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GameBlast19: We Smashed Our Target

Yesterday, Later Levels’ Kim and Pete were up from 8am until 8am the following day, all in the name of charity. We mentioned before that we planned on joining them, which is exactly what both Jake and I did. We stayed up for the long haul, we had two targets to meet and achieve and we smashed both of them. Would we manage to get a character from level 0-50? Would we also manage to get our donation goal? It was a long night for us, but I’m pleased to say we managed everything we set out to do – and I couldn’t be more proud.



GameBlast19: What To Expect on Saturday 23rd February 2019

Another year has passed us by and GameBlast is upon us again. Our friends Kim and Pete over at Later Levels are hard at work preparing a massive stream filled with a variety of games for a whopping 24-hour game fest. I’m always spurred on by these kinds of initiatives, so naturally I wanted to help out in any way I could. Now that GameBlast is tomorrow, we’ve arranged how we fit into all of this!


GameBlast19: Raising Money For A Great Cause

It’s February, which means GameBlast19 is going to be upon us in the coming few weeks. These events are always absolutely worth watching and helping out with, so it’s always a pleasure to be able to write about them. Still, if you’re looking for something to watch on February 23rd, our friends Kim and Pete over at Later Levels, along with some cameos from myself and Jake, for a whopping 24 hour game-a-thon. Here’s what you need to know about GameBlast19, the charity we’re raising money for and how you can help us reach our goal. Read on to find out more!


GameBlast19 – Charity Video Game Streams

This week, I got chatting to our good friend Kim over at Later Levels, where I told her that I should not have bought a game she recommended (Elder Scrolls Online). That’s not what you came here to find out about; instead, you’re wondering what this has to do with GameBlast19 – And it’s quite simple really. In that same conversation, we started to chat about their plans for GameBlast19… And I might have said that I’d happily get involved. So, for the second time, if all goes to plan it looks like I’ll be back on board for a stream – First time in ages, too.


RPG Supplement Review: L’gat’s Tome of Amazing Creatures

There’ve been countless times where I’ve ran a campaign and gone “actually, I really could do with creating a custom creature”. Usually because I’ve been playing a game where the scenario is so far out there, that the confines of Dungeons and Dragons dicates I should be reaching far outside of it to get something more fitting. I’ve had grand wars between gods with my players being in the middle of the fights, I’ve also had to get people to fight off flaming dire wolves. However, sometimes, your mind draws a blank and you need more inspiration. That’s where monster compendiums such as L’gats Tome of Amazing Creatures comes in.


Timlah’s Kitacon Quest in Review

Kitacon Quest was a blast; from excellent panels to great friends – and oh so much to drink! But still, as always, we didn’t go there just to have a good time. We wanted to make sure you guys all got to see something great from the event – With the tickets selling out so fast, I thought I’d focus on the things I enjoyed the most out of the event. Brace yourselves, because this is going to be another big post; as well as two videos!


Charitable Gaming

Y’know how I keep saying that geeks are the best people?

Geeks are the best people! We’re a loving and sharing band of over-enthusiasts, and as a demographic we have money to spend on random stuff that we occasionally look at and say “Y’know what? I don’t have space for any more Pop Vinyls, and I am definitely not getting rid of the D&D minis to make space for them. I’ll stick some money in savings and give the rest to people who need it!”

Sound like a generous strawman with money to burn? For proof turn to the good people of Gamely Giving, Special Effect, Child’s Play, or the lesser known local heroes like the guys I met in Coventry last week. (more…)

Gamely Giving 2017: Great Gamer Charity Cause

Fans of video games rejoice, as Gamely Giving will be returning for yet another year of raising cash for charity. Gamers are a very charitable bunch, so Gamely Giving is an extension of that. If you’re interested in what made these gamers get together, we look at Gamely Giving, what they’re trying to do and what they’re going to give back to all of you who watch their marathon stream. If you like video games and you like continuous live streams, check this out.


International Talk Like A Pirate Day

Could we be witnessing the beginnings of the worlds first truly international holiday? A day in which all peoples can unite, undivided by geography, history or beliefs?

Probably not. But International Talk Like a Pirate Day is a phenomena which has spread far and wide, and looks set to outlive creators John Baur (Ol’ Chumbucket) and Mark Summers (Cap’n Slappy) who’s spontaneous antics during a racquetball game in 1995 have turned into an unstoppable event in which those of a swashbuckling spirit swap their modern day speech for piratical parlance.


And yet, despite being a recognised occasion fourteen years it is not quite so publicly celebrated as other occasions like Mothers Day or Independence Day, or the Cooper’s Hill Cheese Rolling. Perhaps due in part to the ingrained sense of British decorum we’re even more reluctant to don an eyepatch and tricorn hat, or even address customers as Matey or Landlubber. Basically what I’m saying here is why am I always working during International Talk Like a Pirate Day?

And yet during certain “acceptable” events we are the weirdest people in the world, with the possible exception of Japan, you guys are awesome. Somehow it’s more acceptable for us to dress up like a cartoon giraffe for a marathon, immerse ourselves in baked beans for charity, or throw ourselves down a hill in Gloucestershire in pursuit of a wheel of cheese.

So why can we not set aside this globally recognised day to be just as weird as the rest of the world knows we are? After all some of the world’s most famous pirates are Brits, most famously Edward “Black Beard” Teach himself was a native Bristolian, much like our own Tim (although that is where the comparison ends). We knighted the scourge of the Spanish coast Francis “le Draque” Drake. Why not celebrate our questionable naval heritage with this American made holiday and festival of all things Pirate?

Well the simple fact is that the most famously celebrated holidays are the ones with the support of big business. There’s money to be made in greetings cards, chocolate eggs or the general desire to give gifts, not a lot to be made from threatening to keelhaul someone if they don’t put the kettle on, or crying mutiny your friends insist it’s your round. The only other way an event like it is going to get big is with media attention, and while we’re in no position to demand that the new Pirates of the Caribbean gets released on September 19th, there’s a few things we can do on a smaller scale.

Charity – Why not start an event, something of your own? Get people to sponsor you or even a group to talk like a pirate for the whole day, oh but you can’t just stay inside the whole day and turn Facebook to English (pirate), go to work or get up and do something, be loud, make a scene and raise awareness for something that really matters to you, and a charity of some sort. The official UK page is a great place to start as they nominate a specific charity of their own to focus on but there’s no reason you can’t choose your own.


Parties – Most venues will jump at the chance for an event to draw people in, this one is ready made. Consider approaching your local pub for a pirate night in celebration of Talk Like a Pirate Day, drag some friends along in fancy dress and make a night of it. Be sure to tell the guys at the official TLAPD page about it t have your party mapped for all to see.

International Talk Like a Pirate day is the 19th of September which this year falls on a Monday, and yes, I will be working. Go forth and celebrate on my behalf.

Charity Game Event In Pizza Hut Southmead – August 7th

Bristol is home to some really cool companies and this months event is no exception. We’re going to be hosting a charity tabletop day over at the Southmead Pizza Hut branch, so if you’re up for some tasty food and you’re up for trying a board game or two, come along, say hi and I’ll get you settled right into a game!