredy cat and like my safety.
Oswestry Library 2020 – Shropshire DM - At the time of writing, I’m about an hour away from publishing the dates for next year’s games at Oswestry Library, currently my most dependable source of income, and at this point places are so hard fought for that I am going to be disappointing more people than I will be entertaining… which is nice… … Continue reading "Oswestry Library 2020 – Shropshire DM"
GeekOut UK Is Closing In 2020 - Hi everyone, Tim here. I've run this website for over six years and today's the article I never wanted to post. Unfortunately, all good things have to come to an end at some point, so I have to thank each and every one of you who've made this journey so enjoyable. I didn't want to just suddenly disappear with no reasons for it, like many a website does. No, I feel that everyone deserves to hear the reasons why we're disbanding the group and the mission, especially after all this time. I'll also talk briefly about future ventures and the likes. So yeah, let's get this sombre post done.
GeekOut Bristol Meet – November 8th: Boldly Going to GeekOut Summary - Another month has passed us by and another GeekOut Bristol Meet has passed. This month, we were graced by the presence of a few people who hadn't been to GeekOut in a while, so that was nice to see. We also had a Star Trek quiz that saw me marking 19 entries, so that was pretty ridiculous. Good job to everyone involved in the competition and to everyone who wanted to share their passion for Star Trek, or simply for board games. It was a casual affair, but it was a fun night filled with geeks and games. As ever, here's our roundup of the events of GeekOut Bristol.
Top 10 – Hidden Content in Games - From Easter Eggs, through to incredible whole ARGs, video games are constantly amazing us. From the downright bizarre to the extremely eye-opening, video games are the most interactive form of media out there. So now, let’s take a closer look at some of the following games, in hopes that we can uncover a list. Should … Continue reading "Top 10 – Hidden Content in Games"
My Magic: the Gathering Commander Pet Cards - Guest contributor Murray Butler is back once more, this time providing us with an explanation on Pet Cards in Magic: the Gathering:
Godzilla – New King of Cinema - I watched King of Monsters the other day as part of a larger kaiju-based binge, specifically the new Kong films too, as we’re only a few months away from the big showdown. Godzilla versus Kong has been teased since the first of the new Godzilla films way back in ’14, was made official in ’17 … Continue reading "Godzilla – New King of Cinema"
Mobile Game Review – The Powerpuff Girls: Monkey Mania - Fighting crime, trying to save the world, they’re now on android, The Powerpuff Girls: Monkey Mania! Would you believe it if I said that this is a decent game? Probably, because the people who made this game also brought us Knightmare Tower and Burrito Bison. A well crafted, beautifully presented game in the city of Townsville? It sounds like a match made in heaven… So here’s a bit of information for those who’ve seen it around but haven’t taken the dive into the world of sugar, spice and everything nice.
Blizzcon Trailers 2019 - It seems like picking on Blizzard right now is the geek-culture bloggers equivalent of kicking a dead horse, but that horse knows what it did, and while an apology has been issued for the political controversy, it comes across has a rather hollow token, to say nothing about the mass-blocking of comments on YouTube videos … Continue reading "Blizzcon Trailers 2019"
Board Games Focusing on Set Collection - Recently, I was talking to a colleague who agreed that it would be a fun concept to have a board game similar to Pokémon. In other words, a game where you have to collect a large number of objects, or creatures, or something. It could be that you had to collect a large variety of gems, or as mentioned, creatures. Whatever it is, we couldn’t find many board games out there that filled this strange niche. As such, I thought I’d look into it and this is the best I could find.
GeekOut Shrewsbury October ’19 – Bad Cosplay Party - Happy Hallowe’en! Ok, we’re now at the Sunday after Hallowe’en but still, it was rather nice to distribute sweets instead of the standard disappointing prizes. That’s not to say that people weren’t disappointed with the sweets they got, honestly I never asked, but assume that they shared. And my gods did a lot of you … Continue reading "GeekOut Shrewsbury October ’19 – Bad Cosplay Party"
Top 10 – Effigies - I have travelled far and wide to find the object, the one object that will destroy my arch-nemesis. But I really never imagined the effigy that I must destroy would be… A plushie? Well, effigies come in all shapes and sizes, along with varying degrees of strangeness. Nevertheless today we’re going to look at our … Continue reading "Top 10 – Effigies"
NaNoWriMo 2019 Starts Today! - Oh dear, that arrived rather suddenly, didn’t it? NaNoWriMo is here once again, which means that this year, it’s my turn to give it a go. I mentioned a while back that when NaNoWriMo came around, the articles will mostly be pre-written, so I do apologise if you see lots of pre-written content for a while… But hey, I thought I’d at least give you an idea about what my story’s about and of course, you’ll get an update in December when my story is complete and ready to be edited!
Happy Halloween 2019 From GeekOut UK - Let’s chat a little bit about Halloween and the significance it has on geek culture. After all, this is a night that many geeks revel in. So today, I thought I’d talk quickly about a few Halloween episodes from TV shows that I thoroughly enjoyed - And yes, there’ll be at least one Treehouse of Horror episode. With that said, let’s buckle down, get the popcorn and snuggle on the sofa with these spooky specials.
Halloween As Celebrated in Video Games - For how much I love to discuss video games, it’s weird that I’ve not gone into greater detail about this. Halloween is really such a geeky celebration these days, as we love a good chance to get in our favourite cosplays, or to watch horror films (which, in its own right, is a huge niche that sorta sits neatly with us geeks). In truth, geeks and horror go hand in hand and today, I’d like to show how video games like to collaborate in their own way to the celebration of the spookiest season.
Sci-Fi – What The Future Holds - When I was growing up, the science fiction I watched painted a fairly clear picture of how the creator thought humanity should be. Star Trek and Babylon 5 showed versions of humanity who were united in a universe full of creatures who showed us that we were not so different to one another compared to … Continue reading "Sci-Fi – What The Future Holds"
Camdrome, the greatest ARG? - In the spirit of the Halloween season, I guess it’s only fair to talk about a few potential horror stories. This may be one of them, as the greatest horror here is that the game has gone silent on us. Nevertheless, I wonder how many of you know about Camdrome, the mysterious computer that appeared at PAX13 in 2013? Is it still going, or has it finally gone to sleep and most importantly… Is it watching us? Here’s the story of Camdrome so far.
A Colossal Discovery – A Paid Pokémon Go Event? - Controversial perhaps, Niantic have been selling tickets for Pokémon Go’s latest event. Until this point, events in Pokémon Go have been fairly straightforward and open. You can either get a EX Raid Pass, which allows you to go for a much rarer Pokémon. The first was Mewtwo, where EX Raids were the only way to get the hard hitting Psychic legendary. There have also been Pokémon Go Fests, which is where inspiration for these paid events come from. Here are the facts of the event.
Top 10 Terrible Horror Tropes - Ah it’s the Halloween season, which means that we’re going to get the popcorn on. Let’s turn on a movie and… Oh no. Oh dear, oh my. These horror villains are so scary! No, not because they’re shocking, murderous and altogether evil beings. No, they’re so scary because even the most psychopathic of villains succumb to the most terrible of horror tropes, which is what we’re investigating in today’s Top 10!
Angry Video Game Nerd Halloween Specials - Most years, James Rolfe, also known as the Angry Video Game Nerd, puts out at least one Halloween Special and each time, they’re some of his most adventurous videos. They’re always amongst his most memorable, so I thought today I’d pay homage to The AVGN by sharing three of his Halloween Specials and talking briefly about them. I’m gonna take you back to the past (and present) - To watch some Video Game Reviews. Though as a forewarning, the Nerd’s content is Not Safe For Work! Okay, warned now? Let’s do this and drink plenty of beers and watch amusing videos.
Kickstarter Highlight – Kingdoms And Warfare - The oft-promised followup to Matt Colville’s Strongholds and Followers began it’s Kickstarter campaign on Monday, and simply put it’s a prime example of a creator with a great relationship with his fan/customer base. Strongholds and Followers gives options for players to build fortresses and bases of operations for their party complete with class-specific annexes, a … Continue reading "Kickstarter Highlight – Kingdoms And Warfare"
UK Geek Events Spreadsheet - I’ve been trying to think of a way to get our UK Geek Events page to be, you know, better. It was fine for a little while, but constantly updating it has become tedious and if I’m being honest, clunky. So I got thinking about how to make this better, how we can do something as a community and how we can catalogue all of the great events that take place across the UK. I figured we might as well turn it into a Google Spreadsheet, as at least everyone will get access to the data this way.
Geeky Comedy on YouTube - Now, we’re all familiar with the likes of Funny Or Die, and College Humour – who started doing D&D games online last year, Brendan’s a decent DM – and before I even start I can tell you that you almost certainly recognise a name or two from the short list below. YouTube has been a … Continue reading "Geeky Comedy on YouTube"
GeekOut Bristol Meet – November 8th: Boldly Going to GeekOut - Space, the final frontier. Whilst we don't have the means to go there ourselves right now, it's okay, because the penultimate frontier is GeekOut Bristol Meet. Join us for a night of games and a Trekky-themed competition!
Riot Games Go All Out For 10 Year Anniversary – New Games! - Riot Games have gone all out for their 10 year anniversary, which is a pretty exciting thing to be able to say. Riot Games made the Free-To-Play giant, League of Legends, which is a major title in the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) genre. For years, they’ve run just the one game but this year, they’ve decided to throw caution to the wind and show how much progress they’ve made in their world.
Top 10 Heavy Metal Acts in Media - Going hand in hand with film and video games, metal. Before GeekOut South-West was formed which later turned into GeekOut UK, Timlah and Joel stood around and had a conversation about... Metal! You can't kill the metal, but you certainly can build the foundation for a good thing off of it. So together, we've decided to strike a power chord and hammer on down these points, as we look at our Top 10 Heavy Metal Acts in Media. Grab your neckbraces, we're about to go headbanging!
My Hero Academia Is Back for Season 4! - The astute among you, or at least those who read this site regularly, will know I’m a bit of an anime nerd. I love a good anime series; some of the emotions you get, some of the stories, the intensity, ooh it gets me going! Naturally then, I quickly heard that Boku no Hero Academia, or My Hero Academia, has returned for season 4 on Crunchyroll. If you’ve never seen the superhero themed series before, then read on, for this series is truly a blast! Even if you’re not an anime fan, I reckon you’d get a kick out of this series - It’s truly phenomenal!  Plus Ultra!
The Dungeon Master’s Curse - Ok, so we have another late article, but for once it’s not because I have very little to talk about, I have a great deal of RPG things I would love to be discussing right now. I’ve started a new home campaign, I have a Hallowe’en game coming up, and I’m staring at a list … Continue reading "The Dungeon Master’s Curse"
And I OOP: Object-Oriented Techniques and the Struggle to Understand Them - Bit of background on me, I’m currently in my final year of a programming-based degree. It has a more specialised focus on using what is taught and applying it to game engines & programming, but at its core is teaching good practice and technique within programming languages.
Review – Joker - A Spoiler Warning is in effect throughout this whole article, I want to do a deep-dive as best as I can, and it can’t be done without discussing some huge plot points. Todd Phillips’ Joker stars Joaquin Phoenix as Arthur Fleck, a mentally ill man trying to be happy in the 1980’s at a time … Continue reading "Review – Joker"
GeekOut Bristol Meet – October 12th: GhoulOut - They came, they saw, they spooked the regulars at the Old Market Tavern. On Saturday, the geeks of Bristol were back for another day and night of shenanigans and fun, combining board games, lots of drink and chats and of course, costumes. You can never celebrate Halloween too early in October, right? ... Right? Well, we think so anyway, as we got our geeks together to celebrate the spooky month. The Old Market Tavern came to the rescue, bringing us excellent decorations to the conservatory and plenty of warmth and spirits in the main bar. So how did the event go?
Top 10 Cold Characters - Don’t you just love it when the temperature begins to drop? You get to stay indoors, snuggle in with a loved one, or just put your feet up by a warm fire… Or, y’know, whack on the central heating or just a radiator. The point is, feeling warm on a cold day is lovely. These characters however, they might not agree, as it turns out their coldness is their speciality. So come and check out our Top 10 Cold Character.
Pokémon Sword & Shield Designs Look Great! - I'm going to preface this with "this is a short article". Literally, I was sat up with Joel last night chatting about the new Pokémon designs and for the most part, we agreed that most of them looked fantastic. There are a few highly questionable decisions, but overall, I really am digging the way this new generation is turning out. The Galarian forms of old Pokémon look fantastic and I'm glad it's a trend we're continuing from the Alolan regional variants from Sun and Moon. As more gets announced, I'm going to be keeping my eye on Sword & Shield, because I think the Pokémon Company know how to laugh with their fans - and that's a beautiful thing.
In The Tall Grass vs. Triangle - Stephen King never really goes out of style in the film industry, he waxes and wanes like the moon, his work is prolific, and readily adapted for film, although it can be a little variable in quality. Certainly with IT Chapter 2 forefront in everyone’s mind, now is definitely the time to adapt some of … Continue reading "In The Tall Grass vs. Triangle"
Bring Back Tamagotchi’s (and Virtual Pets)! - Let's preface this with, yes I am a 90's kid and yes, I had a couple of Tamagotchi in my life. It all started I believe with one from 101 Dalmations. I also then had a Pikachu one and I had a few smaller ones along the way, from monsters through to just ordinary pets. For the unaware, a Tamagotchi was a small device which you could carry on a keychain. On this device was a little virtual pet, or creature that you had to take care of, from feeding, playing with and even sometimes "cleaning up" after your pet. I, like many kids from that era, loved Tamagotchi... But why hasn't it translated so successfully onto mobile?
Gloomhaven on PC - You may remember I chatted about this one, and about a year or two before that it was all over the board game social groups. In short it’s a leviathan board game in a box the size of a couple of breeze blocks, it has a foot firmly in the RPG camp in the same … Continue reading "Gloomhaven on PC"
Ampharos VS Luxray: A Strangely In-Depth Comparison - Shinx, which evolves into Luxio and then Luxray, for Diamond. Mareep, which evolves into Flaaffy and Ampharos, for Soul Silver. How do these two evolutionary lines compare? Guest contributor Murray Butler is back to give his verdict on these two shocking Pokémon.
NaNoWriMo 2019 – Less Than A Month To Go! - Genuinely exciting for writers and aspiring writers alike, NaNoWriMo is a huge challenge for anyone looking to complete a novel. Whether they're experienced writers, aspiring novellists or just a hobbyist, NaNoWriMo is a set goal to work towards throughout the month of November. Now that we're less than a month to go, I thought I'd talk vaguely about the story I've been working on the details for, as well as a bit of a general chat about writing in general and how I'm feeling leading up to the massive endeavour... Also about how Discord is helping me prepare, so there's something! Excited ramblings may be contained within this article, so don't say you've not been warned!
Top 10 – Elephants - Bah, we’ve been doing these Top 10’s for years – For peanuts. Nevermind, if it can make these giant gentle beasties happy, then I’m sure these peanuts must be delicious. Don’t take this out of context, because today we’re going to be celebrating the huge, floppy-eared creatures with their trunks and tusks. So buckle up, … Continue reading "Top 10 – Elephants"
Mobile Game Review: Mario Kart Tour - The first Mario Kart title, Super Mario Kart, was released back in 1992. In this time, we’ve seen many iterations, spanning many different consoles. Since the success of Pokémon Go, Nintendo has become a lot more interested in utilising mobile technologies. Super Mario Jump was great, but today, we’re going to check out Mario Kart Tour, which came out fairly recently. I managed to snap the game up on the day of release and hey, it's another free title!
World Building Is Just Window Dressing - So What Could Be More Important? You’ve been struck with inspiration for a wonderful idea for a tabletop RPG campaign. Deities, pieces of landscape, ideas for brand new races – all of these are flashing through your mind at breakneck speed. The inside of your skull is now an incubation chamber for a continent, a … Continue reading "World Building Is Just Window Dressing"
Tabletop Gaming Live event – London - Before we get into the article, I just want to say a huge thanks to Tabletop Gaming Magazine for issuing us Press passes for the event. Despite the drizzly London weather, I turned up to what I believe was the second year that Tabletop Live took place. The location was the beautiful Alexandra Palace in North London. I thought it might be a smaller and more intimate version of UK Games Expo, and I was not wrong.
Three Horror Reviews - It’s October, and there’s things I have found on Netflix and simply not talked about. Actually a lot of my watch list and to-watch list is horror films, and while I’ll get round to From Beyond, Troll Hunters, and maybe even Errementari at some point, there’s also a few new favourites. Time to get into … Continue reading "Three Horror Reviews"
Level Up! Re-animated – Bristol Cosplay Clubnight Returns October 19th 2019 - Our friends over at Level Up! are back again, another huge Cosplay Clubnight is happening on October 19th, so be sure to check them out. If you're not sure who Level Up! are, or what they do, then read on for some more details, including the where and when of the event. If you're a fan of cosplay and in/around Bristol and the surrounding areas, then be sure not to miss this night of cosplay, dancing and fun. Sounds like your sort of party? Yeah, mine too - Here's a bit more information about the event.
GeekOut Shrewsbury September ’19 – Wizard Club - In shadow, we find the light Safely sealed in darkest night So make sure y’all keep it tight Wizards only fools! Do you wanna beef in the eye of Glob? Do you wanna reach the highest initiation of the secret schools? Well too late, we already disbanded Wizard Club and we’re not supposed to talk … Continue reading "GeekOut Shrewsbury September ’19 – Wizard Club"
Top 10 Space-Themed Games - Space: the final frontier that we’re aware of, but among hypothetical frontiers, barely breaks the top 10. Oh and while we’re on the subject of top 10s… Games, be they video or board, are so often inspired by the big black void that engulfs us and the possibilities that may await beyond, opportunities, horrors, exploration and adventure. While we had options beyond counting, we somehow managed to drill down to a mere ten games themed in and around space.
To Meta, or Not To Meta, Is That Every Gamers Question? - Okay, I might have lied, I don’t think many gamers truly put a lot of thought into whether they should or should not follow the meta. All games have a meta for a reason; it’s established and it’s grounded in knowledge from other players. Indeed, some games are geared in such a way that the meta is something easily acknowledged. From Pokémon, to Elder Scrolls Online, meta exists and here’s a few thoughts on what following the meta truly means.
Disenchantment Season 2 - Matt Groening’s foray into fantasy dropped its second season this week. Wow do I wish I had more to say. Usually when I review something I’ll be watching it again on the other screen while I write, but Lego Batman’s on Netflix now, so is the Between Two Ferns movie and those are two things … Continue reading "Disenchantment Season 2"
6 Years of GeekOut UK - Not too long ago, I had the pop up to officially say that GeekOut UK has been active for 6 years. In that time, we’ve gone from me and one friend in a pub, to making friendships that will last a lifetime. We’ve gone from two people, to hundreds upon hundreds of different faces, all … Continue reading "6 Years of GeekOut UK"
Shropshire Dungeon Master Events - And Diary XIV Last time I talked about life as a DM for hire was only July, but hotdamn have these last two months been full of stuff! Insomnia 65 shortly after Gen Con, three games a day in which I had to shout over the e-sports stage about a hundred feet away with whooping … Continue reading "Shropshire Dungeon Master Events"
GeekOut Bristol Meet – October 12th: GhoulOut - Ghouls, ghosts, monsters and foes, no matter what type of horrific creation you are, this month's meetup is for you. For the night of All Hallows' Eve is fast approaching, so let's get together for a night of board gaming and of course, fancy dress.
Melody’s Escape - Throughout my life, I haven’t been the best at rhythm games. I’m able to make a pretty good run at them when I’m in the right frame of mind but even then, my reactions to the on-screen prompts can be a bit off. Which, considering one of my favourite games of all time (The Binding of Isaac) has the potential to train lightning-fast reflexes into you, is a bit odd. Nonetheless, given a flash sale and some Steam Wallet funds laying around - Thanks Joel - I decided to pick up a game that had caught my eye on visuals alone: Melody’s Escape
Top 10 British Myths - Behold, the mighty myths of Britain. Whether they originated in England, Ireland, Scotland or Wales, we’ll be looking at some important myths that have become more well known not just here, but further afield. From simple spirits, through to heroics that have been told throughout the ages, this week, we’re checking out our Top 10 British Myths.
NaNoWriMo’s Website Had A Makeover - For those of you who didn't know, I'm taking part in NaNoWriMo this year. Writers around the world will be trying to complete the first draft of a 50,000 word novel. For some of us, it'll be our first ever attempt at writing a novel and for others, they have multiple books under their belt. In my case, this'll be my first attempt at writing a whole piece of fiction - and I'm excited by the prospects. The organisers of NaNoWriMo appear to be hard at work as well, but instead of working on literature, they've been working on their website - and it looks great. Here's what to expect from NaNoWriMo's website this year.
Unearthed Arcana – Class Abundance - So Wizards of the Coast are busy pouring out Unearthed Arcana articles, their playtest material articles that give us access to things like new spells, rules, magic items, races, and subclasses that allow us to make an ever more diverse cast of characters to bring to the table. And currently subclasses is the key term, … Continue reading "Unearthed Arcana – Class Abundance"
Anime Review: Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE! - Magical girl anime is, admittedly, not something I'm hugely accustomed to. I saw a bit of Sailor Moon growing up and never really saw any more of the genre. So then when I was told that there was an anime by the name of Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE!, I laughed. I thought it was a brilliant name, albeit a little bit on the nose. So I looked it up, found that it was completely available on Crunchyroll and went "yeah, I guess I can give this a watch". After all, what good is the magical girl genre, if we can't get a magical boy anime?
Magic: the Gathering – Drafting M20 - So, same as last year, I picked up a box of the latest core set from Magic, because while Throne of Eldarine looks very pretty, I can’t say I’ve seen enough to draw me in past the hydra-turtles. Usually for me that’d be enough, but finances are what they are. M20 has a very particular … Continue reading "Magic: the Gathering – Drafting M20"
GeekOut Bristol Meet – September 13th: Knights Gathering - With a "Ni", our knights gathered around for an evening of fun and games, a hugely crafty competition and a lot of games across the board. From our typically large selection of games, through to a special drink presented to our noble warriors, we had a blast. September's a strange time of year; a lot of folk are back to the grind after the summer holidays, the weather doesn't quite know what to do with itself, it's all a bit muddled. Thankfully though, we were there for another month, hopefully allowing people to get some much needed geeky familiarity within the Old Market Tavern.
Ratchet and Clank Original Trilogy Retrospective Part 3 - Ratchet and Clank 3: Up Your Arsenal - or just Ratchet and Clank 3 in other places - was released in 2004 on the PlayStation 2, once again one year after the game before it. The game opens with Ratchet and Clank enjoying life in the Bogon Galaxy, before revealing that Clank is now a Holovid star playing “Secret Agent Clank”, a news story plays showing Ratchet’s home planet of Veldin being invaded by Tyhrranoids under the command of Doctor Nefarious...
Top 10 – Hunters - Shh, do you hear that? It sounds like the trees rustled over this way, quickly, hide in the underbrush. Now, careful, for today we’ve got to keep on the low-down, lest we become prey for them. Whether you’re a vampire, a beast, or even just an ordinary human, today we’re going to check out the … Continue reading "Top 10 – Hunters"
My Thoughts on Minecraft PE - A while back I bought Minecraft Pocket Edition (or PE for short), but my phones just could never handle it. Now that I've got a phone that can handle it, I decided to play about with Minecraft PE and I couldn't believe just how far it had come along. I've had a few days playing around with it now and I can see some issues, as well as some areas where it truly excels. In all honesty, I love Minecraft and just about everything about it, so here're my thoughts on Minecraft PE.
Studying Video Essays - I’m a great proponent of the internet as a tool for delivering easy to digest learning materials, and yes, YouTube is awash with exactly the kind of tools I’m talking about. Movies especially have an abundance of video essayists who talk at length about films and the film industry, taking wildly different approaches to the … Continue reading "Studying Video Essays"
Opinion: Was Free-To-Play Inevitable For The Games Industry? - Throughout history, we're told that change is inevitable. Whether it's changes to your work, or changes in the form of a balance patch in your favourite fighting game, change is inevitable. However some change is a lot more necessary than others. Some change is born out of a need to move from the status quo, whereas other changes are to try and improve and innovate. So in an industry filled with innovation, was Free-To-Play simply inevitable?