Kickstarter Highlight – Embroidermodder 2

Help Embroidermodder 2 out on Kickstarter!

So, the team who came up with Embroidermodder 2 approached me, explaining their product and I thought “What a great idea!” but what is Embroidermodder 2?

As the name itself suggests, Embroidermodder 2 is something to do with Embroidery. Before we get into the Kickstarter campaign, here’s a very quick overview of what Embroidery is!


Embroidery is a sewing skill which dates as far back as the warring states era of China. To those unaware, this is the era that Dynasty Warriors (Great game series) loosely covers. Embroidery is the art of using sewing to decorate something (Usually fabrics) with thread and needle.

Thanks Wikipedia for providing this great example of embroidery! All of that was done by hand! Yikes!

The skill of embroidery is an important skill within cosplay. A lot of lazier or newer cosplayers (Like me!) are more used to fabric paints. By making a “stencil”, you can go ahead and just slop some fabric paint over, let it dry and all is good for the fabric! However, in terms of that really professional finish, for the longer term and more skilled cosplayers, there is embroidery.

Embroidery is used extensively around the world, in fashion and in cosplay.

Why back Embroidermodder 2?

Well, first of all, I learned that this is a Open-Source Software. This means, if you’ve got some coding know how, you can alter some of the code, which will help you make your embroidery in any way you see fit. Useful!

This also means you are free to use the program at no cost to you, should you want to “try before you buy”. Just note, that “Try” is the full program!

Linux is built on Open-Source Software - It's free!
Linux is built on Open-Source Software, too!

For those non-coders, why back this?

The first and foremost reason is the cost. Embroidery software is something I was completely unaware of until I found out about Embroidermodder 2 – It’s extortionate!

When I typed in “Embroidery Software” into Google, this was the first result. £1,100 – I don’t know the software in question, but that is very expensive. Perhaps it’s for the professionals of the world – I really don’t know how good the software is, so I won’t judge that. Instead, I’ll say that Embroidermodder 2 should be a fair bit cheaper than that!

Are you someone who wants to get some embroidery onto your cosplays, but do not want to do it all by hand? Good idea, why not start easy by working with the embroidery software?

Embroidery software is a special application where you can create a digital version of your embroidery, then visualise it in a 3D rendered environment. Then, you can create an embroidery file of your pattern to be and put it into an embroidery machine. For mass production, embroidery machines really ease the time it takes.

Rendered in program!

How much do they need?

$55,000 is their target. They have 25 days (As of this writing) left on their campaign.

That’s a high and ambitious target – I hope they manage to get the funding they need for this project, as the idea is excellent.

Here’s some of the perks for backing them:

  • Pledge $5 or more

    Our sincere thanks. Every bit helps. This will allow you to receive project updates on our Kickstarter campaign.

  • Pledge $20 or more

    Your name listed in the credits.

  • Pledge $25 or more

    Use of the Embroidermodder font in any project you desire. Plus your name listed in the credits.

  • Pledge $50 or more

    Backer Pack, font, plus your name listed in the credits.

How the program looks – Seems they like Linux, too!


  • Cross-Platform support (Windows, Mac and Linux, as well as Raspberry Pi and Arduino support!)
  • The Arduino support shocked me, personally. It means you can, in theory, make your own embroidery machines if you want to get really “techy” about it!
  • Creates embroidery files which should be supported by most embroidery machines.
  • Scripting API (To allow the programmers out there to alter away at their embroidery program, adding extra functionality and so on!)
  • Different stitching types
  • Much more than I can list here!


Okay, so embroidery isn’t something we’d normally focus on here on GeekOut – But as a cosplayer, I can see the uses. It actually got me interested in the field of embroidery and hey, maybe further down the line I will have to give it all a go!

Strike that, further down the line, I know it will be useful for my costumes. I know of at least one costume that will need it, already… But that’s a costume for another day and way down the line in my life as a cosplayer in the making!

What do you think of this kind of software? Think mixing technology with such a refined skill is the way forward? Do you prefer to just do it by hand? Why not go and have a quick look, anyway?

Are you a cosplayer? Have you ever done any embroidery before? Why not share us some links for pictures of your projects if so!

FUNDED Merchmakr – Professional printing made easy!

Support Merchmakr on Kickstarter

You know it’s a good thing when someone wants to share their products and is willing to talk about their product so openly. A Florada based printing company is looking to drum up some support!

We all know how useful Kickstarter is for successfully launching innovative ideas, getting feedback from people who are interested in the idea and to help reach out to others. Well, I saw this and figured it’d make a great post for the Cosplay section.

Now, now, I know what you’re thinking: “You normally do Kickstarter Highlights on a Wednesday!” This is completely true. This, however, was a great idea for anyone into Cosplay or just wants to design their own stuff on t-shirts. Working on a neat project and want an easy way to apply your designs to fabric? Working on a costume and just need to get those pesky details printed onto a shirt? Merchmakr might be just up your street.

Screen printing needn’t be tough!

Well, I was interested in the idea and the Kickstarter campaign. As such, I reached out to Gary Jurman, the proclaimed “Captain of the ship” behind Merchmakr. Gary was more than happy to answer a few questions for us! Gary seems incredibly passionate for this product and I can see why.

Please read on for the full interview!

What do you think your product will be useful for?

Gary: The most unique useful aspect of Merchmakr is the HotSwap system. I actually have a patent pending on it. What it does is make it so a single head screen printing press can print an infinite number of colors in a design as long as you have the time and desire to make the screens. HotSwap makes it so you can register (align) all the screens quickly, as you change out the screens in the clamp.

Here is a video I made of my daughters using Merchmakr in the fashion I just described. As you can see, once the screens are made, the rest is child’s play.

Because of the HotSwap capability, you can use it as a short run multi-color screen printing press that takes up a tiny space. It is short run because larger production runs can become cumbersome by all the screen swapping, but other multi-color screen printing press cost a bunch more and take a lot more space.

Off the top of my head, it is useful for the following:

  1. As a portable printer for your merch booth. Bands, clubs, and Con vendors can bring a stack of T-shirts and only print the designs that people decide to buy.
  2. As a designer, you can use it to test market your designs doing all the short run projects you please, at only the cost of your time and materials.
  3. A screen printing shop proper can use it for team sports. Printing numbers is a time and space hog for team uniforms, and Merchmakr alleviates much of that pain.
  4. You can use it to throw parties where everyone can print their own T-shirt. I’ve done that a few times, and it is a blast.
  5. You can print various logos and insignia, and make it look awesome. It can be part of your costume making tool box. If you’ll buy a sewing machine, a 3d printer, and bother to learn casting techniques, I’m betting Merchmakr will be a snap.
  6. You can offer embellishing as a service –although to me that is the least fun thing to do with it.
  7. Speaking of letting others screen print with it, you can use it to attract people to a vending booth just for the novelty of them getting to make their own merch that they are buying from you.

Is it a cost-effective solution for the long-term Cosplayer?

Gary: I guess that depends how hard-core you are and how much you switch your costumes up, and the make-up of the costumes. Screen printing is certainly less time consuming than embroidery or appliqué when it comes to multiple replicas. If you were making, for example a Riddler outfit, it would be much easier to screen print all those question marks. Same goes for the Queen of Heart’s skirt. Superhero logos would be super easy. You could print Dalek or Tardis or N7 T-shirts for all your friends.

I must admit that to me Cosplay is a spectator sport, but I once printed Command and Conquer: Brotherhood of Nod T-shirts for myself and my team-mate to enhance our RPG experience. It was a lot more fun when we wore the shirts.

I’m digging the lego prototype the most.

Who is Gary Jurman? What was the driving force behind you making this product?

Gary: I’m a guy who’s been screen printing for 30 years. I started out doing team sports before I went to college, and then started teaching all my college buddies to screen print when I was there. I actually founded the Screen Printing Club and procured a bunch of equipment and supplies for next to nothing for my club. After graduating, I wound up starting my own screen printing company. I guess I never looked back from there. Now I own a custom screen printing company and a screen printing supply company as well. True Fact: though I have no tattoos, I am considering getting a Merchmakr tattoo as my first.

Why did I make Merchmakr? It began with a website for crowd-sourced T-shirts that Chris and I were developing. We thought a lot about how to do short run multicolor T-shirts to fulfill the orders, so we kept looking for solutions to that problem. We did a lot experimenting, and along the way, I developed a buid-it-yourself screen printing press, a bunch of screen printing tutorials, and eventually a kit for improving the use of the Yudu (a discontinued all-in-one screen printing press that left a whole lot to be desired).

As it turned out, we sold a heck of a lot of those kits (called the Hack the Yudu Screen Coating Kit) and we made a lot of friends with crafter moms, micro-entrepreneurs, and punk rockers who needed a little help learning how to use the Yudu. I started dreaming up ways to improve the Yudu, and eventually realized it needed a complete redesign from the ground up, and it had to be done by a real screen printer who actually might use the thing. It took quite a few iterations of the various parts, but eventually they all did what was needed fantastically.

Here’s a blog post I wrote about how much better Merchmakr is than Yudu.

Are you making anything else in the future?

Gary: Yes. Why yes we are. I’d write them all down here, but then I’d have to redact most of it, so I figured I’d save you the trouble of looking at all those blacked out rectangles.

How has Kickstarter helped you? Do you think other companies should use it to get their product out there?

Gary: Kickstarter is awesome for what we are trying to do. It has allowed us a platform for market-testing Merchmakr and funding the final phase of our product launch. But make no mistake, Kickstarter is a big commitment. You better have a strong sense of customer service and know a little bit about marketing to get your project funded. You really don’t want to pull the trigger on a Kickstarter project only to wind up failing in the long run.

Would I recommend it? I believe I would, but ask me again in about two weeks. :)

Many thanks to Gary Jurman for taking the time to speak to us so openly about Merchmakr!

They’re so close to their $30,000 goal which is needed to get this project off the ground!

T-shirt printing isn’t something you should have to spend loads on. You can buy t-shirts quite cheap, then print your own designs onto the t-shirts. For a cosplayer, I can see its uses. If successful, which I am sure it will be, Merchmakr might actually be a cheap and reliable piece of kit for more professional cosplayers.

This is useful for not just t-shirts, but costumes, bags, basically any fabric you want to apply a design to. If you find you have to spend a lot of time with printing companies, why not consider investing in a Merchmakr? It might help in the long run for anyone who wants to start selling some merchandise. Hey, fellow bloggers: If you’ve got a niche, you guys also might want to take note of Merchmakr.

I’m excited to know that people are using Kickstarter and using it to talk to people directly. We live in a great period of time, where communication is easy, fun and most importantly – About getting direct feedback.

Please at least have a look at the Merchmakr Kickstarter page.

What do you all think of Merchmakr? Why not share your opinions?

Kickstarter Highlight – Lemma


Why yes, it can only be a Kickstarter Highlight. This week, we look at running along walls that keep changing colour and accessibility options.


Kickstarter link:
Available for: Windows (First stretch goal will bring a port to Mac/Linux)

Influenced by Minecraft (Huh!?), Lemma looks to bring the excitement of “Building games” with the rush from Parkour. Were you a fan of Mirrors’ Edge? How about Portal? How about Minecraft? This might be the game for you, depending how you viewed each of those games.

See, if you played Mirrors’ Edge for the story, not for the fun parkour elements, then perhaps this won’t be for you. If you played Portal for GLaDOS alone, then perhaps this isn’t for you. If you play Minecraft so you can build some blocks, then where’s your Lego!? I kid, I love Minecraft. :)

Take a look at the .gif below for a preview for how this is expected to look. It’s impressive, there’s nothing more to be said here!

Now that looks fun!


So, the story is that you are a physics grad student and your colleague has made a breakthrough about the world of Lemma. You play as Joan Emmerson and you want in on the action. Incoming Parkour craziness!

You explore the world and you piece together the story within a branching story line, via text exchanges with your colleague. Pretty good idea, this is basically how we’d resolve problems these days! “I’m going over there.” “Ok.” I wonder what the character limit is on a phone like that?

The story is progressed by texting!? Oh no, them kids and their mobiles.

The story is said to only last for around 3 hours on a first play through, however it is set to be very mod-friendly. There is also no multiplayer support, which is a shame.

However, if you want to play a game that actively encourages you to explore, then this is the game for you. Who knows, perhaps one of those modders-to-be will create the multiplayer mod. It’s not unheard of in gaming. I’m looking at you, Elder Scrolls series.

Backer Rewards

The developer for this game is looking for a reasonable $10,000 to hire an artist and a composer. None of the fees are for his own pay, it’s simply to finish the game. He’s saved enough so he can focus on this full time. Now that’s serious dedication for completing a product, so I hope this succeeds!

The rewards for backers are as follows:

  • Pledge $5 or more

    Exclusive wallpaper pack sent in a special internet high five email, plus access to the backer’s forum

  • Pledge $10 or more

    Full game download, DRM-free on any platforms it launches on, plus an internet high five

  • Pledge $15 or more

    All the above, plus the OST in digital form

  • Pledge $25 or more

    All the above, plus access to private livestreams of the development of the game, plus get thanked in the end credits and on the website

To be fair, none of that is unreasonably priced, so those are some pretty good rewards! The game is set for delivery in November 2014, so it would be a nice game to receive just before the Christmas season. Invest now and spend less during Christmas! Oh gosh, that word of Christmas has just appeared.

What do you think about Lemma? I think it looks pretty exciting and if the stretch goals are met for Linux, then you can expect a review from me in the not-too-distant future. Drop us a line in the comments section, what do you think about this?

More coverage

This game has been noticed by bigger games sites. These sites include the names of:


Rock, Paper, Shotgun

Pixel Shrimp

The BitPulse

Indie Game Magazine



Good luck to the developer, I’ll be dropping my $10 bid in for a copy of the game. If it ends up a Windows only game, I’ll try to get onto a Windows machine to play it, still!

FUNDED Kickstarter Highlight – Koe – A JRPG about the J in JRPG.


Do you like to play the occasional JRPG?

How about an RPG reminiscent of Pokemon?

Do you want to learn the Japanese language and more about Japan?

Have you answered yes at least once here? Great, you might want to know about Koe!

Graphically, this is a JRPG!

Kickstarter campaign here


Before we continue then, let me first of all explain why a JRPG is different to a “Western” RPG. In a JRPG, you generally have a linear goal (Looking at you, Final Fantasy). The goal is usually “Save x. Then do x.” Or something like that. In Final Fantasy IX, my all time favourite JRPG, you have to save the world and play the story of characters. You have no branching paths, it’s a linear path to the end.

Does this mean it’s dumbed down? No! Certainly not! If anything, I think it sometimes shows more skill to follow a character or characters through a series of events. It means the writers have to be on the ball.

So what’s Koe then? (Ko-Eh)

Koe – How does it stand out?

Koe stands out as it tries to do something new. It tries to teach you Japanese (At least the basics) which is great, as a lot of JRPGs aren’t ported over to other languages, which makes them somewhat obscure to the non-speakers.

Occasionally, you may pick one up, not understand what your goal is and just wander aimlessly. Or you can do what I do, which is do that – and still manage to beat a game – and still not know what you did. This really happened once :(


But this is a game?

Yes, this is a game that is about arriving at Japan. You quickly find out that it’s not exactly the place you once thought. No, there are monsters, dungeons, castles… Oh my!

So, whether or not you want to learn Japanese, this game is also – That. It’s a game.

It’s a great idea and I’m interested. My cash is going to go towards it and since it’s already over 100% funded, I can’t wait until March 2015 for my copy of Koe.


By the time I had found this Kickstarter campaign, it has already reached its target! If you were to jump with funding now, you’d get the game for a platform of your choice (PC, Mac or Linux) for £10:

  • Pledge £10 or more

    1429 backers

    A special Kickstarter exclusive digital copy of Koe for Windows/Mac/Linux when it is completed. Not only will you receive the full game, this version will have extra words, moves, and locations that will only ever be available to kickstarter backers as a thank you for believing in this project. You will also receive a steam key if Koe is released on steam. + Previous reward.

    Estimated delivery: Jun 2015

June 2015 is quite some time away, so you’ll likely forget you even purchased this game. Then, one day, you’ll get this lovely little digital game which’ll help you learn the Japanese language. Speaking of which, what does this actually teach you?

  • Reading Japanese,
  • Reading Kanji,
  • Japanese words
  • Japanese phrases

It’s quite basic when you break it down, because this was meant to be for people who wanted to either learn from the start, or to add to their studies of the Japanese language.

I keep meaning to learn Japanese properly, perhaps this’ll give me that much needed kick to learn it properly.


FUNDED Kickstarter Highlight – Shrug Island

Adventure gamers rejoice! There’s a fantastic new Point and Click adventure game which needs our help! Let’s take a deeper look into Shrug Island.

Kickstarter Link:
Greenlight Link:

Based on a student film in the Shrug universe, Shrug Island is a stylish looking 2D point and click adventure game.

The game follows two friends who are looking to find one another after being away from their home for some time. It promises to be available on PC, Mac, Linux and tablets (Android and iOS).

The artwork is very soft. Simple and very unique, I can’t think of a game (immediately, anyway) that looks even vaguely similar to this. Do you know of one that looks similar? Answer in the comments below. The entire game features hand drawn artwork, which explains why this looks like it does.

So, as I mentioned, this is a point and click adventure game. Fans of the old LucasArts games would understand the appeal of these point and click games, of which I think I will one day have to review my favourite LucasArts game. Alas, that’s for another time! For now, we’re celebrating the future with Kickstarter once more.

Childlike in nature, this game looks to bring out not just the inner child, but the “Magic” that has been missing from a lot of today’s AAA games. Don’t get me wrong, I do find AAA games as fun as the next person when it involves some of the big titles. But something has been bugging me more and more about games as of late. There’s too much instruction and not enough exploration. I’m hoping Shrug Island encourages the exploration of their ever evolving world.

That’s a point: This world, on Shrugs Island, evolves based upon the actions you take. The inhabitants (Called Shrugs) evolve with their surroundings. Shrugs are musicians and communicate with their strange bodies. They are seaweed eaters (Hear, hear! Though I do like mine fried)


But I digress.

For most of the year, the island is underwater, hence the inhabitants kind of get used to seaweed. So, they eat seaweed in many different ways!

The origins of Shrug Island comes from this short film. At only 6:53 in length, it doesn’t hurt having a watch of this in order to better understand how this game is going to turn out:

Tiered rewards

So, as with all Kickstarters, there’s the uncanny $2,000 and $1,000 tiers (Of which people have gone for the $1,000 tier. I wish I could have that kind of money to pledge towards new games!) But, the tiers I’m going to point out, as always, are the smaller tiers which are basically the bread and butter for these types of projects.

$1 – You get a thank you!
$5 – A digital sketch signed for you as well as desktop wallpaper!
$10 – Chapter 1 downloadable and the previous tiers rewards.
$18 – Digital artbook and the previous tiers rewards.
$25 – Digital soundtrack and all of the previous tiers rewards.
$30 – Chapters 2-4 will be downloadable when it’s all done… And all previous tiers rewards.

So, this is scaling up nicely.

The thing I like most about Shrug Island is that it uses simple music, hand drawn art and it has a simple yet effective story about communication. This little world has an essence of magic about it and, you never know, perhaps you’ll have your inner child awoken by having a go at this game.

In game artwork

Interestingly, this game has an idea in that as you interact with the game, you directly affect the sound track. Each game is set to last between 60-90 minutes, so these aren’t games for the long point and click adventure game fans. If anything, these games are here to just take you on a short, but fun journey throughout.

What do you all think? It seems like a fantastic project with great artwork, nice simple music and most importantly: A game that encourages exploration. Not headshots.

WARNING: The below YouTube features FPS Doug. I cannot guarentee there will be no swearing – As there is swearing.

Boom, headshot.

FUNDED Kickstarter Highlight: The Clay That Woke

An RPG dedicated to Minotaurs

The Clay That Woke is an RPG that is dedicated to the awesome world that is Minotaurs. I’ve always been a fan of the manbull (Pardon the lack of better phrasing and I apologise if this is demeaning to any Minotaurs out there!)

The creator, having one of the best moustaches I think I’ve ever seen online, has done some extensive play testing of his brand new role playing game and is looking to fund the RPG for what is a truly unique experience.

Check out the video on the Kickstarter page, it’s pretty interesting!

Impressive art helped sell this to me.

What of the rewards?

The smallest reward is for just $3 where you get the short story published with the game immediately. This is something I haven’t actually seen on Kickstarter before, where you can get something before the campaign has ended, so kudos to the creator for this one.

To get the full physical copy of the game, including tokens, you need to pledge a minimum of $73. To get a copy of the book and PDF version of the game which includes printable tokens, you need to pay a minimum of $33. If you pay a minimum of $14 or more, you get the PDF of the game. Nice!

It appears this will also be guaranteed to go through as it has already met its target! Once the campaign has ended, it looks like it’ll definitely be released. I’ve already put in for the story, which is a small pledge, I realise, however I’m interested to see the story. As mentioned, I’ve always been a fan of Minotaurs. In fact, in a “Freeform” Dungeons and Dragons game I played, I was a Minotaur Artificer… Amusingly, I kept breaking the game by sacrificing a lot of my “useless” stats to become strong and “Grow with strength”. I think I broke several walls that way and was hailed as “The one”… Due to being over 15 feet tall. It made sleeping in neutral places quite tricky, though.

Even during my World of Warcraft days, I played as the Tauren. Why? Manbull. (Sorry again.)

Yeah, Minotaurs are awesome, but this RPG looks to bring out the best in Minotaurs. I hope it succeeds!


This was funded by a landslide. Originally requesting just $8,500, this game managed to wrangle up $25,518! Wow! Congratulations to the creator. We look forward to seeing The Clay That Woke amongst the RPG greats!

FUNDED Kickstarter Highlight – Prospero’s Price

Love Lovecraft?

Shaky for some Shakespeare?

Then you might want to get a load of Prospero’s Price!

What is it?

Careful there, that’s water around you.

Prospero’s Price is based after the events of Shakespeare’s awesome play: The Tempest. A play that was met with quite a bit of controversy as well as being considered as Shakespeare’s last solo written play.

The guys working on this, J Kovach and Aron Tarbuck have worked on some very big titles in the past, don’t just take it from me, take this from the full bio:

“J Kovach has created for: Magic: the Gathering, Netrunner, Gurps, Adult Swim, Rise of Aester, and CthulhuTech.

Aron Tarbuck has created for:
Houses Of Hermes, Everway, Mage: the Ascension, Werewolf: the Apocalypse, CthulhuTech, Unhallowed Metropolis, Unhallowed Necropolis”

There’s a pretty good deal in this Kickstarter, too. For $5, you get a PDF version of this graphic novel. Yup, $5 to back something which merges two awesome writers in Shakespeare and Lovecraft.

The graphic novel they are working on is a 32 page black and white book. There will be stretch goals for colour and longer length.

I occasionally like to settle down with a good graphic novel before bed, or a good manga… Or even a good book (Ahem, I’m a Kindle guy, I certainly am not sorry!) Lovecraft is particularly awesome to read before bed:

C’mere and gimme a kiss good night!

How much do they need?

$3,000 is what they are pledging for. This is a pretty low pledge on Kickstarter, which means this should see the light of day, especially with 25 days to go as of writing.

$18 (+$10 for delivery outside of US) for a hard copy, or as I say, $5 gets you the PDF. Nice!

I’m expecting plenty of tentacles, much drama and much more. With all the research that has gone into Prospero’s Price, this is truly going to be a wonderful read for Sci-Fi/Fantasy fans, Shakespeare fans, Lovecraftians and graphic novel fans.

Now, don’t get me wrong: I’m completely unsure as to how this’ll turn out. Whether or not this’ll be kickstarted, well, let’s just say that you, my dear reader, have as much control over the fate of Prospero’s Price as what anyone else does.

But as I mentioned: $5 for a PDF version, seems well worth the cash to me. I threw my $5 in (I must be careful, I need to reserve some of my cash for Kitacon!)


Congratulations are in hand. The team was met with adversity and successfully kept their campaign. Furthermore, they went ahead and secured enough funds to make this great mash up a reality.

Good work guys! We eagerly await the release of this hidden gem in the making!

Update 2

DMCA disputes.
Reputations at stake.
Funds to meet.

This lovely comic was met with all sorts of issues. Did it stop them? No. The community kept them going and the DMCA lawsuit was dropped. Not only that, they appear to have gotten more than double their initial ask of $3,000! Congratulations guys!

FUNDED Kickstarter Highlight – The Savlonic Album

Every week, I’m going to scour Kickstarter for cool projects which I think we should all be aware of. Even if we cannot back these projects ourselves, we should at least be aware of them. But before we start this first Kickstarter Highlight, let’s quickly talk about what Kickstarter is and what sort of impact it’s had on us.


Launched April 2009, Kickstarter is a site, or a platform if you want to call it that, which allows crowd-funding in a major way. Crowd-funding has always been around to support great projects, but visibility is key to this. As such, Kickstarter came about to let people know: “All you cool people, fund us so we can make this.”

Here’s a fantastic list taken directly from Wikipedia showing the amounts that was pledged, the project name, creator, etc. As you can see, games are very popular on Kickstarter, however it did help to kickstart the Smartwatch craze!

Rank Total USD Project name Creator Category  % funded Backers Closing date
1 10,266,845 Pebble: E-Paper Watch for iPhone and Android Pebble Technology Design 10,266 68,928 2012-05-18
2 8,596,474 Ouya: A New Kind of Video Game Console Ouya Inc. Video Games 905 63,416 2012-08-09
3 5,702,153 Veronica Mars movie[85] Rob Thomas[86] Film & Video 285 91,585 2013-04-12
4 4,188,927 Torment: Tides of Numenera InXile Entertainment Video Games 465 74,405 2013-04-05
5 3,986,929 Project Eternity Obsidian Entertainment Video Games 362 73,986 2012-10-16
6 3,845,170 Mighty No. 9[87] Comcept and Inti Creates Video Games 450 67,226 2013-10-01
7 3,429,235 Reaper Miniatures Bones: An Evolution Of Gaming Miniatures[88] Reaper Miniatures Board Games 11,430 17,744 2012-08-25
8 3,336,371 Double Fine Adventure Double Fine and 2 Player Productions Video Games 834 87,142 2012-03-13
9 3,169,610 Reaper Miniatures Bones II: The Return Of Mr Bones![89] Reaper Miniatures Board Games 10,560 14,964 2013-10-26
10 3,105,473 Wish I Was Here[90] Zach Braff Narrative Film 155 46,520 2013-05-24

Personally, even though I’ve heard of all of the bad things that happened with response to the release of the Ouya, I believe it’ll be a great console! If nothing else, £99.99 for a console which can act as a media centre, emulator and also to play some casual games with friends – How can you complain? I’m certainly going to be picking one up in the next few months and I’ll be doing some Ouya review! Ooh yah! Stay tuned for that!

Kickstarter Highlight of the Week

Yes, I will be showing off things that I consider great. As such, if you think you know of something that’s going to be worth a watch, let us know in the comments! We can’t know about it unless we can see it!

This weeks Kickstarter Highlight is for the Savlonic album, which is something many a fan of Mr Weebl of Weebl and Bob fame has been looking forward to.

Savlonic is a 3 piece pop band, of which Mr Weebl does the animations for. There’s a lot of speculation that MrWeebl is actually part of the band. There’s no speculation that MrWeebl is part of the band.

From their debut with Electro Gypsy, which discusses a travelling gypsy trying to pedal off his Yamaha’s, Moog’s and Cassio’s, all the way to some of their more recent songs, such as Computer Guy, which might be about big computers… Savlonic are a great electro-pop listen.

“Yaaaaaaaaaaah.” – Savlonic lyrics.

You can find out more about the Savlonic kickstarter campaign here:

Note: It has already met its funding criteria, so if you back it early enough (I.E now) you’ll get the discounted prices as described on there or other perks.

Know of any more great Kickstarter projects? Let us know in the comments!